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  1. Excellent posting ! Just finished converting my 2,5 NA into a 200 TDI, but the next project just might be a 300 TDI !
  2. Because my engine is making funny grinding noises up front and after having replaced the viscous fan bearing without any improvement, I have now decided to replace the belt tensioner. (300 tdi example shown below, but mine is a TD5 !) But how do I get the thing off ? It is held against the engine block with what looks to be a bolt straight through the middle, but I can't get any socket to slide on the bolt. The bolt looks to be size 14 or 15 but there's not enough room sideways to fit a socket. Or am I missing something here Thanks !
  3. Hi, To cut the plastic bits on my Disco's front bumper, I used some masking tape and a Dremel tool, turned out to be a very nice job. Edwin.
  4. Just a quick question, will tubeless tyres (michelin XPC 205x16) fit on my 1969 Series II rims ? As far as I can see, the rims are the original ones (5,5x16..?) no idea if they can hold tubeless tyres. ….which leads me to my second question, If my rims do need inner tubes, can I just simply put tubes in and “flop” my XPC’s on ? I'm currently running on 6.00 x 16 Avon's dating back from.......well, 1969 by the looks of them Cheers, Edwin
  5. Hello Tonk, Well both I'm afraid. I'f the chassis bushes need "force"to get them out, will I get them in without a special press ? Cheers, Edwin
  6. Hi all, Mister MOT tells me that I need to change the rear suspension bushes on my 88” How difficult is it the get the old ones out and the new ones in ? Do I need any special tools or just brute force ? Thanks in advance for your replies ! Edwin.
  7. Hi all, Two quick questions that probably have been asked a 1000 times before (sorry…) but here I go…. I have a 1969 Series IIa 88’, will 90/110/Defender rims fit ? My Series has a grey colour, I need to spray two new doortops, does anyone know the exact colour-code or description ? Thanks ! Edwin.
  8. Just a quick one; What would be the thickness of the metal used for the chassis on a 1969 Series IIa ? Need to get welding soon so…….. Cheers, Edwin.
  9. Hi Mark, Not sure about the Sortout myself, but some friends of mine might want to go. Will check that out and come back to you if they do decide to visit Newbury…. Are we allowed to talk “prices” here in public ? if not, do send me a PM or email me with the price you have in mind. Edwin.
  10. Hi Mark, Might be interested in your spare grill but I do live across "the big water" (Holland) so shipping it over here will probably make it a bit (too) expensive...... Cheers, Edwin.
  11. Thanks all for your replies ! Let's see if I can find a grill at the coming sortout.........but 40 pounds......pfff Cheers, Edwin
  12. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. My IIa has been "updated" with that plastic grill too, I'll better start looking for a wire grill at the next sort-out ! Cheers, Edwin.
  13. Hello, Just bought a very nice 1969 Series IIa. It looks nearly original, but still I’d like to learn more about the “specs” in 1969. Things like, when did Land Rover swap the metal grill for the plastic one, when did plastic indicator lenses replace the glass ones etc. Any idea where I can find this information ? any good internet sites or books ? Cheers, Edwin.
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