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  1. Thank you. I agree that this certainly doesn't look normal. The oil was otherwise okay and still had a golden colour. I must have a blocked breather as there was a hiss when I undid the filler plug before draining. This is a Salisbury type diff on my 110. I don't know what the internal differences are between that and the rear diff on a 90.
  2. I've drained the diff today. 6 months of use and a few thousand miles. There are flecks in the oil. There is no rumbling noise or whining. Do you think it is likely a bearing on its way out?
  3. monkie

    Does it matter?

    New glow plugs do make a world of difference. I went over to Beru after I got some cheap rubbish from Halfrauds. The difference was night and day.
  4. monkie

    Does it matter?

    If I remember right, the glowplugs in the pre Tdi diesels can't hit a piston if too long as they sit inside the swirl chamber rather than protrude from the face of the cylinder head. If they are a little too long, the tip that should glow the hottest on a good plug won't be sitting under the injector spray as intended making starting difficult. If they were really too long you wouldn't be able to tighten them up as they would just hit the otherside of the swirl chamber. I beleive Beru plugs to be best in my experience. Here are the correct dimensions for glow plugs for the Land Rover 2.5 NA Diesel/TD:
  5. I'd get some new tubing for your waste gate actuator while you are there. It looks a bit cracked.
  6. Is the noise you describe like a fast clicking? If so it could be the starter solenoid because not enough power to the starter. Put the battery on charge and check the connections as above including the nut on the starter positive terminal to ensure nothing is loose.
  7. I think the studs are in a different place on the 19J. I was thinking of putting a defender 200tdi inlet manifold on my 19J for intercooling but Ralph pointed out this problem.
  8. Turborebuild.co.uk responded. There are two types of chra used on the 19j T2 turbo either 452005 or 466842. The type used is given on the ID tag next to the oil feed fitting.
  9. monkie

    What Tyres

    Same for me too. Mine have been on for about 5 years and look hardly worn in.
  10. Thank you, I shall question this also.
  11. This is why I asked the question, from the link it seems the CHRA is common to both. I have asked them for confirmation.
  12. When I was running a 300tdi the same thing happened to me. I just put it down to bad luck as I had a puncture on my works car so went to take my 110 and saw a trail of red fluid as I rolled off the drive. I stayed at home that day
  13. Doh! Thanks for that link, I think I saw that Web page about 4 times and didnt scroll down
  14. I saw that too but it states it fits the defender 2.4 tdci. My 19J is 4 generations behind that engine. I don't think it is the right part.
  15. Darn it, I was hoping you had the 200 and the 300 mixed up, but I just checked it too and you're are absolutely correct. So, anyone know who can supply a CHRA for a T2 on a 19J?
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