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  1. I managed to assemble my new pistons onto the conrods in the kitchen whilst my wife and kids were playing a game at the table. They actually commented that it was nice I didn't disappear into my shed "as normal". Little do they know that this has now egged me on to prep the head and manifolds in the kitchen too as it's nice and warm in the kitchen with good lighting. Oh and the dishwasher is great for cleaning up engine parts
  2. If spraying inside your home, have the doors and windows open as a minimum precaution so you don't inhale too many fumes. I know this is a bit health and safety but they really aren't good for you and in an enclosed space they can really make you dizzy. I wear a mask when spraying to reduce my intake to a minimum.
  3. Sorry, I think it's me that has caused the confusion. Two separate issues here on this thread about the alternator as far as I can see. The OP's question was regarding the alignment which is clearly out with the alternator sitting further back in relation to the fan pulley. From the pictures by the OP, I think as well as the alignment issue the adjuster bracket used to set the belt tension is mounted incorrectly which may or may not result in difficulties tensioning the belt correctly when the alignment problem is solved. Best to correct that now to save some trouble later on when the alignment is corrected.
  4. Okay, here is a picture of a Defender 200tdi from Glen Coyne's website (glencoyne.co.uk) . You can still see the alternator adjustment bracket is at the diagonal rather than horizontal.
  5. This is actually Western's picture I found on a search (hope you don't mind Ralph?). It shows the correct position of the adjusting bracket for the alternator as I was trying to describe above.
  6. I also think your adjuster isn't mounted correctly. On your picture it looks like it is almost horizontal. On my 19J (and I'm sure the defender spec 200tdi is the same), the adjuster is mounted to the timing cover plate lower so that it points upwards towards the alternator at about a 2 o'clock position. Someone may have a picture to help you.
  7. Maybe it's a special "parking assist" feature fitted to those vehicles
  8. This could be a slippery slope to a full rebuild. I assume that the engine has been fully serviced, valve clearances checked and adjusted as required, timing has been checked and the hoses from the turbo, intercooler and manifold are in good condition?
  9. That's a very good point. Pack plenty of rags at the bottom of the bore over the crank.
  10. monkie

    Piston broke

    No, it got nice and warm within a mile or two. The injectors spray fuel directly into the swirl chamber so shouldn't be penetrating through to the piston... I hope.
  11. monkie

    Piston broke

    I'm not aware of different types of nozzle for the 19J. I've got a late type (1990). The more I think about this the more I blame the pistons being made of substandard stuff that can't take the heat. The hot spots aren't damaged, the injector nozzles themselves didn't look damaged on the surface and I don't think it's the oil jets on the underside. I'm going to replace the pistons, put my recon turbo on (Richard's old turbo with new chra), get the injectors tested and then put it all back together. If I can be bothered I might take the head off in 12 months to see how the pistons are coping.
  12. monkie

    Piston broke

    They are the original ones but I got them refurbed by a diesel specialist near Reading I think whilst I was working that way. I'm away in Germany at the moment so can't pop out and look at them but I didn't notice anything obvious visually. I'm not going to fiddle with them, I'll speak with diesel bob first and possibly send them and the pump to him
  13. monkie

    Piston broke

    Thank you, that is very kind of you. I might look into how much a courier would be.
  14. monkie

    Piston broke

    They weren't blue box but I am now highly suspicious of them. I will get them checked. I think the first port of call will be diesel Bob as a few people on here have recommended him.
  15. monkie

    Piston broke

    Thanks Richard. I'm going to do as Bowie says and then start saving up!
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