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  1. I had an early 110 that we hauled the loom out of when we replaced the rear crossmember and the loom has started to chafe but hadn't gone through any of the wires. It stayed outside the chassis after that.
  2. Shuttle switch failure usually shows up as such on a code reader. Land Rover will tell you that you need a replacement abs modulator but the fix is the same as Disco 2 three amigos and costs around £40. You can get to it through the air intake without disturbing the brake lines, had to do it on my Defender recently. http://www.landroverclubvi.com/abs-mod.html I was also getting a rear sensor fault even with a new sensors, hasn't come back since I did the shuttle switch mod. Some time before that I kept knocking out rear bearings that would affect the sensors, took ages to find it was a worn
  3. Didn't they check the actual temperature with the diagnostic kit? My engine takes an age to warm up, I changed the thermostat when i had to fit a new rad, unfortunately it came in a blue box............
  4. Probably fine if a little pricey. Paid £45 at Cobbaton for my matt NATO green paint last year, fresh batch too.
  5. Not really feasible unless you are really keen. I have an ABS equipped Defender. Rear axles sensor reads off a serrated plate behind the brake disc and is mounted in the axle end, also requires a different stub axle with a cut out to clear the sensor. I'm not sure if the sensor mounting is present on a standard axle. Front sensor is mounted in a hollow top swivel pin and reads of the serrated edge of the CV joint so you'd need to change both Servo and master cylinders are different to standard. ABS modulator is the same as the D2 but is wired differently, I don't think the pin outs are the
  6. Just fitted non genuine speedo transducer to Td5 110, now does 0-60 in 5 secs and over 110mph!! It made speedo over-read by 100%
  7. Happy enough with general parts, wouldn't touch their bearings, seals, brakes or hydraulics though.
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