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  1. Our 130 Pulse converted (lightly) to a camper with fuel, kit, water and 2 people was 3120kg on the weighbridge so probably around 2800kg. They're not series doors, theyre military doors. They have sliding glass, but the door top is aluminium rather than the steel of series tops and they work much better. (they are very expensive if you try to buy them becasue they were only available on military, NAS and very early 110's. There is a pulse for sale at the moment for £18k.
  2. Where are the 2 nice ones you've seen? There is a tatty one on Witham's site, but haven't seen any others. The one on the Nene site has been "arriving soon" for a long time, so I suspect that's more likely to be them fishing for interested customers. Someone at a recent show told me the mod rarely used the vehicles and were considering selling off the back bodies and using the chassis to create trip carriers. Not sure if this is likley, but if it is you will see more bodies than complete vehicles. witham's have been selling back bodies recently, so there may be some truth to this. I would strongly consider buying a nice one of I could find one. Ken.
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