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  1. I have a T-Max split charge system fitted to my Disco 1 which worked fine until i disconnected the batteries did some welding (as ya have to now and then with a disco 1 😝) reconnected the batteries and now the split charge display does not show the display for the auxiliary battery all the wiring is still connected. 😕 any advice please.
  2. I have a Britpart alternator upgrade kit does the new red wire run from the alternator to the starter or is it alternator to the main battery. I have read on some forums it runs to the starter and that the original brown charging wire will manage the larger output as it is drawn. Cheers me.
  3. Thanx Discomikey , think i will have a fiddle with the original first see what i can do with it.
  4. Has anyone carried out a fuel pump boost pin upgrade , is it worth doing.
  5. ok no probs cheers for the input everyone.
  6. can anyone tell me if a dash from a disco 300 will fit into a 200 . many thanks .
  7. Here`s the pictures i mentioned earlier it`s a lot easier if you can remove the panels and do them inside or in a warm area.
  8. Hi Mean Green i`m doing my Disco in it at the moment i get mine from 3M on e-bay ( car wrap ) , 3m/1.5m for £30 ish including postage , i`ll stick some pici`s on shortly.
  9. How do i know which model of transfer box is fitted to my disco. This may sound like a dumb ass question but i need to ask cos i aint sure.
  10. cheers for that man will try n fit it see what happens. te he he
  11. hi can any one tell me where the small brown n yellow wire should be connected to on the back of the alternator. on my disco 200 tdi 1993 many thanks.....
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