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  1. i just hope the Ineos project gets the same scrutiny for not being a defender as the new defender recieved
  2. @deep a "jeep" @discomikey well it is a jeep, it also has LR parts fitted thankfully nothing important as it would have failed straight away
  3. 114" wheelbase can sometimes feel short i have 400hp in a jeep that weighs 2200kg with 14" front wheel travel & 16" rear wheel travel, 400hp is not enough 450/475 would probably be the sweet spot
  4. nope once youve owned 400hp for over a week it feels slow
  5. well ****, definetly nailed it, i can hear the rose tinted glasses smashing from here
  6. hows the gearbox fitting going? @JD12
  7. Curious as to what you mean? are you meaning a solid axle Ultra 4 Vs a IFS Ultra4?
  8. Was the oil feed to the turbo changed?
  9. Lm7 truck motor with a cam upgrade & LS1 intake manifold 👍
  10. this thread reminds me very much of this thread here https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/104194-td5-defender-big-turbo
  11. I decanted to the dark side & came back with 8 spark plugs
  12. I'm aware of a very nicely "built" td5 that has had a considerable amount of time spent on it & I'd suspect it to be in the 8/9k region, However the 5k I spent for 400hp seems very good value for money, I'm interested in what sequential gearbox is being fitted as I'm a little surprised at fitting an 8k gearbox in a d2
  13. There was a little bit of tongue in cheek for those that have been refusing to remove there rose tinted glasses
  14. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-land-rover-defender-2019?fbclid=IwAR2hyn1YqYb2RXe-F13__UUTlbQR-UE8ZoXfrss8xbWLGJ7ddSUOqc0DiYw
  15. Seen pictures last night of the test mule rocking steel wheels & tall sidewalls, Surely that must appease most of the main doubters
  16. Thanks, It's been a cracking show so far & I'm enjoying getting to run my U4 car in front of a crowd at Goodwood, 😂 Looked at the new defender yesterday, Then looked at the jeep wrangler Rubicon that was on display, Looking forward to a nosy through the jeep brochure 😏
  17. They have the off-road activity field which myself & a few others are driving in
  18. steering box as an alternative Some fab work needed to fit it, but on the whole its a better box than anything LR produces
  19. If it's moved a quarter of a turn I'd suspect it's twisted the sector shaft, I'd advise looking at the steering box very closely as if they sheer ( & they are known to after a impact) it drops the droparm out the steering box
  20. my understanding of these is there are actually quite good
  21. why would i want a 20" rim when a 17" rim does the job, however if you go up in size to say a 44" tyre or bigger, than a 20" rim does have its benefits in a similar fashion, i never said changing a low profile tyre was easier, you asked if i had done it so if you could stay consistent that would be grand
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