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  1. Hello Guys, thanks for the help, it would have to be the drivers wiper wheel box, but as I was in deep I changed both plus rail, must say this job sucked, my arms looked like I went 10 rounds with a wild cat, now I am left with my Parrot hands free not powering up not to mention cigar lighter & bloody blower speed control...........sometimes I should just stay in bed and let the rust eat my defender 🤪

  2. Well done for sticking in there 🤪 it can be hard work dealing with insurance company’s and remembering what was said or not, always remember to read renewal for what you declared as a add-on, and well done FJ for correcting their mistake 🤔

  3. 15 hours ago, DC_ said:

    Well if there’s one thing that’s persuading me more and more to get a heater in the 110, it was sleeping out in -4 at the weekend. Not too bad in the truck under the duvet but the heater would have made it more enjoyable.

    just a few from camp.......











    I know this location well, beautiful part of the world, looks like a great nite !

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  4. 9 hours ago, oneandtwo said:

    All the last batch of 110s have them - that is on one of our 15 plates - the dmax is now the replacement for the defender in WPD

    I’ve never used it to be honest, I guess it is there to step on when removing ladders and rods from the roof if you aren’t tall - you can’t get in the back of them as they all racked out.


    Ah got you Oneandtwo! I use my ex-WPD for contract work so the back is mostly empty (side shutters used more) so a set of steps that don't damage the rear cross member would be great, I have saw one or two used WPD defenders for sale online with those yellow steps, and would love to pick up a set! But thanks again for the help!

  5. Thanks a million everyone! Hit the nail on the head! 

    Scotts90 (Oneandtwo)that's the one on your ex-WPD, as you said its not shown on HOPE web site but I do know they still fit them to some WPD Defenders? Well they did?!?! (I own a 61 plate with no rear steps and skinned shin's :blink:)  Not so sure about the Dmax!:lol: those steps fit very well on the Defender! Anyway you all have got me a Little closer to my answering my question! Thanks

  6. On 12/19/2017 at 8:20 PM, mpb said:

    It’s that time again when I need a couple of new tyres.


    im currently running 235 85 R 16 STT’s but was thinking of changing to the ST Maxx. They remind me of the old BFG Trac Edge.


    Is anyone running a set and how do you rate them.  I spend most of my time on road but do tow large trailers across fields.






    I used them on a Tdci 110 which was used for work! Found them okay (faster wear/main point)but they weren't as good as the old BFG Muds so I went back to them when they where due for replacement! 

  7. On 12/19/2017 at 9:46 AM, FridgeFreezer said:

    You mean unlike all those other car companies who aren't interested in selling cars? :blink:

    The whole point of the original Series 1 was to make something (anything!) after the war that they could export.

    Honestly, JLR must have no grasp of their history, they'll be basing the Defender on the Range Rover next, totally against tradition... :rolleyes:

    All sad but true!:huh: with JLR history belongs in the past! To which where it will stay:(

  8. On 12/17/2017 at 9:29 PM, Scotts90 said:


    well it's not a million miles away in profile is it??

    JLR/Tata are a company...they need to make money like every other company out there and love or loathe the line up they seem to be pretty effective at coining it in.

    New defender will sell. No doubts at all. Will it upset the purists? What doesn't...:rolleyes:

    True! It will be all about sales with JL, the Defender as we know it is dead! Long live the Defender! :lol:

  9. Hello! has anyone had a run of "returned parts" due to them being of a poor nature? this is after buying,fitting,breaking,replacing,fitting,breaking.........you know the story and you may even know the well known company......my lips are closed! :closedeyes: tried OEM???? STILL LET ME DOWN :glare: not sure if it was a well known company make in a not so well known box :blink: anyway i was told due to the way things are just now there is alot of tiddle poor parts on the market! i thought this was always the case :hysterical:

  10. Waeco do a heated seat kit that some ebay sellers are selling specfically for defenders - mps trading comes to mind. I looked into it last year but never got round to it. The kit was selling at £80, so more than the link above, but possibly a better make. Dont know how the two would compare. Had a brief look earlier and there are some on there for about £50 this year. At least they would keep you warm.

    .....thanks 'Reb78' the heated seat kit looks alot better than the fan job! need to look into it more before i move south ;)

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