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  1. Hi mine did the same and still does on occasions. On my 91 defender i found the round plate that covers the front diff flange seal is loose and sounds like chain is dragging... sometimes it's noisy and then it goes quiet for a while, but worth crawling underneath and give it a tap around to see if same noise.. good luck Steve..
  2. I had this issue when i replaced my bulk head on my 90. the only way i got around it was to slacken the bulk head on the relevant side and i used a ratchet strap to pull bulkhead back then tightened the bolts.. This still wasnt enough to align the bonnet so i made the bonnet hinge bolt holes bigger on both sides so i had some movement, mine aligned nicely after that and the door alignment looks good too.. I put it down to the bulkhead twisting after it was galvenised.
  3. You can do either but it is best practise to do them cold... Also you wont have hot oil running everywhere making a mess..
  4. [Hi check the relays under the drivers seat they come loose. they power the pump/ecu.
  5. Cheers Nick, will check the u/j's and drop the damper of and see how she gets on.. gets me out of painting today..
  6. Hi guys, 91 plate 90 defender steering damper (Standard) If i remove the damper it takes two hands to compress and retract the damper would you say this is normal ? also should the damper have a self centering action.. Just trying to get the steering a tad lighter for the wifey if poss.. cheers steve
  7. Hi Guys and gals, There is a set of BFG mud terains ( 245 75 R16 )with i think it said 15mm tread on flee bay... what do you think they are worth ??
  8. Hi folks 90 defender 200tdi On the top of my water pump there is a bolt with a tappered end to the thread. is this so you can lub the waterpump shaft.. ?
  9. The pully i have only has 2 grooves for belts... Mmmm sounds like it could be the prob.. got to go into M+M tomm for gaskets for timming casings.. will see if they have a pully to compare with.. thanks for your help.. Steve
  10. Hi Western, The engine number is for a defender engine. the engine looks as if its gold in colour if it makes any difference. was wondering if it had wrong pump fitted and thus causing pully alignment issues..
  11. Hi guys and girls.. I have a defender 90 200Tdi on a 91 plate, it keeps chewing alternator / water pump belts up. I have noticed that the pully's dont align. ie the water pump sits a good 1/4" back from the crank pully. The crank pully is all inline with the P/s pully so presuming it's ok. Q: are the pumps the same for the disco 200 Tdi, the numbers on the pump are HRC 1278. or can you get shims to bring the water pump pully inline... any sugestions greatly appreciated.. Ps i have not had the vehicle long so dont know the history Steve
  12. Hi Folks, Can anyone recomend any brand of oblong roof lights. i know you pay for what you get but are the cheaper ones ok ?
  13. Hi guys and gals.. I cant get my steering wheel off to check but i have a 91plates defender with the origional plastic 4 spoke steering wheel. does any one know how many splines it has..? and any tip on how to get off without having to buy a puller.. cheers
  14. steve-c


    Cheers guys it's on a 91 plate. will check to see whats comes out the drain holes.. cheers steve
  15. steve-c


    Hi guys and gals How can you tell if your swivels have one shot grease in them or you have ran out of oil ? and if they do have grease in them does it ever need topping up or changing ? Cheers Steve
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