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  1. Thanks a lot my friend, thats perfecto
  2. Good day. We are looking for an electronic version of the forementioned catalogue.... only have found sellers with no reputation and crazy prices. Does somebody have this catalogue? we are in our way to restore one of these vehicles and have no clue to obtain the parts. We can't afford the printed version due to taxes and freight been crazy expensive here (Colombia). thanks in advance.
  3. good day. I'm about to refresh my car due to high mileage. Have 2 questions: 1. What is the correct type of piston ring? Right now only appears to be one type, but have find 3 different types checking in Internet. 2. My car has a 1 hole head gasket... I've found this is a little taller than the one with 2 holes.... Can I just change it? Or this one hole is the correct for my 10P? my car is a 2001 model, engine 10P936....
  4. Thanks a lot, tomorrow will check all these connections.
  5. Thanks man, I'll write to him. My doubt comes since there are no related fuses between speedo and odometer...
  6. Thanks a lot Western. I hace just read the thread but it seems that ink talks about Speedo, but not the partial odometer....
  7. Good day. Im havinsg some problems with my partial odometer in the TD5 it resets by himself and havent found why. Also, normally the total odometer stays on when I take the key off, but now it randomly goes blank the total odometer is working great, but the partial keeps going to zero and is kind of annoying. Have checked all the connections you can find in the rave, but no results. Took every fuse and the odometer keeps on, only when disconnecting main fuses it goes off, so I dont have a clue in what connector, fuse or relay I have to look.. any idea?
  8. Lc80 diff and axles are really not strong. Just with the 230 hp and 35 put on them, they die and broke easily in Colombian rallies, at least in our mud conditions. In 2014 our team was 4 defender, 3 80's and one 73.... Only one of the 80's made up with it's transmission complete.. The other two broke a lot of things..... Go with the y61...
  9. So no trace of any original setup coming this way?
  10. This is the car... https://html4.m.olx.com.co/espetacular-land-rover-ingles-defender-110-version-safari-iid-862134166?pos=2&location=cartagenadeindias.olx.com.co
  11. There is a car posted for sale here in Colombia that have 2 side doors in the right side and 1 side door in the driver's side (left). He swears this came original from UK this way.... Is that true or is just a homemade thing?
  12. The car was returned in December... Strategical decision..... They only receives car of 10 years ok at the most....
  13. Just to give you some context... We have only one dealer in the country, they only receives and sell spare parts to cars from 2006 on.. They are really bad using autologic or any electronic device... This car was parked in their garage for 5 months until they accepted they can't do anything.. So we are trying to find other way. Can this be done remotely? Maybe from a dealer in other country? The car was sold by this dealer and is the only owner, everything by the book.... Please help us or tell me who can we call in UK... LR webpage is carp in customer service, they never answer.
  14. Good day. A friend's RRS was stolen at home and the burglars took both of the keys of his car. He tried to program a new one but all key programmers ask for the old one in order to allow the new one. What can be done? thanks.
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