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  1. Security locks

    It used to be like that here but we seem to have allowed 'the wrong sort' to move into the village. I have a feeling they will be leaving soon though ;-) Will :-)
  2. Security locks

    After some scumbag stole my £13 Chinese radio from my 110 last night I have found myself pondering door locks. Obviously the standard fayre is laughable (my key opened over 50% of the other defenders outside our local one night). I have seen a few Expedition Defenders fitted with deadlocks, has anyone done this and what did you use? Will :-)
  3. Newbury Sortout

    I was hoping to but late paying clients, imminent trip to the Alps and the sea looking like its giving us an opportunity to relaunch our lovely Lugger have put pay to that. :-/ Shame because I could really do with a new radiator, intercooler and to restock on service stuff like filters. Will :-)
  4. ICE thoughts

    I went for a £14 Chinese Bluetooth radio in the end. Supposed to be 4x60w output, no idea if it is. The sound is fairly shocking to be honest and its already blown one of my front Maystar pod speakers, they have been in the 110 since just after I bought it 17years ago so I can't complain really. At least the hands free bit seems to work. Will :-)
  5. Petrol engine conversion

    Any excuse, you'll be sacrificing virgins to appease the God that created the 200tdi engine before long in the hope he restarts production. Anyway, back on track, I've just looked at the torque curve for my 1.5Mini Cooper....ummm, I wonder what a tuned Cooper S Works engine would sound like in my 110?... :-) Will
  6. One To One

    He came and did a talk at a place I designed a few years ago, jolly interesting tale the Darien Gap Adventure :-) I was driving a 2 door Range Rover back then and kicked myself I didn't get a photo of him in it or got him the sign the car somewhere. Will
  7. Little bit of input please

    Like most of us I haven't bought a mag for years. Reasons for not buying them now: Writers are lazy and lacking in knowledge and passion. I have no interest in 'ultimate challenge 90s' I don't give a tinkers cus about buyers guides to torque wrenches I don't give a tinkers cus about classic LR price guides I don't want to read 15 pages of Insurance Company adverts The advertisers are lazy and never change their adverts, if I was paying for 4 pages I'd use those pages to draw people into feeling they were part of my company. Overland articles rarely give an insight to the vehicle prep. Things I would like to see: More about the people, LR folks are often fascinating people. Les bling, more patina Tips and tricks that are actually useful, such as upgrading an Alternator using a Mondeo one. Will :-)
  8. P38 - BMW M57 Engine swap

    I might just flog it if everyone is so desperate for manual gearboxes ;-) Will :-)
  9. P38 - BMW M57 Engine swap

    Thanks, I hadn't come across that I'll have a look. Yep mine is a Manual so halfway there would be good. Will :-)
  10. P38 - BMW M57 Engine swap

    So now my 110 is virtually done the P38 can come off the road. Its on 190,000miles now and I'm beginning to think that its immaculate service history may be a work of fiction as it has already done its head gasket once and I think its doing it again as the water is a bit oily again. The obvious thing to do would be to scrap it and run but I'm rather fond of the old bus and its lovely HSE leather armchairs; its flown throw the last 2 MOTs with no sign of next year being any different so what the hell I reckon it deserves another chance. I have heard tales of M57 engines being fitted into P38s but I'm beggared if I can find much online about it online other than this link to a potential wiring loom to enable it to work http://www.rallyraid.co.uk/shop/proddetail.php?prod=EL_1059 I may have a couple of sources of cheap M57 engine on the horizon, anyway they seem cheap enough on ebay if you buy them still wrapped in the car they came in and flog off the bits you don't need. Couple that with the money re-couped from stripping my M51 engine of its good bits and it all seems rather easiy...ish on the wallet. So Range Rover fans, has anyone here done this conversion or know anyone who has? Can you point me towards a blog or article on doing it? Can you send the men in white coats around to cart me off? Will :-)
  11. Tyre recommendations

    I've been using 255/85x16 BFG MTs since God was a boy, I have never had a puncture and the wear rate is laughable, the current ones are perishing and still have 10mm left, I fact I am the third owner of these ones! Will :-)
  12. T-Max Compressor - Any good?

    One bit of T-Max advice. Don't lend it to anyone ;-) Will (once owner of w T-Max compressor)
  13. ICE thoughts

    Because that is what us folk do isn't it? Will :-)
  14. ICE thoughts

    yeah but I don't have a dashboard to fit it to now :-) Oh and I have got some sound insulation now, its not actually in the car yet but I do have some ;-) W
  15. ICE thoughts

    oo hang on, Marine stuff looks to do the trick, anyone use any of these? GaugeyWirelessDoofa ShineyAmpyDoofa Will :-)