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  1. My understanding of an intercooler is that cooling the air makes it denser and therefore more air available for burning more fuel. It's often talked about (particularly in terms of the 19J engine) of the thermal stress on piston crowns being reduced with an intercooler. I have tried to look this up in engineering journals and can find no published evidence of this. Can anyone point to anything that is published in an engineering journal?
  2. Almost certainly looks like a discovery 200Tdi unit with no intercooler but defender high mounted turbo and manifolds. A defender 200Tdi has a slightly different timing case with a different injection pump position. A 300Tdi has a low mounted turbo and a single serpentine belt to drive the coolant pump, pas pump and alternator. A 19J is indirect injection and has a totally different looking rocker cover as the giveaway between it and a Defender spec 200tdi. If you look at land rover engines on Wikipedia it gives pictures of the different engines and you will see this is definitely not a 19J.
  3. Also to add, I would hold some of your budget back for upgrades/work that may be required over the next couple of years. A set of new tyres for example don't come cheap. P.S I like that your name identifies you as fan of Viz magazine.
  4. First rule of owning a Defender... Never add up what you have spent on them over the years, it will scare you
  5. Don't get me wrong, I completely accept man made climate change the evidence is overwhelming. As for covid, go and talk to those mourning the loss of loved ones or doctors and nurses who are working tirelessly to help those suffering: you can talk to my wife who is a nurse if you like. I do however really dislike the blunt tool of simply banning things rather than persuasion through rational debate. That said I feel many of the problems most of us now find ourselves in is when logic and expert opinion are shouted down and dismissed. It's when we stop listening to expert opinion, allowing
  6. I see it as a ban as they are making it impractical to drive a diesel in some cities. Kind of like with company cars. You can get a diesel if you really want to but you will be forced to pay alot of tax. I ended up a few years ago getting a mitsubishi outlander phev because of favourable benefit in kind tax. A great car of you do local trips or city driving but it drove me bonkers having to fill the damn thing up all the time to the point I really hated the car.
  7. It really annoys me just how they just ban things. I'm going to be driving a diesel as long as physically possible. I have also stock piled several tonnes of house coal before that gets banned too.
  8. The fuse rating on the circuit might also help you. The 1mm2 takes just over 8amp and the 2mm2 wire is rated to 17amp. The piddly little wires to the instrument lights on the dash are about 5amp wire 0.65mm2
  9. I got my wires from Autosparks. The "normal" wires are 1mm2, the thicker ones for the headlights for example or 2mm2 and the beefy 60amp stuff is 8.50mm2.
  10. This is top quality work, my eyes are drawn to the large blue wire on top of the engine. I think one is going to cause you a bit of trouble
  11. Don't worry about that. The more information the better, it's all a learning process as far as I'm concerned. I have taken inspiration from how you and other people have done things, I don't want to be reinventing the wheel.
  12. That has been going through my mind as soon as I started to chop up my old loom! I have added a few mods to mine like upgrading to modern connectors, relays for the headlights, better earthing for each corner and glow plug relay. Also indid a little more on it today with a fresh mind. I sorted out the parts that were bugging me yesterday and it's really taking shape. I think I spent too long on it yesterday.
  13. I'll second that. When a 19J fires up and idles, it is actually quite smooth compared the the clatter of a cold Tdi. I like the 19J, you just have to look after them well. I rebuilt mine a few years ago but I have to be honest and admit it has not been trouble free. I plan to do more longer trips in my 110 so for increased reliability and improved economy/performance I will be fitting a Defender 200Tdi with R380 stumpy once my 11 has functioning electricals again.
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