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  1. broken90

    110 suspension lean

    I don’t think the wheel is leaning, I’ll have to check properly in the light, I gave the wheel a good wobble and it seemed ok but I think that’s the next thing to get checked
  2. broken90

    110 suspension lean

    Hi. Thanks for the replies. The springs are in the right way (presuming that ‘drivers side’ is applicable for RHD and LHD!) Ive been and measured between the top and bottom spring seats and they are both the same. I notice in the link above that the spring lengths are different but the rating is the same... so maybe an easy fix is to swap them around. I’m a bit concerned there’s an issue elsewhere, the left hand front wheel/steering has been a bit strange for a while and I’m working through issues trying to trace it. Thanks for your help!
  3. broken90

    110 suspension lean

    Hi. Sorry for the basic question! My TD5 110 hicap has always sat a bit low on the passenger side, but I put that down to old springs. I’ve just spent the afternoon fitting new springs and shocks all round but it’s still sitting 30mm low on the front passenger side.... and it looks horrible! The springs I’ve fitted are: nrc9449 Front left nrc9448 Front right rbk101111 rear springs rrc3266 rear helper springs I’m pretty sure they are the correct parts but do they really sit 30mm different side to side?!
  4. broken90

    Electrics.... what am I doing wrong?

    Yes its a 200tdi. I'll give it a try in the morning. Its a struggle to see and get my hands in there, I have already cut some of the bukket connectors out as they were pretty crusty looking, maybe I'll have to do the whole lot
  5. I'm not particularly clued up with electrics so excuse the novice question! My nearside front indicator has stopped working, the bulb was ok so as I has a spare complete indicator unit I swapped that and it still didnt work! The side repeater is working so I thought I'd link the live with that to get it working.... still not working! What am i doing wrong?! Surely as the rear and side repeater are working then its all correct from indicator stalk to the wing? Ive checked earths where possible, they seem ok. Many thanks
  6. broken90

    Hi Cap Roof rack

    Hi, I'm looking for ideas for a roof rack for my hi cap 110. It's fitted with an ifor williams canopy, which I need to keep. Does anyone have any suggestions/pictures? I quite like the idea of it going the full length, from bumper to tow bar
  7. broken90

    200 Tdi down on Power

    I was just going to post the exact same thing, I've just picked up a 200tdi 110, it's very slow and gutless compared to the last one I had. I'll follow this thread with interest!
  8. broken90

    Side Slope Land Rover

    Thanks for the suggestions, I have driven the hill in my subaru before but not the ultra steep sections, I am not sure an estate would be suitable for taking the materials up but a subaru pick up could work. I had been thinking of a land rover product mainly because it would be more useful to me on other work. My freelander is ok for getting tools etc up the hill. The hill decent scares the **** out of me!! It just seems to take off at such a speed!! Plus at the moment my freelander has broken down (see my other thread!) I am fencing along the top of a nature reserve/AONB so bulldozing a track isnt an option unfortunately. I ve got a few weeks to sort something so will keep on searching!!
  9. Does anyone know of a mobile mechanic in the south (chichester region) that is handy with freelanders?! My td4 just sits and turns over but wont fire up, I am stuck without a car and have no clue as to what it is!!! Can anyone recommend anyone? Everywhere I have spoken to says they can do it middle of next week but thats not much help. Alternatively, any suggestions on possible causes? I am about the least mechanically minded person going!! Many thanks
  10. broken90

    Side Slope Land Rover

    Here is a totally mad idea...... If I were to make a LWB landrover into a flat bed then i would have access to the chassis rails, could i make a detatchable extended chassis rails/axle/rear crossmember? I could the use a non driven axle at the back and make it have a much wider track width. That way i have a longer load bed, longer wheelbase/length, and a much wider track at the back? Does that sound completely stupid? It could then be unbolted and the original vehicle cold still be used on the road?! (sounds much more stupid now i ve typed it out )
  11. broken90

    Side Slope Land Rover

    Boris113, those are the sort of tyres I am thinking about, could probably do with a bit more meat on them than that set though. We wont work if its wet but those look fairly bald and its a long way to the bottom of the hill :-) Tacr2man, the Reforms are great machines, I ve just got back from watching one with a wood chipper on the bank of a river, they dont have any real carrying capability and trying to find a 2nd hand one is virtually impossible! (Trying not to go too far off Land Rover topics!!!) I was wondering about making the equivilent out of a 109, make it into a 'working tray back', smaller wide tyres etc. I could even put a PTO front and rear for various jobs
  12. broken90

    Side Slope Land Rover

    That looks a fun machine! I have seen other photos of series land rovers with low ground pressure tyres on.... i suppose they would be wide and generally are smaller so would drop the overall height a bit.
  13. broken90

    Side Slope Land Rover

    This was why I wondered whether an old 109" might be a good option? I am still looking at ways of going up and down the field rather than across but I dont think its an option on parts of it. Richy B... Yes I had wondered about something like that but its probably much too complex for me to get my head around! I know there are bank tractors etc like Aebi/Reform but these are mega money and I'd still have to use a trailer, I was hoping to build myself a 'work' land rover that would be a bit more multi purpose. Oh well.... back to the drawing board!!
  14. broken90

    Side Slope Land Rover

    Hi guys, I ve got a job coming up that requires me to be working on a very steep hillside. I need to cart materials to and from the site in pallet sized bundles. I ll have my tractor there but have been advised by the land owner that even on dual wheels the hill can be on its limit in places so the tractor will stay at the top of the hill working so I need to get something else to get materials up the slope. Has anyone got/seen dual wheels on a land rover? Obviously a long wheelbase is a benefit going UP the slope but what do I need to take into consideration going ACROSS it? Leaf/coil? track width... how can i increase it? I was even toying with the idea of a 'stabiliser' out rigger!?! I will be putting on a roll hoop!!! My Freelander van can get round 75% of the site but I cant go strapping heavy loads to the roofrack
  15. broken90

    Front brake binding - 2001 TD4

    I dont have any ideas but I too would like to hear peoples suggestions as I came on here tonight to ask exactly the same question...... Front right brake decides to heat up on random occasions! Mine is a farm truck so is regularly caked in mud and s**t.

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