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  1. Battery Cable Cross Section

    35mm sq.
  2. Plug identification for fog/daylight lights

    They look a lot like the ones discussed in this thread about indicator side repeaters.
  3. Brake vacuum problem

    I'd focus on this aspect if I were you, and leave worrying about the vaccum pump for the moment. Unless the pistons are rediculously rusty, this can only be the result of some sort of blockage in the system.
  4. Rust Converter

    Hi Keith, welcome to the forum. It's difficult to give you reliable guidance without more specific information on where the rust is and how bad it is. Can you post some pictures?
  5. Speedo cable fitting wrong

    It's M6 not M8.
  6. TD5 indicator repeater connectors

    Just to finish this off for the record, thanks to PaulMc for supplying me with the right parts very efficiently and at a fair price. For the record, the TE Connectivity part numbers for the connectors are 1-967644-1 for the connector body, 965906-1 for the socket contact, and 967067-1 for the wire seal. It's also worth noting that even though they are LEDs, the indicator repeaters are not polarity sensitive - they obviously contain a rectifier bridge so they can be connected either way around.
  7. TD5 indicator repeater connectors

    Does anyone know what the correct connectors which mate with the TD5 style indicator repeaters are? I bought a set of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAIR-Land-Rover-Defender-90-110-LED-Amber-Indicator-Side-Repeater-Lamp-Light/142406594781. I thought the connectors would be 2 pin Econoseal but they are something of a similar size but with rounder corners. Can anyone point me at the right thing and where I can get it? Thanks Nick.
  8. Prep to fit new fuel tank

    You are wasting time and money using zinc rich paints such as Galvafroid on top of existing paint. Proper cold galvanising paints form a chemical bond with the metal, which they cannot do if there is a layer of paint between them and it. The black paint used by parts manufacturers is generally a crappy spray finish. You'd be best off stripping it and starting again but if that's too much work then remving it wherever it is loose or likely to get damaged easily and the painting over the whole lot with a two part epoxy top coat will be the best solution.
  9. Welding Mask/Helmet

    The Lincoln Viking 3350 can be switched between two different shade ranges which together cover shades 5 - 13. The newer ones have what Lincoln refer to as a 'C4' filter which is very nearly colour neutral. You can also get a range of magnifying lenses to go in them. There's really nothing else on the market which is as good. The other factor which makes a massive difference is to ensure you regularly replace the lens covers (inside and out) - the scatter from dust/residue on the lens makes a huge diference to what you can see when the filter is in dark mode.
  10. Fitting an additional 12v Socket to a 2013 Puma 90 or 110

    On older vehicles with bullet connectors then it's fairly easy to double up on connections. On later vehicles with more sophisticated connectors it's not so easy. Scotchloks are generally seen as a bodge by people in the know, and I have none of them in any of my vehicles. However, they are widely used in the trade and are probably better than poorly done soldering. In truth, if properly fitted they will be fine so long as they are inside the car where they won't get wet. Smothering the metal part with silicone grease before assembly will help. They have the advantage that they can be removed, which is more difficult with a solder joint. I would advise you to use 1.0mm wire, especially if you are using Scotchloks - it's not a good idea to mix the wire sizes in them. Wiring diagrams for all but the most recent Defenders are widely available on the Web.
  11. Fitting an additional 12v Socket to a 2013 Puma 90 or 110

    I have done exactly this myself. Yes, you can wire the USB adapter in parallel with the lighter socke and yes, you would be wise to put a lower rated local fuse in series with the USB adapter. A 5A fuse connected via 1mm sq wires will be fine. Bear in mind that on early vehicles I think the cigar lighter is always powered, on later (300TDI or later, so far as I can tell from a quick look at the diagrams) the lighter socket is switched off with the ignition.
  12. Half Shafts - Trimming to Length?

    Whether shortening the shafts is the right solution or not, I'll leave to others, but I'd not be too worried about cutting them down if you decide it's the right way to go. If you've got access to a TCT cut off saw or a band saw then I'd use that - the heating will be minimal. Otherwise a thin cutting disc on an angle grinder, take it steady, do it one bit at a time around the circumference and cool it with water between runs. The HAZ will only be a few mm from the cut, if at all.
  13. Welding Mask/Helmet

    Lincoln Electric will be very upset if they notice you have attributed their helmet to their arch-rivals, Miller! :-) I have a Lincoln Viking 3350 as well - it's the dog's danglies.
  14. Van-Aerial disease or DAB in a Defender.

    I've fitted one of these http://www.dabonwheels.co.uk/Kinetic_DRA-6001_FM-AM_DAB_car_aerial.html which seems to work very well. it's mounted towards the rear of the roof. It's feeding a Blaupunkt radio/amplifier (http://www.blaupunkt.com/en/nc/products/car-multimedia/car-radio/products/single/7589/). The installation works at least as well as the factory fit system in my Peugeot estate.
  15. Don't know if anyone's interested but Whitham's have an auction ending next week in which there are eight WMIK ZF 4HP 220S automatic gearboxes. Currently starting at £100 each with no bids. https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/witham/catalogue-id-witham10034/lot-acc1b0f9-c455-4011-9ecf-a74e00e9c51e