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  1. Are all Land Rover v8 Hotwire injectors the same (excluding the gems etc?) I notice some have a green band in the middle whilst others had a green band at the top. But both look the same other than that. Thanks
  2. It’s looking like the no7 injector is blocked. It clicks ok with 12v applied and removing the plug can also test the ecu wiring. the spark is ok - checked with one of those visual colour tools that is fitted between the plug and lead. So now need an new injector, reading online - Vauxhall’s vectra are a good replacement??? They also appear a lot cheaper!
  3. Thanks, is there a simple way of testing an injector? I’ll check out the wiring later but not sure on testing an injector?? (The Bosch Spark plugs were not planned, just a opportune buy a number of years ago!)
  4. So removed all of the plugs and replaced them with Bosch WR7DC ones, however plug 7 was no were near as carboned up as the others. It started back up and the popping is still there but maybe not so often??
  5. Its never been properly ran on mega squirt, I changed over and then my daughters arrived and it sat for 8 years! i have tried two different msq, one from hfh and bowie69. On both engine runs fine but still popping away! If I lower the reg fuel it’s gets better but doesn’t go away completely, if I go to far with dropping reg fuel then it just stalls. i have been listening and looking but can’t find any vac leaks plus it’s so erratic. It’s Very random it’s a 3.5 low compression with old Hotwire efi
  6. I am using BPR6E spark plugs reading all of the posts on here about spark plugs- should I use BPR6ES? I have some BP6ES plugs would they be worth trying??
  7. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. One thing is have realised is that the lc1 wideband switching point is incorrect, it’s set at 0.5xxV and I think it should be 2.432V. So the exhaust measurements are way out. When I get a minute I’ll make the change I’ll run it again! (Sorry best to check the basics!) yes your right it’s an ms1 too!
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I have attached a datalog file, but too be honest i am not sure what i am looking at! The SEcl number counts from 0 to 255, and then resets, so dont think its that. I did play around with the fuelling which seemed to help if I made it leaner? (could it be a stuck injector???) The ECU was brought about 10years ago, its an ms2 from extra efi (very nice chap), unforunately though due to family, work etc everything got put away and now i have the time to work on it again, so essentially its a new install. I have checked the timing and that is spot on. Its running EDIS, and other than the popping it sounds and runs nice, except i cant run it very long as it sounds like a gunshot going off!!! ITs a wideband lc1 02 sensor too. 2019-11-28_20.17.09.msl
  9. Thanks, I am not too sure if it’s reseting (oh how to tell to be honest) I can see at the bottom of the rhs of the screen on the video, that there are 3 lights, which are flashing between red and green as it running? Is this what I need to look at? There isn’t anything that comes up as a reset????
  10. Unfortunately the plug wires didnt fix it! I have attached a video of it, that is the sound from the exhaust!!! its not me hitting something. I have tried two different maps and both have the same affect, although disconnecting the map hose made it run awfully, but I dont think there was a popping sound! I wondered if the pwm could be faulty or if there was a vacuum leak (i cant hear/find anything though!) Any ideas where to look next??? (thanks) Video.MOV CurrentTune.msq
  11. Just an update - it looks like it was lead issue - plugs 2&4 were wrong! Thanks for helping! (But need to check more than once it would seem!!)
  12. Out of interest would a head gasket leak cause a misfire/popping(I think it could!)?? It runs really well except for the popping!!!
  13. Hello, Does anyone have any advice what to look for when a megasquirt is popping or backfiring, it seems to do this on idle, randomly and rarely. But with some load and the rpm fixed it will pop from the exhaust every now and again. The rest of the time the engine sounds great, wideband is running around 14.7. I am wondering if it could be a plug problem? Any thoughts?
  14. I have read through the new Iva manual. Anyone know if a 3.5l v8 with mega squirt would pass??
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