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  1. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Now you've said it, I think it was the Daily Mail where I read about the wood burners!
  2. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    We've been good at digging very big holes in the earth for a long time then leaving behind a right old mess. Just watch the scene at the end of Get Carter where Michael Caine kills that bloke after the chase and you'll be reminded that we used to dig up stuff out of a coal mine which was full of God know's what toxic materials then dump it straight into the sea and that was not that long ago in the UK! Everything has to be considered - Gathering the raw materials, processing them, production of the battery, transport (often right round the world, before use then again after use), recycling/disposal once their useful life is over. And not just the batteries but also other exotic materials for the motors for example. I found a paper published last year about the effects of recycling Li-ion batteries (not just cars but phones, laptops, tablets etc) and its not just the materials inside the battery; what about the plastics used for the casing, dump it in landfill, burn it? Somethings aren't as bad as you'd think, other's might be far worse. On balance we don't really know - for me, that is the scary part. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305693870_The_Environmental_Impacts_of_Recycling_Portable_Lithium-Ion_Batteries
  3. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Right on cue, look what is in the news this morning...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46823729
  4. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    I agree with that 100% - its happening before our eyes at quite a pace. It seems to me that it is almost distracting politicians from earlier agreements to do with carbon emissions. There has already been suggestion to address the air quality issue has resulted in a larger carbon output for 2018.
  5. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    I do agree, and I understand that they are trialling just this in at least Australia and California on a scale much bigger than anywhere previously done to my knowledge. Ignoring the carbon or green issue for a minute and assuming there is nothing game changing in battery technology within the next decade: I don't think batteries will do anything to cheapen power supply. Much the opposite! There are already papers being published on the cost and effectiveness of the Californian project that I am following. I think any conversation about generation capacity is inextricably linked to carbon as it is shaping how we think about and do things. If it weren't for carbon I doubt we'd be having this conversation at all about electric vehicles and capacity in the grid. We would all be driving petrol cars and most powerstations would be coal or oil.
  6. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Both go hand in hand. The relationship between our carbon output and effect on climate change is not a matter of belief or opinion to the majority of the scientific world. The guy in that talk in that link does mention the attempt to manage demand from wind/solar but these efforts only really tinker around the edges in the grand scheme and just serve to confuse the engery mix further. So, unmanageble? I agree, probably not. Effective? Not very due to the relatively low energy density which brings us back to batteries in cars again.
  7. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Our big problem is that we can't stop burning stuff. Even at night when there is lowest demand we are still burning a lot of carbon, more than just keeping plants ticking over. It would be good if nuclear could take up much much more of that base load. As it stands, if there was an extra demand placed on the grid through electric cars for example; you are right that most of the time we have more than enough capacity to easily cope, but at times we simply don't. And when we don't we have to fire up coal stations to fill the gap. When that happens the carbon credentials of electric cars really start to drop dramatically. This is an excellent 14 minute TED talk by Michael Shellenberger on the issues of power production, worth listening to (I think I have posted a link to this before). He cites an interesting study on battery storage with some surprising figures.
  8. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    This is a good site if you want to see current demand for electricity in almost real time. We have a massive problem - we just can't stop burning stuff even at night. Arguably made worse by wind and solar. I don't charge my company car at home as I won't pay for a charging point to monitor my use and the company pay a fixed rate for electricity rather than what I am billed for by my supplier. The technology is moving on, but I think we have a long way to go.
  9. This is the odd thing, I thought exactly that but it does seem to work. I think there is more none sense in the main loom. But I do want to try and source the correct resistor but I haven't found one yet. My engine starts and stops when it should and everything else appears to be working fine.
  10. Thank you. There weren't that many wires in the engine loom. The time consuming part was taking measurements from the old loom without getting filthy. My original one also had a lot of cracked insulation, worn out terminals and odd bits spliced in, so I thought it was time for a new one, it made it to 30 years though.
  11. An update. I have solved the problem and fitted a new engine wiring loom that I made. The issue was with the resistor. With the resistor in place the engine continues to run with the key removed. With the resistor removed the engine stops. I can only assume the resistor is allowing too much flow back into the stop solenoid circuit from the alternator keeping the solenoid open. I have not sourced a new resistor of the correct type (I understand it to be a 5W 100 Ohm metal film resistor), but instead I have replaced the resistor with a diode. (Many thanks to both Western and Puffernutter for kindly posting me some diodes). Secondly the engine wiring loom was in bad condition. I purchased new wires of correct colour code, tape, terminals and wrap from Autosparks. I am pleased with the result which cost me half of the price for an off the shelf item. Thank you to all who gave input to this thread and help in getting this frustrating problem sorted out, once again proving what a great forum this is. Here is my DIY wiring loom I made (I cut the terminal block off the old loom and soldered it onto the new one after this picture was taken)
  12. monkie

    The new Defender is now pointless

    I couldn't agree more based on recent experience. I changed my company car to a Mitsubish Outlander PHEV (okay, it also has a petrol engine in it) purely to lower my tax code. The claims about this car were amazing, reality is exactly as described by FridgeFreezer. You hardly get any real range on all electric, it costs quite a bit to plug it in for just 25 miles range, takes ages to charge up but no time at all to drain. I would not buy one untill battery technology significantly improves.
  13. monkie

    Defender engine number location ?

    The engine number is the best identifier, but if you were just going by pictures in an advert for example for a land rover diesel engine pre Td5 vintage in a 90/110/Defender... No turbo = 12J 2.5NA High mounted turbo straight into engine, no intercooler = 19J 2.5DT A turbo with intercooler = one of 4 versions of Tdi .... Defender 200 Tdi has high mounted turbo (like 19J) and an intercooler, and has at least 2 belts, one for PAS and the other for the water pump. ... Discovery 200 Tdi (like yours) has low mounted turbo, intercooler and belts as above ....Defender 300Tdi has low mounted turbo, intercooler, single serpentine belt and cylindrical air filter on the injector pump side of engine. ....Discovery 300Tdi is as Defender 300Tdi except it has a square air filter on the manifold side of engine.
  14. monkie

    Dreaded Electrics

    What do you get at the connection from the battery positive to the starter motor terminal?
  15. A Google search has suggested that it may be 5W 100 Ohm metal film resistor. I measured 92.4 Ohm to be exact. No idea if this is near enough or if it is not working as it should be.

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