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  1. monkie

    Best engine

    This is why the true answer is subjective. What do you place most importance on? It's why I stick to a 19J (I'm not going to claim it is the best engine made though!), I don't use it as a daily driver, I don't care about it being not that fast. I want it to be original for a late 1980's Land Rover, the era I find nostalgic. Others will place importance on other things. I think it is the variety in Land Rovers that makes them so interesting.
  2. There are 2 configurations of the 200 tdi: The Defender version (turbo up high like the 2.5 TD) and the Discovery (Turbo low down like a 300 Tdi). Which do you have fitted?
  3. monkie

    Deep water

    I have a 19J and considered the intercooler but I wanted to keep the original look so I haven't fitted one. Piston damage occures from hot spots on the piston crown (one reason why an intercooler can help). One of the biggest causes of hot spots is irregular combustion that can arise from worn fuel injectors giving a poor spray pattern. If you haven't done so already, have your injectors reconditioned or exchange them for reconditioned injectors. Don't drive too mad and your pistons should be fine.
  4. monkie

    1988 110 2.5 Turbo Head Lights on/off

    This was a UK only requirement a number of years ago. Do as Western describes above and the problem should be resolved.
  5. monkie

    Best engine

    I would define best as an acceptable balance of power/torque, clean, efficient, smooth and reliable. The more reliable the engine is surely the less importance can be placed on maintenance (except basic service)? There will of course have to be compromise somewhere and I think that is where the subjectivity creeps in. Which engine fits all of that criteria best if it was marks out of 10 for each? I think a Tdi will score well but be let down on the marks for not being clean nor particularly smooth compared to later engines.
  6. monkie

    Best engine

    I have never driven a Tdci Defender, but I would hope that the latest engine should be the best. At least in theory anyway.
  7. monkie

    Hot fuse

    thanks for the additional pointers. I think the original spec says 15 Amp for the blower motor, I am reluctant to stick in a higher rated fuse from a safety point of view. I will address the poor connection first. I understand the logic behind the second hand fuses from a scrap yard and I my 110 has many parts sourced from my local LR scrap yard in Glastonbury BUT how do I know if the fuses I scavenge from a used vehicle are original and surely I must be able to buy good fuses from somewhere?
  8. monkie

    Hot fuse

    So far I have nothing to compare them with. I don't know who makes the fusesI have. They are packed in the said shop's own brand.
  9. monkie

    Hot fuse

    Thanks for this. I will get round to the re-wire at some point in 2019 as the electrical problems I am coming up against are getting more frequent. In the mean time I am going to solder in a new terminal as the old one is corroded and loose, I will also get some (of what I hope) better quality fuses from Autosparks.
  10. monkie

    Hot fuse

    Thanks both. I think it qualifies as all of the above. The fuse is certainly loose in the holder and I know previous owners have been chopping about with the wiring over the past 31 years, it is a cheap fuse from a well known national chain motoring (slowly turning into a camping) shop and yes there is corrosion. I think you have given me plenty to go on and accelerated once again my plans for the re-wire! Thanks
  11. monkie

    Hot fuse

    1988 110 standard condition - except the fuse holder looks to be a later type from 300 Tdi (blade fuses rather than the earlier glass cartridge type). The fuse to my heater fan has not blown however the plastic casing has obviously got hot and started to melt. My only thoughts are it could be caused by a bad connection to the fuse or it is rated too high (15 Amp currently fitted). There is no sign of burning or melting on the wires to the heater motor. Does anyone know what would cause this? It is the only fuse with this problem. I have replaced the fuse and all is working fine, but I don't want a fire!
  12. As Red90 says. Even though the coolant gauge may show the engine is at operating temperature, that doesn't necessarily mean the engine oil will be to temperature. Engine oil temperature lags quite alot behind coolant temperature.
  13. monkie

    Leaking Fluids Mystery

    One more suggestion for you to check. Have you been carrying anything in the back of the truck that could have spilt and found its way out? I once had diesel dripping on the floor from a similar area, it took me a lot of work to realise it wasn't the tank or fuel lines but a leaking can of diesel in the back.
  14. monkie

    Semi seized engine

    Is the cylinder head on? If so, I would remove it so you can see what is going on and inspect the bores.
  15. monkie

    Leaking Fluids Mystery

    I would expect Adblue to leave white crystals of urea everywhere making it quite easy to detect. Did the 2015 defenders use adblue?

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