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  1. The guys a legend , buy all my stuff from him and he won`t sell you anything you don't need ,
  2. O.k , as there was such a rush with replies ;-) Have spent all day with Gwyn Lewis , he is preparing a kit to wire second alt , it won`t be cheap , but my god he uses good thick cable and will not say it`s ready till it is , I ran mine for two batts , in standard position under seat , with a raptor dash , and batt warning light on dash , so if anyone interested , give him a ring
  3. never mind , bite the bullet , new ones it is then !!!
  4. yrm metal solutions do repair sections , if you are half decent at diy it`s easy , google defender door repair and there is a step by step tutorial , don`t be scared , I was a bit but glad I did it .
  5. Does any one have a diagram or know of anyone making loom for second alternator , for 300 defender , please
  6. just put raptor dash in , not a lot of space left
  7. want to put some speakers in the truck cab , anyone done this , no roof lining , where did you put them and what type/size did you get .
  8. sorry to say , but have to agree with the two gentlemen above
  9. struth , any idea on nut size ??
  10. does anyone know what the torque setting is for the nut securing drop arm on steering box please , I seem to have a bit of vertical movement !!!
  11. cheers , will take it in this week
  12. sorry did not mention , it`s got cranked trailing arms , and castor corrected radius ( all by gwyn Lewis ) old man shocks and springs , gwyn lewis shock mounts all round ,
  13. been away for a while getting used to the new build , need some help identifying steering issues , my steering very light , wanders a bit and when turning corners it feels like it wants to carry on turning , had tracking done all new tca`s new fluid in power steering , think there is still play in steering, would this cause above issues , defender90 300 with disco axles 2 inch lift ome steering damper
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