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  1. my understanding for using 2 front halfs Vs modifying a standard rear to take radius arms is that the front chassis has more rake in it giving more axle > chassis clearance than the standard rear, @discomikey may be able to confirm this as its been a few years since ive played with standard chassis stuff
  2. been using one of these recently to stream music from my phone in the workshop https://www.jamaudio.com/zero-chill-bluetooth-speaker
  3. you can still have a hydraulic bump stop but are limited to a single shock per corner, so either a coil spring & a damper or 1 single coilover, which led to the decision for us to use a 3" coilover
  4. its worth noting that due to class restrictions, its only unlimited & modified class that can run more than 1 shock per corner in ultra 4 ,
  5. the D44 king kit does fit with a full body tub, it just needs a smal section cut out & then boxed back in, mate has the full kit on his 110 pickup
  6. i would suggest running an additional earth wire from the ecu mounting plate to the negative on the battery terminal,
  7. in recent times when there has been a rock bouncer vs Ultra 4 shootout for whos fastest, ultra4's have taken home the silverware
  8. ive had my car driven over & ive driven over someone else, rubbings racing
  9. im assuming you mean this video? personally wouldnt say its a suspension issue, i think if you were to be half as succesfull as him would be no mean feat
  10. rockbouncers are not a good example of well set up suspension 🤣
  11. it was legally at the time, theres video evidence of it earlier in the thread 😎
  12. looking at the B6 i would say for road use / fast road they would be fine, for actual offroad use, there are better options out there
  13. in regards to the caster angles etc its becoming more common place to build axles from bare tubes so the pinion angle is set to begin with, & then set the caster angle 2nd
  14. we run a sway bar / anti roll bar on the rear only, however some people run one F&R , depends on how they are setup, hydraulic steering is a different discussion but i have driven mine on road at 60-70 mph without any issues
  15. the suspension on my own car in action
  16. the slow motion in this shows to a degree the movements of the suspension,
  17. in regards to the topic of wheel size, theres not a great choice of tyres available in 15" rims, majority are now running 16" with some including myself running 17" wheels, personally i have 4 link F&R with 3" coilovers all round, suspension is the key component with going fast & there is a lot to be said for keeping the wheels on the ground, in reality even if you had a 1000Hp, without the suspension to back it up, its no faster than 400hp & dialed suspension
  18. you do understand that the "hour" of excercise was a throwaway comment made in an interview by someone who had never walked the length of himself there has never been a restriction on how long your excercise could be
  19. the right hand piece goes up & over the alternator, the left hand piece goes below it to the thermostat, although i cant remember if you would use that on a front radiator car
  20. @henk allisport make an adaptor piece to push the hose up rather than out from the head, thats how we did it on my td5 when i had a 80A 24v truck alternator fitted
  21. i understood that it was converted from a carawagon to a "normal" RRC by its owner to help distance it from its connections with saville
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