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  1. Mark Kelly in Tavistock for repairs, service etc. Tavistock Tyres for ....tyres.
  2. Sorry, they are 18".
  3. Hi all, Having just bought a D2 after being Landrover less for a while, what is the tyre of choice for it. Usage will be mainly on road with the occasional gentle trip off road. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hopefully I'll be there on one of the days.
  5. Yes, picked up some gear from them a while back. Just up the road from me . No probs at all.
  6. I will, I'm working HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL
  7. Thank God for that I thought I had lost the plot when it changed
  8. I run 235/70 R 16 Continental SUVs M+S, on standard Land Rover alloys. Great on road, and good for gentle 'laning.
  9. Welcome back Tony. Been gone long
  10. 'cause its just up the road from me and I spent most of my time on/in it when I was younger (long time ago)
  11. Hi, I go away for a week, come back to new layout Thanks and well done to those responsible You are doing a really first class job
  12. 1 supermarket garage and 1 Jet station shut by Tuesday evening
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