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  1. Are you looking to weld a bracket to your chassis to accept the 300tdi mount or fabricate the mount that bolts to the block but forms a box round the oil filter? If the former then the link Western shared is for you. If however it is the latter then you need to make a box from 6mm plate to go round the oil filter and bolt to the block with a plate angled and drilled to accept the engine mount onto your chassis. Making a card or plywood mockup really helps to the dimensions, holes and angle right before you start cutting and welding 6mm plate.
  2. I know what you mean Richard, but I guess its only natural that people want to talk about it and have a view/vent frustration. I hope to add a little fact to this subject where I'm able to rather than opinion or political view.
  3. Again, please let me shed some light on the true situation regarding testing in hospital labs by removing any current politics. I work for one of the largest clinical diagnostics companies in the PCR section. The virus is detected (from swabs taken from the nose and throat) by PCR. Not all hospital labs are set up to do this specialist test. Let me assure you that the company I work for (and others) and NHS England have been putting additional capacity for this type of testing in place all throughout the summer as well additional biomedical scientist staff being retrained from other areas
  4. I'll take a picture in the morning for you
  5. I made my own spreader from heavy guage angle iron and threaded bar. I'll see how it goes.
  6. Thank you, that is a good suggestion. Now you say it, it sounds so obvious!!
  7. I rigged up a DIY spreader from some heavy angle iron and threaded bar. I understand that I should only be putting minimal force on the casing with a spreader to avoid damage. If prying out with bars, is it difficult to put back in?
  8. I'm looking for confirmation for the right part number for the propshafts on my 1988 LR 110 originally a CSW fitted with 19J engine and LT77 gear box, and HD springs on the rear. There seems a huge range of different part numbers out there. For the rear prop I think it might be FTC3245 For the front, FRC8390. Would be grateful for confirmation or correction please and recommendations of manufacturer. I'm thinking Hardy Spicer.
  9. Thank you for this Snagger. You are right, as I have never done any more with a diff than change the oil regularly I had been put off touching the Salisbury by the means you mention. I'm going to get my wire brush and welder out to sort out Mike's old axle.
  10. I'm moving it around with my engine hoist!
  11. I like this idea. I had written it off but now I'm starting to think down that line. I just don't want to spend money on a new crown wheel and pinion, bearings etc then hit a road block. How feasible is it to do in a home garage? Anyone refurbed one on here with success?
  12. That's interesting, I do fancy the challenge but was under the impression from what people has said on this forum previously that Salisbury diffs are a pig? It put me off.
  13. I'm turning my attention to the next big project to keep my 110 in reliable condition and I have made a list: failing gearbox - sorted by swapping my LT77 for an r380 stumpy (thanks to forum member ianmayco68) leaking transfer box - I'll probably get a refurbished box worn props - I'll get new replacements front axle and diff - no known issues, I replaced the CVs, bearing and swivel housings a couple of years back and all is fine. I will leave this alone. rear axle - it is failing with flecks of metal in the oil and now making funny noises like a bearing(s) are go
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