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  1. I went with Mordant T-wash then etch primer then some red oxide primer I had in the shed and then black metal paint, nothing fancy (aldi I think) thinned down enough to spray. Its been on for 5 years now and no chips and still looks like new
  2. Go bigger, no one ever built a shed, stood back and thought 'that's a bit too big'. I know I didn't
  3. Pleased to hear you've found somewhere to buy over here, sounds interesting
  4. Certainly was, nice bit of rigid plastic and lots of gasket sealant, job done 😃
  5. Got some 'garden' space here 😉 handy for 7S breakages😜. Glad you got sorted and nice to see the land rover camaraderie is alive and kicking especially having been on the receiving end of some bush repairs by your good selves
  6. Sounds an interesting project Mike, I'll be watching with interest. I know Ifor Williams 5 stud axles are LR stud pattern and some of the stock trailers even come on 16" wheels but most are 12" I think. What overall size are you going for?
  7. No problem, maybe going to seven sisters so that's an option, I'll dig it out
  8. Mike, if you wanted to try a 1.6 TB I have one lurking in the toy shed, try it, if you like it pay me for it or give it back if not. Not sure what they are worth but I'm sure we could come to an agreement
  9. Mike, if there is anything on the 200tdi I had off you that will help, its still here, mostly complete, give me a shout.
  10. That's some run of bad luck Mike, I hope the new motor is the turning point, good luck
  11. Nice find Steve, I too looked for one for several years but in the end bought a cheap one off ebay, I had to weld some extra strengthening bits to it, particularly the bead breaker arms but now handles LR rims just fine, very jealous of your find.
  12. Very nice, very impressed, nice work
  13. Got an oval cast iron Land Rover sign and a T-max 12v potable compressor
  14. We had good results with a dehumidifier too, had it running for several weeks and collected a couple of litres of water a day initially. Our problem was in just one rear foot well in our Golf so not on the scale of your wetting but it did work over time. Chris
  15. Glad you got home safely Ben must have been a relief after that journey. My rear spring came out another few times on Sunday but Ash was on hand to winch me up a tree!! so a bit of fettling needed
  16. What are folks doing on Saturday between afternoon session and evening session? There was mention of a 'group BBQ' but also mention of "time to get to the campsite/pub". Cheers Chris
  17. Just booked my ticket, anyone else on here going?
  18. Thanks Mark, made a start on the roof, seems to be sticking and staying well.
  19. Orgasmic farmer, does the carpet glue allow a little time for adjustment or is it like impact adhesive where you only really get one shot at getting it in the right place and then its stuck. Cheers Chris
  20. Mr Farmer, that's the same as I am doing, flash band then the rad haz stuff, may well then cover that with ply in the rear tub wheel boxes. Also thinking about covering some area's with some sort of rubber matting and possibly some auto type carpet on the roof
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