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  1. Oops! Thanks bear and peterdon for your replies too!
  2. You sir, are a genius! I now have flashing hazards when I lock and unlock my Disco again How random that it's the same fuse as the headlight washer jets! Thanks nicedayforit, and thanks also to ches. Very helpful
  3. Thanks nicedayforit, I will try your solution and reprt back. Failing that, I'll try the relays. I'll keep you updated guys, cheers!
  4. Thanks Ches! I'm going to show my lack of knowledge now... where would I find the alarm ECU!?
  5. Hi Bear, the batteries are fine. I suspected that too, so I replaced them... still no flash!
  6. Hey everyone, This is probably something very simple, but it's been driving me nuts! When I bought my Disco (M reg V8i ES) a few months ago, the hazard lights would flash when I use the remote to lock/unlock the car. Now though, they do nothing! The doors still lock, the alarm still arms, but the hazards lights do nothing. I'm not sure when exactly this problem arose, I changed the front indicators for clear ones recently, but I can't see that having an effect. I've checked all the fuses (interior fusebox) that might relate to this, but they're all fine. It's very annoying not to have a visual confirmation of the car being locked, I often have to walk back to it to be sure. Any advice out there please? Cheers, MrSwampy
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