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  1. Thanks for the advise chaps did just need a security relearn with Rovacom and we’re running thanks for the help
  2. I’m fairly sure that’s where the issue is but certainly no expert on these,has been stood up for over a year with a flat battery I have entered the EKA code which cleared the engine disabled fault message on the display, ill have a ask around locally for some with Rovacom to hopefully resolve the issue
  3. I believe that is looking the only way too! have found this wondered if any one had tried the gems app and if it works? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flemcodesign.gems.gemsutility&hl=en_GB
  4. Hopeing someone can throw some light, ive become the owner of a non running p38 for reasonable money,it appears that the engine ecu and bcem aren’t communicating the immobiliser code to each other(engine man light doesn’t illuminate and won’t crank over) apart from a syncmate how can I get them to match? I’m a little reluctant to spend too much on the car at this stage as it’s an “unknown” as such
  5. Thanks for all the info guys,looks like the search continues for a 3.9 auto to use/butcher for the easy option
  6. Ah thanks for the replys chaps,didnt know about the electronic p38 shift but glad I asked now ive also got a disco 2 v8 auto coming my way but is this the same setup?
  7. I’ve got a 4.6 p38 as a potential engine/gearbox donor for another Land Rover based project but my question is how can I get the drive to the diffs of a normal Land Rover as on the p38 there on the opposite side,wondered if a 3,9 v8 transfer box would fit onto the p38 gearbox? many thanks
  8. How many more vehicles do we need to make June viable? It's one of our favourite events and the weather is usually good!
  9. Does anyone know where I could get a hazard switch that looks like the picture attached,seem to be very small time frame of fitment
  10. I too have had an issue with new iffy stats,but does exactly the same with the old,new or even no thermostat,the hoses and top of the rad get un touchable
  11. I’ve removed the vicious and am running electric fans manually switched I have changed temp sensors incase of a faulty reading and replaced the thermostat with a bearmach one but to no positive out come also checked the rad flows internally and isn’t blocked with mud? also dosnt seem to show head gasket sighs? Thanks for the reply’s chaps
  12. I've been having a few overheating problems with my 3.9 v8 and I'm suspicious of waterpump impeller may become de attached or slip when warm how can I tell other than removing?
  13. No you were correct facet type with a filter inside on the chassis leg,however I can only describe the out let pressure as a dribble so new pump on order (internal filter seems clean)
  14. Haveing some furling issues on a carbed 3.5 v8 have changed the filter in the passenger front wheel arch but with the feed disconnected I get a very very weak dribble of fuel the electronic pump in front of rear passenger wheel arch makes a noise-is there a filter inside this? -is this the only pump? Any help appreciated!
  15. If that’s a potter I’m impressed how straight your truck is 😂.........I still ache from it 2 days later and the vitara is now in car heaven...such a good weekend
  16. Absolutely brilliant weekend as usual,have to say thanks to Ed for leading us round the night drive in the vitara (not mine) we wasn’t expecting such commitment from a tidy looking truck
  17. Sounding very interesting! I best hurry and renew membership and book up
  18. Many thanks for all the replies,didn't mean to cause an argument but does give a fair amount of information..I guess it's going to be a case of fitting and seeing what happens..@NRS91 would yours come with any fuel pump tuning instructions?
  19. Unsure if it's the exact same fault but I had a similar fault that turned out to be a slightly corroded/bad connection in the fuse/relay box removing and reseating did the trick
  20. We're be coming back for this one,missed the last one can't wait!
  21. Has anybody had any experience yet? Seems relatively expensive for what it is but if it provides decent real world gains I'm all for it? http://fourby.co.uk/Dynamic-Timing-AdvanceSpacer-200tdi-300TDi
  22. lol


    All very interesting,might see if I could get in touch with the man who built them to see if he could identify it as one of his,not that it really matters just has gripped my interest,they seem to command a reasonable amount of money if you can find one for sale
  23. lol


    Yeah similar,from what I’ve seen the back end looks a bit different a bit more like this
  24. lol


    A friend has found what he has been told is a “muddler” as in a trials vehicle with Land Rover running components,we’ve got absolutely no knowledge of them (didn’t know they existed) however a quick forum search says a few of you guys may know more A few first questions: 1.has any one got any photos of what one looks like 2.whats the value of one (good to bad) 3.when where the created and how many? if any of those questions can be answered we’d be extremely grateful Cheers
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