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  1. I used Monroe Adventur with OME springs (HD) for work (heavily laden, bad roads, high speeds).... they didn't stood for 10.000 km. The internal shaft got bended and they went stuck in high position.... I was very disapointed at that time, before that I had the originals with no problem at all. I have seen 3 Defender (2 130 and 1 110) from overlanders that are using them with good results in their travel for South America
  2. My car (TD5) came with a Denso unit good for 115 (idle) to 210 (max amp). I don't know why this car have this alternator, is the only one I have seen in a Land Rover. It looks very similar to my neighbor's Cummins powered Ram HD one. I don't have a part number, but the alternator is a bolt on piece, nothing adapted
  3. Really worried on this (my family have a 2.5 Hilux). Today this car rolled over about 20 kph due to a tire explosion.... http://www.eluniversal.com.co/cartagena/sucesos/camioneta-se-vuelca-al-tratar-de-pasar-un-taxi-estacionado-96378
  4. I had a bad accident in my 110 3 years ago. My girl looses their brakes in neutral gear down a hill in her Series.... she hit us at about 65 kph in the back. Everybody in the car had seat belt (my dogs were in the back). Nobody was hurt, it's really amazing how strong the chasis is. Not even a mm of deviation in any measure. The inertial system of all seat belt worked OK, all the doors could be open, the car shut down in the first impact (there were two impacts) due to the switch. Damage limited to rear door and glass, fuel lines and one of the engine hoses. My car could arrive to a safe place
  5. I went and came back with no problem at all. However, yesterday when leaving my office the car suddenly shutdown. I checked the fuse and it was completely melt down. Changed it and it melt down again, really hot in ten minutes. I took out the fuse box, found an exposed cable and taped it, with no result. I tried everything: cleaning, taping wires, voltage checking, etc. Today it worked just fine, no heat at all, no blown fuse, but suddenly the car stops. I moved the relay and fuse until it runned again and took me to the office. Checking the electrical diagram, found there is a earth point for
  6. Jajajjajaja... OK, Iĺl have that in mind Fridge, thanks a lot. Today I'll be verifying all connections to fuel pump fuse before leaving. Thanks a lot
  7. Before the 30A, I had a 10A, with no blowing, only melt of plastic. I'll review what you say on the other side...
  8. Yes, now I have all the wiring diagrams. You don't kknow how thankful I am, not a mechanic, not an electrician could repair it. The weird thing is the fuse don't blow never, it only gets its plastic cover melt down... what could it be
  9. Fuse 15 in my car refers to right headlight. I think the fuse that brings energy to instrument cluster are 3 (5A) and 4 (10A). In both case, they are bringing electricity correctly. Down you can see how the car was at the end of my Toroughly fixing try, deeply invasive, as you can see. After all this, I have found that my fuel pump fuse is melting down, do you know what could be the cause (you can see a photo of the fuse at the end):
  10. Good and bad news................ The fault dissapeared after I moved the wiring harness behind the dash, the one that is supposed to carry the CO285.... The bad news is that behind the dash are only wires, there are no connectors, looms or splices, so it fix itself, I don't know where the fault was (or maybe is?) located.I suppose it's due to this car is an export vehicle, so it have to be different from UK models, I hope. Do you know if maybe the connectors are in the other side of the dash in LH cars? I really appreciated all the help and patience you had with me. I had to dismantled all t
  11. I already tried with multimeter the four side lights, all of them mark 0 volts, don't know how to test the instrument pack. I haven't seen what Groomit said, sorry, I'll try in a moment, but can anybody tell me where is Header 0285? as I said, I don't have the Electrical Reference Booklet, where photos are.
  12. OK, I took it out and clean a lot of dirt present, but with no result. I want to install Rave in my laptop, but it have Linux and shows me an error. I know it's really annoying, but can anybody extract the electrical manual and send it to me or take it to a server where I can download it?
  13. Mine is a 99MY (2001). Can anybody tell me where I can find Header Earth 0550 (K108)? I mean where in the car. I found another earth behind the expansion tank, a white one, bringing a lot of cables. Cleaned with no results...
  14. Thanks a lot for your explanation Woody, I'm really kind of a dummie when electrical problems come. I'll try the way you say and let you know.
  15. HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to leave in 2 days and still have this problem...... any idea will be taken to practice inmediately....
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