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  1. nickwilliams

    Buying grease

    That will be fine. In this application, quantity is more important than quality, particularly when it comes to propshaft UJs.
  2. nickwilliams

    Wago connectors

    I'd be careful about using them anywhere they might get damp.
  3. nickwilliams

    Defender windscreen glass question

    I would not use Vaseline - better to use something which does not remain slippery after the screen is fitted, and Vaseline will be a PITA to clean off the glass. Crossing the ends of the paracord at the bottom of the screen is right, but I left a loop of para cord sticking out of each side and worked the sides in first, a bit at a time on each side. If you try to get the seal in place on one edge but not on the opposite edge at the same time it's much more difficult to get it seated properly. It took me a couple of hours each time. The last replacement was done by an Autoglass fitter and paid for by my insurer. It took him about 15 minutes!
  4. nickwilliams

    Defender windscreen glass question

    I've fitted two heated windscreens and a heated rear window myself to my 90. Paracord and lots of lubricant (I used hand barrier cream) are the key. For the windscreen I took the top of the dashboard out to make the bottom of the seal easier to get to.
  5. nickwilliams

    Digital level / inclinometer Recommendations

    Several things here which might be of use: https://www.machine-dro.co.uk/angle-measurement-digital-gauge-protractor.html
  6. nickwilliams

    New gauge or light

    Typical max. engine oil pressure - 10 bar Typical max. hydraulic pressure for hydraulic winch - 150 bar.
  7. nickwilliams

    Has anyone tried LED headlamp bulbs?

    Err, no. For lots of reasons, no. Firstly CE marking does not apply to automotive components, they are e-marked instead. Secondly, CE marking isn't going to go away with Brexit, no matter how much some may wish it, and thirdly, the Kitemark is not and never has been a national safety mark for the UK, it's a registered trade mark owned by the British Standards Institution who are only one of a number of bodies who can approve products of all kinds.
  8. nickwilliams

    Battery Cable Cross Section

    35mm sq.
  9. nickwilliams

    Plug identification for fog/daylight lights

    They look a lot like the ones discussed in this thread about indicator side repeaters.
  10. nickwilliams

    Brake vacuum problem

    I'd focus on this aspect if I were you, and leave worrying about the vaccum pump for the moment. Unless the pistons are rediculously rusty, this can only be the result of some sort of blockage in the system.
  11. nickwilliams

    Rust Converter

    Hi Keith, welcome to the forum. It's difficult to give you reliable guidance without more specific information on where the rust is and how bad it is. Can you post some pictures?
  12. nickwilliams

    Speedo cable fitting wrong

    It's M6 not M8.
  13. nickwilliams

    TD5 indicator repeater connectors

    Just to finish this off for the record, thanks to PaulMc for supplying me with the right parts very efficiently and at a fair price. For the record, the TE Connectivity part numbers for the connectors are 1-967644-1 for the connector body, 965906-1 for the socket contact, and 967067-1 for the wire seal. It's also worth noting that even though they are LEDs, the indicator repeaters are not polarity sensitive - they obviously contain a rectifier bridge so they can be connected either way around.
  14. nickwilliams

    TD5 indicator repeater connectors

    Does anyone know what the correct connectors which mate with the TD5 style indicator repeaters are? I bought a set of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAIR-Land-Rover-Defender-90-110-LED-Amber-Indicator-Side-Repeater-Lamp-Light/142406594781. I thought the connectors would be 2 pin Econoseal but they are something of a similar size but with rounder corners. Can anyone point me at the right thing and where I can get it? Thanks Nick.
  15. nickwilliams

    Prep to fit new fuel tank

    You are wasting time and money using zinc rich paints such as Galvafroid on top of existing paint. Proper cold galvanising paints form a chemical bond with the metal, which they cannot do if there is a layer of paint between them and it. The black paint used by parts manufacturers is generally a crappy spray finish. You'd be best off stripping it and starting again but if that's too much work then remving it wherever it is loose or likely to get damaged easily and the painting over the whole lot with a two part epoxy top coat will be the best solution.

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