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  1. Sorry BigSi! I had been looking for a set of 18's that bolt directly to the 90 axles for ages. I had D2 Comets on the TD5 before with adapters and the steering was grim... JSG - The limiter can only be done by Testbook or IDS when in PDI mode so we are developing a way round it. It's a clever bugger, they certaily meant business when they decided it was to be limited. We have found a way round it but I am still not happy it is ready for sale as a product as yet. With the limiter off the car will happily and quietly cruise at 90mph at around 2900rpm in 6th, hitting well over 100 if pushed. We think that the true reason for the limiter is to keep it within new emmissions levels.
  2. I think it is an improvement on the TD5, but is lacking in power when towing. Build quality seems better, mine only leaks a little on the passengers foot, I have done 7500 miles, half of it on French motorways and it is quieter and less hassled at speed. The bonnet is growing on me! My current mods - Larger intercooler ECU remap Speed limiter mod Free flow washable air filter element Non CAT downpipe and centre silencer replacement Gas injection Lowered 30mm OME gas shocks Bilstein steering damper Long range fuel tank Silverline 18" wheels
  3. Where you driving the green 110 then Exmoor Beast? It was me and Mrs AlliSport trying for a quiet weekend away! It was a useful excercise data logging with the 2007 Def, and it is coming on nicely!
  4. Thanks for all your concern!! We are certainly not in any threat of going under, we are booked up until end of september with intercooler fittings and we are promoting our new tuning products for the 2007 Defender so hopefully we have an exciting future!!
  5. As stated above, be careful of the EGT's when tuning, particularly without the use of an uprated intercooler.
  6. A good uprated intercooler will undoubtedly make the vehicle faster, even without tweaking the pump. This is because the cooler air is more dense as as such more oxygen rich, allowing the fuel to be burnt more completely. I you "tweak" the pump without uprating the intercooler, the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) will rise and can cause damage to the engine.
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