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  1. I saw that, what an underwhelming unveil for such a widely awaited car. I'd have lined the model range up outside Buckingham Palace or somewhere else iconic overnight and just waited for the media to go bonkers, better still use The Rugby World Cup to launch them. Will 🙂
  2. Learnt to drive in: Austin Princess Renault 16TS Mini Mini Van Since I have had a license: not in order and sure I have missed several 'cause my brains been ruinned by cider. 1977 Allegro 1980 Mk 2 Escort Estate 1980 Fiesta 1100 1981 Fiesta 1100 Mini 1380 Renault 5 Gordini Mini Countryman Golf TS Fiat x1/9 Golf Gti mk1 MG Maestro Mini Van Golf Gti mk2 ( I blew the tuned engine on this resulting in me buying a Series 3 to get to work that day and the rest is history, see LRs below) Vauxhaul Cav
  3. doesn't look critical and Turners have a good reputation from what I've seen over the years. I'd send them the pictures, hopefully they'll revisit their packaging methods and/or hand out a clip round the lug'ole for the yoof that wrapped it up. Will 🙂
  4. Very tempted to dash up, I need a few bits and bobs for the 110 🙂 It'd be good to catch up with a few old faces too Will 🙂
  5. I took mine in for MOT the Thursday before Good Friday. Got it back on the road today! it needed a swivel adjusting ,one bush doing and a couple of electrickery niggles. The Garage were busy and I made the mistake of saying 'no hurry'... :-o Will :-) PS: sorry to here of the domestic troubles Nige, chin up old chap...
  6. Never using Adrian Flux again after they quoted me 'the best possible price I'd get' 'as a valued existing customer on my sons 50cc moped. I did an online comparison search after and they were the 2nd cheapest at £300 less than they quoted me over the phone. Yes I did phone them and write to them telling them what I thought about that. :-) Sureterm came up with the goods in the end, £150 so the 110 is back on the road :-) Will
  7. Sureterm have quoted £150 with no business use. Bloody madness this insurance lark. What difference does it make if I am driving to a job or driving to the shops? Surely 5000miles a year is 5000miles a year, where I am going has no bearing on it does it? Will :-/
  8. Eeeek, I'm running into Insurance issues! My 110 is my main vehicle, so far I've tried: Heritage - Can't Insure modified LRs as Main Vehicles anymore Admiral - Won't touch Roll Caged vehicles NFU - Haven't got back to me yet... Adrian Flux - Never using them again after they took the Pi55 over my sons moped insurance. Who else uses their Modified Defender as main vehicle and who do you use? Will :-)
  9. Seriously Bish, forget D2s, I have seen too many fall to bits structurally, they rot from the inside too so they look fine one minute and are shot full of holes the following morning with no warning. I do love P38s, both mine have been troublesome to the point of being annoying. They are brilliant but it'll let you down far too much. My advice? find a really smart D1 V8, you'll never lose a bean on it now unless you go daft and roll it. Will :-)
  10. Looks good Arjan, we must catch up sometime :-) Will
  11. It used to be like that here but we seem to have allowed 'the wrong sort' to move into the village. I have a feeling they will be leaving soon though ;-) Will :-)
  12. After some scumbag stole my £13 Chinese radio from my 110 last night I have found myself pondering door locks. Obviously the standard fayre is laughable (my key opened over 50% of the other defenders outside our local one night). I have seen a few Expedition Defenders fitted with deadlocks, has anyone done this and what did you use? Will :-)
  13. I was hoping to but late paying clients, imminent trip to the Alps and the sea looking like its giving us an opportunity to relaunch our lovely Lugger have put pay to that. :-/ Shame because I could really do with a new radiator, intercooler and to restock on service stuff like filters. Will :-)
  14. I went for a £14 Chinese Bluetooth radio in the end. Supposed to be 4x60w output, no idea if it is. The sound is fairly shocking to be honest and its already blown one of my front Maystar pod speakers, they have been in the 110 since just after I bought it 17years ago so I can't complain really. At least the hands free bit seems to work. Will :-)
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