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  1. I think it's a very strange business model JLR have got themselves into. Out of interest, I have just gone on Autotrader, selected Land Rover, New, £40k to £50k. Results= Defender 110, Evoque, Velar, Discovery, Discovery Sport. Subjectively they all do a very similar job, just differing size and bling levels. In essence, what I am trying to say is their model range is competing against itself.
  2. I am enjoying this thread, although in essence its says as much about the membership of this forum as it does about the new vehicle. I think a lot of us on here are hopeless romantic optimists harking to days past when life was simpler. In a world where MP's don't take any notice of their electorate and ringfenced state pension funds are Maxwelled by the government, this new Defender could've been a helluva lot worse. I would go as far as to say it could remove our reasons for having 2 vehicles. I like a lot on here have a second daily and a 110(currently in component form
  3. An another https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Range-rover-sport-modified-camo-can-be-take-off/303099188152?hash=item46921e93b8:g:GLYAAOSwF59cjjKU Scarily I think these people are breeding.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1997-Peugeot-306-1-9-DT-Camo-Army-Rat-Look-Zombie-Madmax-Wide-arch-Modified-PX/392257256740?hash=item5b545abd24:g:-0kAAOSw-FNb6uaN
  5. What I usually do is very very carefully with engine running is to sandpaper the edges of the belt. It' never failed to work for me.
  6. Wow. So which tank is included? Green or orange? Push button start, do you think any scotchlocks will have been used in the insulation? Pills like a train eh? Do some folk not check their listing before posting?
  7. "Even Nene Overland would think twice about selling that!" Well said, and that's saying Summat!
  8. Changed mine last year and used cutting discs, drills and hammers (various) to remove it fromits housing. Bought mine from Simon Services in Wakefield for about £14ish and he kindly pressed new one in FOC. Recently have been getting a lot of banging when taking up drive and when changing gear and thought my rear axle was goosed. Changed A-frame bushes this weekend and found a frame joint has loosened quilte a lot, so fitted an extra washer then castlated nut. All ok now but wondered why it loosened so much?
  9. How'd you get new one in without a press?
  10. Have you tried Simon services on heath common yet? Found him very cheap for bits, service and very honest too

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