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  1. I'd agree with that. Also a dodgy installation of even a premium product could all end in a disaster!
  2. This maybe quite ignorant of me and I am willing to accept my knowledge of diesel fired heaters is in it's infancy - the words "Chinese" and "heat" put together in this context make me think 😬....... ....sorry but I can't help it!πŸ€ͺ
  3. Could it be down to the extra work the engine is doing to lug around the extra 20 inches of wheel base?
  4. Personally, I think you will be amazed at the difference you can make by just spending a little money on some new coolant and then just ensuring everything works properly by making a few adjustments here and there until it works as designed. No need at this stage to be buying heaters of any variety until you know what you have already works properly.
  5. I'm quite amazed at some of the comments about their Defender not warming up even on a short drive. I have a 19J and don't drive it hard. My cooling system is thoroughy clean throughout, heater controls properly adjusted and there is only a gentle breeze when I drive rather than a gale through all of the gaps. As soon as I have left my village (about 2/3 of a mile) I am starting to get warm air. By the time I have covered 2 miles I have to turn the fan down to position 1 as I'm starting to get too warm even on a frosty morning. If you spend some time ensuring the matrix and the rest of the cooling system are as clean as possible internally, thermostat is working as it should and then all of the controls are moving correctly I don't think you should have a cold cab after even a short drive. Afterall, most of your fuel is being converted into waste heat
  6. Just seen a 2nd hand puma door on ebay which will also come with the original latch. Got to be worth a punt. Problem is that it is in the North West. I may checkout the feasibility of a forum relay
  7. Thank you both. This is causing me a lot of frustration. @oneandtwo I think all of the above applies. There must be cracks, the strikers are worn, I have cheap door seals. I will look out for some genuine latches on ebay and some 2005 doors as mine are well battered. Really appreciate the advice πŸ‘
  8. Yes they can. Head off, sump off. Remove the big end cap and push the piston from underneath up and out. These are nice easy engines to work on. If you can be with out the vehicle for a couple of weeks then a rebuild will be fun and worthwhile.
  9. I don't know what it would do to a battery long term but they are not designed to do this. If you only do short journies you will be having to charge it up regularly from a mains powered charger. I have 3 alternative ideas for consideration: (1) fit a lesuire battery with split charge system to power your 12v heater and you don't run the risk of draining the main starter battery leaving you stranded. (2) If parked on a drive in reach of a mains Power Point (hopefully you are as you are going to have to plug a charger in regularly for plan A) , put a mains powered heater in the vehicle and turn it on 10 minutes before you leave. (3) look into fitting a diesel powered heater like a Webasto or similar.
  10. I've been driving around with gappy doors for ages, but now it's cold and wet I've made a few adjustments and typical land rover, solved one problem but created a new one. No gaps in my doors, but the doors won't open reliably from either inside or out. I've been adjusted the striker plates but found I either have gaps or doors that won't open properly. My question: is this simply an issue of adjustment and I've got to persiver or is this because my door latches were supplied in a blue box and I need to get the credit card out for a set of genuine latches?
  11. As others have said get an engine stand, it's much safer and easier. I got mine off ebay for just a tenner. I made a sturdy bench for working the head etc and covered it with 3mm sheet steel for about Β£25 and maybe Β£15 for the timber.
  12. Oh, just remembered.. Wasn't a land rover but was a diesel cement mixer I got running again. Trapped in the sludge was a load of dead insects kind of mummified in the oil. A ladybird was particularly well preserved!
  13. I've found this to be a problem on any car I've had even brand new ones if parked under trees. Always worth keeping the drains clear.
  14. πŸ‘†What lo-fi says. Take the head off and inspect bores, head and piston crowns very carefully. Have a good look at the head gasket too before you discard it. Best case is a new head gasket (get a good one like Elring). Even if you need to replace a set of pistons its not the end of the world. Just take care to make measurements and observations as you go. What is the oil consumption like?
  15. I can report I had a mildew free sump 😁
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