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  1. Friends of mine bought a shiny 99 td5 90 off them, I went back with them to try and get it sorted. Rear xmember was rotten, one of the tyres was dangerously falling apart, back door was cracked from top to bottom etc,etc,etc. They were well and truly ripped off and there's no way it should have had a new mot (from a garage on the same estate). Got some of the defects sorted but it was a fight, they even accused my friends of damaging the tyre on a pothole! I tried to persuade them to get trading standards involved but they wouldn't.
  2. Ouch, that looks totally fubared! I don't think it's common but Porny is your man.
  3. Thompsons water seal was good before it got environmentally friendly. Fabsil or nikwax work but they are all a stopgap until you can afford a new canvas. I get mine from Undercover Covers, wouldn't go anywhere else.
  4. Been following this as I went through all the same on my 101, your result was better than mine! My misfire was an exhaust lobe on the camshaft worn away Made no difference to performance, just very noisy! Engine has since been rebuilt.
  5. Bro in laws 130 did the same, new drivers door actuator fixed it.
  6. The gear lever on the Disco gearbox box is several inches further back.
  7. As said, the weak point in the LT95 is the intermediate shaft bearings, I had mine let go on the M4 on a long run. The 101 club has a lot of info on the LT95 and I think it was Nick Kaye that used to do the bearing upgrade which replaced the thrust washers with axial bearings. I've heard some say this isn't the best move though. With regard to to losing reverse when the shaft shifts, this is simply stopped by swapping by one of the transfer box bottom plate bolts for a longer one, can't remember which one though! The overdrive should only be used in 3/4th, it's been known for the casing to
  8. Had K&Ns on the SUs on my 101 for a short time while I sourced the correct airbox. They sounded good for ten mins then the induction roar just became tedious and I'm sure you could hear the petrol gurgle in! Sold them on for what I paid for them.
  9. Nearside lights are fed from the offside, take off the cover plate on the OS and check the connections.
  10. Pulses used to go for around £15000 but prices could be dropping if more are released, £7000 is cheap. There was talk of them being converted to 130 crew cabs as mortar carriers but I don't know if this was going ahead, only seen one. There's a few pre wolf ones floating around that the RAF used, usually Locomotors bodied.
  11. Me and the bro in law rebuilt an LT77 years ago with basic tools but I wouldn't bother doing it again. Fitted an Ashcroft R380 to my Defender about 60,000 miles ago but it's thrown a layshaft bearing so is coming out again. As it's in Ireland I'll be sending it to Dixson 4x4 in Mayo for another rebuild, they have a good reputation.
  12. Keep looking, paid £75 for mine off ebay. Fitted it and main box threw a bearing a couple of weeks later, haven't got round to fixing it yet!
  13. You need to swap the front output flange for a defender one, fit the rear output housing off the defender (no speedo gear in a D2) and swap the high/low linkage otherwise it's a straight fit. Hell of a lot quieter with the D2 gear cut.
  14. Had a Tmax one for ages, used it to pump up our 15m Clarke mast 3 times over the weekend at a show.
  15. I used to have 255/85R16 on my 110 which although being larger diameter were relatively narrow.compared to 285s most fit on lifted 110s. 9.00s or 255/100R16 tend to be an almost exclusively military or large utility 4x4 size and very difficult to come by, second hand ones are often old and cracking. XZLs are hideously expensive new but Yellowsea in China are doing a good copy that you can get through ebay, fully e marked and speed rated.. Previous cheap 9.00s like Petlas or Danubiana weren't much better than agricultural tyres.
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