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  1. My advise to you do not ,do not machine the volvo hubs ,make a wheel spacer from the volvo wheel patern to what ever you want ,from aircraft aluminum lightweight and strong ,from the back i will make an inner hat the attaches to willwood rotors and calipers
  2. Sorry no CAD files the project is on the back burner made too many mistakes on this conversion yet i learned allot .
  3. At this time i will leave them alone but you know it is a land rover where ever we can improve why not 😬😂
  4. I have the original proportional,just a neebe question if i go bigger (in the process of installing them, including a newer master all flex hoses and rigid lines )in the front and bigger in the rear shouldn't in theory be balanced instead of only bigger in the front ?
  5. I just upgraded my front calippers to the 110bigger calippers and vented disc and while searching i foud this : http://www.red-winches.com/products/rear-axle-disc-brake-conversion-lr/109/ You can install your front calippers in the rear Anyone installed this kit any input ? thank you
  6. I thought of the ls engine and yes there is plenty here ,yesterday was talking to my friend for the v8 swap and was thinking on installing a crower cams in so was figuring the cost and what not .
  7. it is weird as for north American market jeep started with the diesel or it will soon ,Nissan is putting a Cummins engine in there Titan ,Mercedes with there bluetech /urea technologies they say your exhaust emission is oxygen and water makes you want to drink it ,I know that now in Europe there is a tendency to go electricin city centers ,but whom to believe 10 years ago diesel in Europe was heaven and now it is the devil ,it sounds a conflict in interests lets shift the general population towards this and that depending on the political situation make you want to think only for your pocket and f the rest ....
  8. very well put I like your reasoning ,I think for now I will play with gearing and change the engine ,and I have an eye on a Mercedes engine Om606 that have the same weight to the v8 and the same power . Thank you all for you input big thumb up .
  9. I have an auto transmission and I want to keep it ,I drove a disco with an r380 and I loved how it drive like a normal car ,but offroad I like the control of an auto and the zf22 they r tough ,coupled with a 300tdi I think I would rather stay home
  10. no td5 in this part of the world I have another V8 in good condition but with 22ltr/100kms is a bit too much ,I am running on 33km2 was aiming at something in 10lts/100 I might be dreaming with the td5 but I have no experience in diesel td5 not 300tdi , as for the price of fuel it is not the issue ,it is all the extra weight that could be saved for long travels ,easier on the suspension, if I want a 1000km2 tank I need a 250ltrs tank more space more weight ,that is an extra 150kg that I can install a water tank instead ,I can loose weight but still :).
  11. Hello Gents My V8 is dying and I am looking for a replacement engine and I am considering a td5 from the year 99 to 01 as I've read that they are the best , do you recommend a vendor that sells a TD5 front clip? I am considering this engine for fuel economies/long distance travel for expedition. thank you Naji M.
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