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  1. monkie

    OT - Seeking help!!

    Or even just replicate them the best you can using MS word or power point and print them off on a sticky label.
  2. monkie

    Bulkhead woes

    Stating the obvious here but it's important..... Always have a suitable fire extinguisher to hand when welding. I may have, ahem, caused a slight waxoyl fire in my chassis once when welding. Nothing a bit of CO2 didn't fix!
  3. monkie

    squeeling noise at high revs

    Take the belt off and run the engine briefly to see if the noise goes to rule out the belt, PAS pump, water pump and alternator.
  4. monkie

    Urgent NEW problem help please

    Can you wiggle the fip pulley a little by hand to loosen the pin?
  5. monkie

    Off topic - 2 stroke engines

    Wow, I didn't realise Land Rover made chainsaws 🤣
  6. monkie

    Dashboard Repair

    Thanks chaps. I had the whole dash apart about 6 years ago when I replaced the bulkhead, I can't remember what was involved with the top.
  7. monkie

    Off topic - 2 stroke engines

    I'm not sure how effective white spirit is but you can buy carb cleaner in an aerosol can which is good at dissolving the varnish and old petrol gum. I'm sure Halfords sell it, toolstation used to but had no stock in my local branch. I have to admit that I had the same bother and I got so fed up at having to investigate the carb on my old 2-stroke strimmer I went and got a battery strimmer.
  8. monkie

    Dashboard Repair

    That looks a very neat job Mudmonkey. I think you have all given me some ideas on what to look into.
  9. monkie

    Dashboard Repair

    Very interesting. Thank you. The end result looks great. I think some links would be helpful if you can find them.
  10. monkie

    Dashboard Repair

    Yes, this in an option I am looking at, but basically I'm being lazy and looking for some sort of acceptable fix to save me taking the dash apart.
  11. monkie

    Dashboard Repair

    I had wondered about this, but my worry is that I would make a crinkled mess of it! I found this on youtube, but I googled the products to do the repair and I think is an expensive way to do it. I think I will try the repair kit from Frost and see how that goes. If it looks a mess I will go hunting in the scrap yards for a new dash that is in better condition.
  12. monkie

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    It somehow doesn't look real to me. It looks more like a badly edited picture.
  13. monkie

    Dashboard Repair

    Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question Richard, but how and with what are you planning to cover it with? I think that would be neater than a patch repair of some sort.
  14. monkie

    Dashboard Repair

    I think you might be right but here is a picture of the damage. I would like to do better than just stick some black tape over it.
  15. monkie

    Windscreen wiper removal

    You don't have to be that destructive. When I did mine the grub screws got chewed up so I drilled them out. Next problem was that the spindle adapters were stuck on the spindle. I made some very careful cuts with an angle grinder in the adapters to allow me to take them off without damaging the spindle. It took some care and patience but managed to get it sorted without much expense.

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