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  1. Thanks I’ll take a look at that.. 200tdi downpipe 300tdi centre td5 tail... quite a frankinstein exhaust!! Anyone ever married those up on a 200tdi chassis!!
  2. This is the TD5 rear going through the gap and the 200tdi middle at the bottom... the rear 200tdi goes through the braket on the left of the photo, not sure what the rear 300tdi is like but will it marry up with the 200tdi middle or is it a complete replacement...
  3. Hi All, I'm in the middle of a complete rebuild after the chassis rusted apart, so I took the opportunity to get a new galavanised chassis and added the brackets for a second fuel tank. This is a Defender 90, with 200TDI Engine. So my problem is the rear exhaust section, I have a standard down pipe standard middle, and due to the second fuel tank can not fit the standard rear, and can not find any standard parts to exit straight out. Also I have no welding skills, so need to find an off the shelf or a custom exhaust maker, but wondering if anyone has any recommendations or ideas... been stuck at this point for ages so really want to get on to the next issue....
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