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  1. Cheers Dave im not exactly in a rush for it but thanks anyway. I've tried opening a dispute but it says "We cannot process your request at this time". Not a clue why!?
  2. Hi. I ordered a winch switch from defenderbits4u on ebay and after many emails and apparently 3 switches sent I haven't received any of them. Has anybody else used them for anything? cheers Russell
  3. hi. The only reason i was going to use two pack is because i already have some. Has anybody used the smooth green colour granville paint? i cant imagine its a very close match to kawasaki green? cheers
  4. cheers all. Im going to paint it. Anybody got an idea how much 2pac paint i will need?
  5. Its going to be kawasaki green. Wish they did hammerite in any colour.
  6. Hi all. My rollcage needs a lick of paint but im not sure wether to paint it or powdercoat it. Its going to be green so hammerite isnt an option. I have about a litre and a half of green 2pac paint so could maybe use it. but would powdercoating be a lot more durable? cheers
  7. Thanks for that. Im building a 90 at the moment which i intend to do some challenging in so i will probably want some upgraded bits at some point. The bloke wants £500 for the winch. Is it worth that? Should i just wait a little longer and buy one thats got some upgrades? cheers again
  8. Its a round disc type freespool handle. It is all complete with solenoid pack on the front and its bolted to a bumper. Russell
  9. Hi all im possibbly going to buy an 8274 winch. I wanted to know how old it is and what to check before buying. Firstly the sticker on the top has mostly rubbed of so cant read whats on that but theres some things stamped in the top case but these are difficult to read but i think they are :- 7585 158295 AN0 Anybody know what any of them numbers mean? Also what should i check? Its been sat for a while in a workshop. Its fitted to a winch bumper and has steel wire on, i've tried pulling the cable out but cant budge it. So what should i check so i dont waste my money. Cheers Russell
  10. Im pretty sure theres a trial there in june. Yorkshire offroad club has it listed..
  11. Hi all. my old mans rangerover needs a starter motor. However the engine and gearbox are out of a 110. Its a 3.5 v8, the 110 was a 1989. It bolts on with 2 bolts. So my question is, is there only one starter that will fit this or are there a few.? Cheers Russell
  12. cheers for the help. However i was more looking for how much i will need to mount down to the chassis aswell. cheers Russell
  13. Hi all. Im looking at getting some 6 mm sheet metal to make the mountings for my rollcage. So as above how much of it will i need? Ive got all 6 mounts to do on my truckcab 90. Cheers Russell
  14. Hi all. Finally getting round to fitting my rollcage that i bought (from Ross, Mcs junior. Thanks very much) and need some information on fitting it. Firstly the front hoop, im aiming for the socket type fitting at the front and for some reason i presumed that the socket thats fastened to the outrigger should go round the outside of the cage tubing. However my Dad thought it should sit inside. Which is best?? Also i need some 6mm plate to make the other mounts up. Wheres best to get it and how much will i need roughly. Its a qt services cage going on a 90 and i want it to meet MSA specs. thanks for any help. Russell
  15. I think you pretty much summed it up yourself. When i was considering which to buy the majority of people said 8274 for the reasons you stated. Ive been looking fairly often at 8274s and it seems you can get a fairly decent secondhand one with a few upgrades for that sort of money.
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