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  1. This is by very nature a sensitive subject so I think it is important to prefix this post by saying each death is not trivial and nearly always a grieving family and friends are left behind; I am mindful that over the coming months someone reading may well have lost a loved one due to coronavirus or other cause. I don't mean any analysis, fact or opinion to come across as callous or crass; my aim is to try and reduce any anxiety in anyone troubled by the ever increasing reported death toll due specifically to this epidemic. Daily reports of X hundred more people having tested positive and then said to have died is enough to unsettle most, particularly if you see the news just before going to bed. As I understand the facts so far, someone suffering with a serious illness and/or who is at a great age and therefore statistically is very unlikely to see 2021 will be a in far greater danger from coronavirus than someone not in their position. For the sake of our hospitals however, we need to spread this number out as much as we can rather than have it all at once in a sudden, unpredicted surge and overwhelm our system which then really would put people in grave danger who otherwise need not be put at risk.
  2. Well here we go. It's nice to see it in official print on the BBC explaining a little more eloquently than I perhaps managed to but still similar to my thoughts I posted on this thread earlier in the week on the coronavirus death toll. Warning, read with caution if you are aged 80+. You've been warned!! Stay safe all.
  3. Yeh, I don't think I'd be good at working in an office with "normal" people. I'd soon be put in a room on my own! Oh hang on, that's already happened - they gave me a company car and told me I can't use my mobile phone when I'm in it
  4. My job is a mix of going out and about to hospital labs to visit customers (always viewed that as the fun part of my job) and then working from home catching up on paperwork, filling in tender responses etc. I have to admit it has always irritated me that many of my neighbours have made sarcastic comments about me "working from home again" if I pop out to the shop at lunchtime or go to post a letter as if I'm just sat indoors watching TV or playing computer games. They don't see that I started work before many people would have got to the office and if I have a deadline to meet I can continue work when they would have left the office. Maybe now people will realise it can actually be quite productive working from home with no twice daily commute to and from the office as well as less sick days because you aren't catching and spreading other people's colds added to the fact you might still be able to work from home if you feel under the weather a bit where otherwise you might not have bothered to go into the office because you can't face sitting in traffic or sitting in a room with a person you don't really like very much.
  5. I would do exactly as above to get the oil circulating, but before hand always very wise to perform some basic visual checks of oil and coolant before you attempt to put a new battery on and crank it over. If you are putting it back into regular use I would take it for a drive of varied driving to get the oil hot and then give it a service of changing the oil and filters as a minimum requirement.
  6. The one thing I hope this experience teaches a number of people is to not take things for granted that have been in the past. I'm probably hoping for too much there.
  7. There are many pathologies for this and as you say studies are of course ongoing. However the virus is causing viral pneumonia in a portion of infected people. Those who are immunocompromised get overwhelmed by the infection. I thought the discussion as a whole was coronavirus whether that be the pathology of the disease or the impacts such as people's business or work.
  8. Agreed, with the assumption that your immune system is functioning well. If not, you won't kill the virus - it will kill you!
  9. The danger with TB is the Multi-drug resistant strains or even the extensively drug resistant strains. I am told by a customer of mine in one of the TB reference labs that they detect the drug resistant strains often in a patient who is from overseas maybe visiting a relative. They then try to get in contact with the person but are unable to as they have left the country and can't be traced - of course taking their drug resistant strain of TB with them and not taking a suitable regime of treatment for the strain of TB identified, probably spreading it to other people. There are now totally drug resistant strains of TB - that is scary stuff in my view.
  10. With respect to the diagnostic testing; I have never known of several different diagnostic companies (Abbott, Roche, Altona, Bio-Rad...) develop, get FDA (emergency) approval, CE-marking and production ramped up to full scale in just a matter of weeks. I've no idea where we are interms of a vaccine. I haven't heard of a vaccine for any types of coronavirus so it might be a little more involved as we do have tests for the different strains of coronavirus, but I am not in a position to say for sure about a vaccine.
  11. Precisely. Spanish Flu after the 1st World war seemed to kill younger fitter people (maybe they were more exposed to it as soldiers travelled?) hence the death toll was high. Covid 19 seems to be getting the elderly and the ill. I don't want to sound callous, but people that sadly would likely to have died in 2020 irrespective.
  12. To give a little credibility to this post, although I'm not a virologist, I do speak to them regularly in my work and of course the topic of choice right now is this very subject. I'm working in the diagnostics business providing one of the RT-PCR tests and equipment (Google m2000sp/rt if you're interested) to diagnose this strain of coronavirus in hospital labs. Although there are speculations, unfortunately at the moment we do not know for sure how fast this particular coronavirus mutates or how long immunity to it will last. Generally speaking warmer and dryer weather helps lessen the effects of respiratory infections, but again this can't be guaranteed as we just don't know with this novel strain. My biggest worry about everyone out there is not illness from the virus itself but the effect of anxiety in many people as the amount of ever increasing deaths are being announced daily. If anxious about the increasing deaths, this thought helps me in a strangely odd way: If you look up UK death rate, we have about 500,000 people die in a year from old age, illness, accidents etc. This means that on average, just under 1400 people a day die in the UK anyway. As more and more people are infected with Covid 19 and test positive, then of course more of the 1400 deaths a day will also be positive for coronavirus and can then be reported in the news as a death after testing positive. This does skew the meaning a bit in my opinion. I wonder how many of the people dieing who are also tested positive for Covid 19 would have died regardless during 2020 of something else such as heart disease for example? The only way we can say with any certainty is see how many more than the expected 500,000 deaths there are in the UK in 2020. There have been suggestions that Covid 19 will have little effect on this number.
  13. Interesting thread Ralph. I think the cause is clear: It watched the engine get rebuilt and wanted some of the attention. I hope the gearbox doesn't get an ideas
  14. It's all down to personal preference, I hate it that I'm now effectively forced to have a petrol car for work, but that's a rant for another day. I'm a fan of the 19J (when they aren't melting pistons and cracking heads) as they are smooth and don't have that clatter of a tdi plus they have that original Land Rover look to me. That said Lo-fi is absolutely correct with the suggested modifications to help a 19jI have a 200 tdi radiator and intercooler to fit. I will follow the route of the 200tdi regards intercooling. I have also lowered the boost pressure as I'm not bothered about performance. When I get round to it, I'll post a thread on here with pictures of fitting an intercooler to a 19j as it seems to be a common enquiry.
  15. It looks like from your pictures as if your pistons are melted rather than cracked. Clean and inspect the head very closely. They tend to crack between the valves and from a valve seat to the swirl chamber. Here is a picture of one of my pistons I replaced recently. Gasses were getting past it as the rings had started to gum up
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