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  1. Particle Board Press operator/sometimes Shift team leader (for the opposition crowd to Steve H by the sound of it!). And I have much the same, megabucks of someone elses machinery out side a sort of nice aircon'ed control room. Plus the sometimes hectic world of looking after 18 other people. Same with the 'net access too Jack
  2. Taupo,Central North Island, New Zealand. Next to a bluddy big fresh water pond.
  3. Why not just put an electric pump on it? either leave the old one in situ as a blank or take it out and make a plate to cover the hole. A 'leccy pump is really useful when you have to bleed the system, probably a damn site cheaper too. I guess a petrol one would do the trick, someone over on the 'Antipodean Forum' came up with that idea. Jack
  4. Could I have 'Kiwi88' back please Des?
  5. Hi guys, I guess that this has already been thought of, but is their any way of getting the tech archive over here? I,m particularly interested i waxoiling our cat, particularly after he caught a bird and dismembered it on my drivers seat! It would be a shame to loose all that knowledge and advice. Thanks, Jack. P.S.Congrats to whoever went to all the trouble to set this site up, I have no idea what happened to the 'other' crowd, but thanks for not letting this community die off. It has provided me with much amusement and advice, Now wheres that cat!
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