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  1. Fortunately the Chev 250 is not a hard engine to cool and most of the conversions I've seen have kept the original rad. As others have said the fan shroud is very important. John
  2. The North American spec series 3s had 2 speed wipers and at least one series 2A NADA 6cylinder 109 had them too. (mine) John
  3. See my post above. this is the early square type I mention. John
  4. If your 2a is the square type you will have to modify or swap the bracket. Shouldn't be too hard. John
  5. As many will have noticed there's been a bit of house keeping going on with a number of forums coming under the international heading. As the former Mod of the North America forum and severely under employed there I've now moved here to lend a hand. Of course you lot will want to know my qualifications. I have a 109 series 3 ish on the road and a barn full of "projects" I grew up with a 1958 series 2swb that dad bought for the farm with 1700 miles on it. My finger nails have permanent traces of 80/90 DNA from my struggles to dominate various Land Rovers. See you all around. John
  6. Contact these guys. They are good to deal with and might be able to help. Canadian Land Rover salvage company John
  7. I'll stand well back if we are ever together while you are using a jack , with 999 on speed dial. John
  8. No you most definately do NOT. When the handle flies up it will crush what ever body part is in the way before you have time to react. Any time you are not activly operating the jack the handle must be vertical. The reason I prefer the JackAll brand is that their jack has an overcentre position to securely hold the handle up, the others rely on some pretty cheesey clips. John
  9. Note to H&S officers: Unconventional does NOT equal unsafe. John
  10. The crushing of a little finger was a minor high lifting jack injury. I spent 15 days in hospital, lost an eye and had facial reconstruction involving metal plates to replace the eye socket. The jack was dry of lubrication and one of the pins failed to lock in when lowering. The jack dropped to the next pin and as it did so the handle was forced up very violently striking me in the face. It was only due to the attendance of a doctor, an emergency nurse and a paramedic at the event that I survived. There was nothing machanically wrong with the jack but the owner who knew better used it "just this once" whithout properly lubing it. My advice to the owner of the "farm" jack is to cut it up throw it away and buy a Hi-Lift or JackAll . These two are well made the cheap replicas are not. Before each use use lots of good spray lubricant such as Fluidfilm (NOT WD40 which is not a lubricant) Yes I do still use my jacks but I'm damned caeful now. John
  11. Some kids in NS got thrown out of school for abusing a teacher on facebook. John
  12. Many have had good luck ordering from the "Rover Park Boys" in Edmonton. I also order from Paddocks in the UK but by phone not their online system. They are better able to get you what you need with an actual phone call. The US suppliers love to ship UPS who will then add a huge brokerage fee without actually performing any broker duties. I avoid them for that reason. John
  13. Have a look in Canadian Tire they're the most likely place to have some thing similar. John
  14. Siggy theres a rather nice Stage 1 109 in Nova Scotia that is up for sale since the owner has brought in a 300td1 90. If you are interested PM me and I'll connect you. John
  15. When passing though customs be prepared to answer any questions with good documentation but do not give any unasked for information. It is not needed or welcomed. John
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