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  1. good to see the new owner is on here, you had that off my friend. was it easy enough to get it off the ramps ?
  2. everyone would know your cheating though G as you spend too long with your car in daft positions to get more than 10 punches
  3. worst i have personally seen was paul bass's car after his roll at the king of the valleys 2012, it completely destroyed his car and was actually hard to look at due to its history and seeing the car evolve over the years dan
  4. ive had a couple of good ones, one was a roll down a hill where i hit a rock on the way down end result was a trashed rollcage bent outrigger bent bulkhead and twisted cab and most recently i did a backflip and landed upside down underwater which completely filled the cab. cage did its job but water pressure shattered the screen and completely destroyed the roof and bonnet. pictures of that little misshap actually found its way into land rover wold mag jan 2013 issue
  5. this is going to sound stupid but, are the bleed holes clear ? its not often you have to do such jobs on cars unlike landys. i am kind of eliminating this myself though as it cant be possible for all of them to be blocked ?? maybe its the failed component thats causing the whole issue :-/ ......stating the obv
  6. its an auto else id say tow it as well played with and own too many td5's !
  7. you shouldnt need to put half a tank of diesel in to purge the system unless the fuel pump cant get a good suction supply on the lp side, which is usually because the main strainer on the fuel pump body it blocked take the pipe off from the inlet manifold to intercooler and spray the easy start into there. make sure you have also got another running car with jump leads attatched to it aswel as you need the fastest possible cranking speed. another tip is to remove the glow plug relay and work the glow plugs via a jump wire, give them a good 30s of heat just like on the old n/a engines if he doesnt get a massive arc when bridged then he is a glow plug or two down and this makes a big difference to trying to start the bugger when the bores are now washed with diesel from trying to start it.
  8. unless fuel is flooding out of the regulator at the back where the diaphram is and where he thinks a vacume should be ( which the td5 doesnt have ... just a hole instead) he is wasting his time as this wont solve the problem first thing is first, make sure there is enough fuel pressure
  9. what vacume tube ? if its the 10p engine which it should be as its a 99, there should only be 2 pipes on the regulator feed in and then it comes out and down to the fuel cooler
  10. pull the fuel pipe off the regulated side of the system i.e the return pipe down to the filter that comes off the fuel cooler. it should absolutely **** out and not just give a little dribble or steady flow. ive got a pressure tester for td5's if your local to me.
  11. daan thats banter between me and gordon im perfectly aware of what can break a halfshaft without you pointing it out !
  12. he is running kam the broken pile would be much worse in fairness but he isnt on his wheels often enough to do any more damage
  13. im running 80 series land cruiser im first to admit i have broken them 1cv through my own lazyness of not taking it out to de-burr as i knew they was tight 1front diff through being a complete and utter idiot trying to reverse up something that it didnt want to go up without the winch
  14. land rover axles are old hat now and simply cannot cope with what is asked of them in the comp scene i moved away a few years ago and quite simply have never looked back
  15. have you tried going up through the gears manually ?
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