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  1. Hi all would like to here from any one who has done this! Can I fit 235/85 16 tyres on my 200 tdi Disco! Well I know it can be done, but what mods need to be done to fit properly! Any advice or tips please thanks!
  2. thanks for your encouragement !
  3. Being a reasonably confident fixer of land rover products, I am about to embark on the total rebuild of a Disco 200 tdi engine i would feel more confident if i could get hold of a good engine workshop Manuel of some description! Can anyone recommend one also point me in the right direction as to were i could obtain one please thanks for your time!
  4. hi if you do have a n/side disco arch i would like to have it please let me know ....best chris
  5. Just got this from the horses mouth! Have been chasing my [transfer tunnel] for about six months now for a rear n/side outer wheel arch for my disco 1 mwc4841 to no avail! For the six months i have been given dates ranging from next week to next month to 2/3 months? lol I have tried many avenues but all get the part from the same source Britart! Who intern rely on a foreign manufacturer, all well and good. But i have just been told by Britpart the current manufacturer of the said part have gone in to liquidation and as yet Brit has bot yet found a new manufacturer wiling to make the part! Let alone receive a sample part before a formal order can be given! So k kinda think we wont see the part on the shelf this side of the new year!
  6. same boat here cant get job finished
  7. disco 1 1993 200 tdi looking for a n/side outer arch i am told there are none to be had any one got a clue were i may get one...thanks
  8. Hi i have been trying to get in touch with Camel Trophy Owners Club members to no availe! I am trying and buy some Camel Decals for my truck " full size ones for doors etc! but the links on there site dose not appear to work, Are there any members or any one that knows a member out there that can help....thanks
  9. thanks for response! Had a look at that i would suggest my disco although older is far better no knocks imac in and out ...I will be doing photos when weather breaks oh! and it will have a full 12 month MOT
  10. Hi all i am about to advertise my disco 300tdi but not sure what price! Any advice would be good. This is unusually mint condition for the year! Its a 1994 300tdi tdi with a genuine low mileage of 94,000 a clean original straight disco ,but the best bit its never seen mud! There is and never has been ant rust issues in fact there is no rust in any of the usual places wings,inner outer, floor cross member, chassis etc will come with a full 12 months MOT. all in all a perfect start for any build project thanks
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