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  1. A drain plug is no good to anyone if you can't get the filler plug undone. Plus if going to the trouble of making a new one, why not put a strong magnet in there? Oil is flung everywhere inside the box when running. Sounds like a great idea, I will be buying one when they are available.
  2. I completely agree, people do all sorts and don't even tell their insurance company let alone the DVLA. I just wanted to raise the question as a chassis change is so expensive and labour intensive.
  3. I don't know the specifics on this but want to raise the question of can you upgrade from a 200tdi chassis to a 300tdi chassis without informing DVLA? I always thought a new chassis should be a like for like replacement in terms of dimensions and things like engine mounts etc. I guess many people don't bother, but just wanted to ask before anyone spends alot of money.
  4. Just bought myself a couple of pairs. Thanks for reminding me to do it!
  5. Hi everyone, I normally inhabit the Defender forum.. A colleague of mine has a 2018 Discovery 5 that has covered 35k miles. He has had the car inspected by Land rover assist for a judder coming through the steering wheel and the outcome was warped discs. 2 questions: are there any other suspects? At just 35k miles could this be a warranty claim?
  6. I like just park, I didn't know they did this as I only use it for my work car and not registered for my 110. I think it would be useful if their emails said "Hi Phil, something has fallen off your Land Rover 110. You may wish to have a look underneath"
  7. I think I need to have a chat with you Richard when I've got mine sorted 👍
  8. From the land rover workshop manual for standard tuning
  9. Also, when you drain the radiator don't forget to also drain the block by undoing the block drain screw near the dipsick tube on the block. It holds quite a bit of additional liquid that otherwise would just be recirculated when you filled the system back up.
  10. Check the trace cable from the starter relay as Western says. If that checks out fine run a jump lead from the negative battery terminal to the engine block to bypass the earth. If that works then you have a faulty earth from the battery negative terminal.
  11. Ah right, I see. I had pictured the push rod just sat under the rocker arm, unlucky that it didn't just pop into place. As I understand it, the push rods are designed to go first to protect the valves and rocker. Good to hear its sorted.
  12. I'm not sure I understand how (assuming the timing was set correctly) that not having a pushrod seated correctly on a rocker arm did that damage. Surely it would just lift the rocker, just not fully. I've made this mistake before and the engine ran like a bag of spanners before I realised why. When I took the push rod out to check, it was not bent so I just reassembled and the engine ran fine.
  13. I just got a spare Lt230 that I am going to rebuild so it is ready for when I put in Ian's defender 200tdi with the R380 stumpy. I also need to sort out that Salisbury I got from Miketomcat before I have no more teeth left on the one that's currently on!
  14. Reassuringly expensive. If people will pay it, then why not?
  15. What's wrong with them? Is there a pattern or are they just in general bad condition? When were they last put through an MOT? You can look up a vehicle's MOT history going back a few years on the DVLA website. (I don't know if this applies to exported cars).
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