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  1. i believe the project was canned due to issues & delays on the fabrication side , the rolling chassis came up on ebay about 18 months ago for sale, BAS & Nene did put the TDv6 engine into several defender at one point but the cost of the ecu & its finickyness to run the ecu outside the donor vehicle is what stopped the project, https://www.bodylogicuk.com/index.php/10/327154/
  2. @FridgeFreezer what size / cost was that shed you put up?
  3. in all the time ive worked on TD5s, the Crank sensor is a much rarer failure point than the common issue with the starter motors,
  4. do you mean spigot rings to reduce the centre bore of the wheel to suit?
  5. yes, when the starter breaks down internally it causes elecro magnetic interferance (EMF), ive had it on my own defender plus several others on customers, if you can get it plugged in the fault code for noisy crank signal is the indication that the starter is causing interferance
  6. id suggest changing the starter motor itself as they can cause EMF interferance with the crank signal,
  7. Q1 are they the same ratio? Q2 were the pinions matched to the crownwheels? its not a massive issue but it certainly helps as they are made as a matching set
  8. h1 portalboxes are now very sought after unsurprisingly 🤣
  9. i can bet that they were the owners of hi vis, camo jacket, rigger boots & a popcorn & smoke map
  10. As a thought, just seen m7 bolts are a common fitment on BBS split rims , might be worth looking in that direction, Main thing is for the love of baby Jesus, say no to stainless #chromewontgetyouhome #saynotostainless
  11. these were my go to alternator for 24v applications, https://tinyurl.com/fdwxm8j6 renualt magnum truck,
  12. the fact the terminals got hot enough to melt the vaseline that you put on there would indicate to me that you either have a poor connection somewhere or a very high resistance
  13. personally i prefer the head to head with the side by side starts,
  14. oil pressure for the engine & oil temp for the gearbox especially if its an auto, its what i have in the race car
  15. starter itself is always worth a change before changing the Crank sensor
  16. for what its worth, ive just been through a similar issue with my Ls v8, spent nearly 2 months trying to get to the bottom of why it was over fueling & fowling plugs & it turned out i had the odd bank coil pack firing in the wrong sequence, it had been like that for some time including being raced like that, when it was started it was running quite rich but when reved would seem to clear & sounded like it was on all 8, i would definetly be 100% sure you havent a missfire before diving into the actual fuel tables trying to resolve the over fueling
  17. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202103079837703?model=DEFENDER 130&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=eh478ba&include-delivery-option=on&radius=1500&sort=distance&make=LAND ROVER&page=1 another questionable autotrader advert, 30k spent but paintwork done with a 1/2 empty rattle can
  18. 7/8k id say is about the right kinda price point for that, 12k is being a bit hopeful, theres enough people doing m57 swaps that i wouldnt let that put me off, ok the p38 bellhousing adaption is far from perfect but it is cheaper than using an adapter plate, however the main issue with the p38 bellhousing adaption is that you need to use an uprated clutch otherwise it slips, not sure how the slave cylinder can be that custom
  19. the blue piece is the adapter to mount the bearing between the drum & the end plate, if you knock it down it should come out the end plate, in this configuration there is no plastic bush like on a normal 8274
  20. nightforce are an american company that make scopes, lightforce are an australian company that make lights, they dont make headlight upgrades unfortunatley & have been off the top of the lighting game for a while now,
  21. for a start they wont sag due to being made from chinesium as they are basically a gas pressurised ram, if the presure leaks out then they will sag, the shafts can corrode, the bearings can wear, all stuff that requires maintenance much like any other item of this construction, with the suggested use, i wouldnt fit air shocks, you would be better off with a set of good quality springs & shocks in my opinion
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