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  1. thanks for the replys guys thanks Tanuki ur reply sound about right but wastegate all free i can drive about 2 miles all ok, then starts too judder like it cutting the boost in and out, and then its just flat like its in a derate mod/limp its also been doing well over 500 miles to a tank on hard work/speeding etc but flat out at 80mph (due too nomore go ) could be the map sensor been faulty stopping the boost and the engine aaarrrr ? !! unless the waste gate sticking when warmed up !!!!
  2. i have a td5 disco with a few problems most fixed buy by the good people help on hear !! now i have a new problem with no codes and no fault light the engine starts fine and runs sweet revs well but after about a mile or 2 its starts too loose power it seems like the turbo is cutting in and out until theres no boost left ive swaped the air flow meter and fitted a new injection loom this was bad !!! also cleaned the sensor on the inlet manifold but still no beter also remove the fuel pump but this was clean any ifor would be helpful even if its some thing i've missed or mite of done w
  3. Thanks for the replys RED winches do have a 2 years warranty unless u ram a tree or something Im going too look into the prices for Hyd set up but heard they were pricey Twin motor gigglepins are around 2k at the mo that y I looked at new hornet at 2.5 k Plus already got std sort of winch on my other truck that I use for laning and play days just wanted more speed for events
  4. Had the old one But seen any for years !!
  5. Hi I want too start in a winch challenges Going buy a new winch ! But which one Already got a goodwinch and a superwinch fitted with xp motor for the middle and back for now! But what for the front ! Looked at the new hornet from redwinches comes with 2 bow 2s etc or Gigglepin gp83 or gp84 Please have ur say ???
  6. fixxxxxxed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more than happppy !!!!!! thanks sierrafery for the great replys this was spot on also great use of pics ! after fixed i had too start and stop and open and lock the disco a few times then spot on cheers everybody for the replys but now the nexted problem.... central locking doesn't work ,anybody no why it doesnt lock with the key fob fobs been tested and check out ok all door lock with the key in the lock but not with the buttons on the key could this be a quick fix too
  7. great post cheers i check this tomorrow , but the lights dont work at all unless u turn the switch to on ???? but not with opening the doors or after locking or unlocking it has the normal problem of blocked sunroof tubes
  8. sorry alarm works but not on the key fob no beeps when locking also whats SLS ?
  9. its all of the doors ive replaced the unit in l/h front door due to it wouldnt lock or unlock thats ok now but still no inside lights or locking on the key fob
  10. Does anybody have cheap way of replacing front wheel bearing without buying the complete hub with sensor at about 175quid any help would be very greatful cheers smithy
  11. My inside roof light doesnt work when u open the doors but works when u turn it on manualy any body know out about these? Cheers smithy
  12. thanks for the replys tryied camel club but cant seen too get joined up or messaged back cheers
  13. hi there my friends got an old camel trophy discovery import this was from dubai got all the sand kit on, it and all the usual toys its 3.9 v8 efi 96 or 98 cant remenber this has never been on the uk roads only when driven home from dubai then sat in a barn until now it done 100k and has got the import papers this disco was his dads and doesnt know want 2 do with it now does any body know how too get it uk reg and and wot its worth hope somebody can help with this !!!!!!! cheers
  14. i use a trans/hyd oil in my trans box and axles i also use rtv silcone on both side of the felt washer as they are carp and ive done lots of these seals you can tell if its the felt washer by if there is oil around the nut inside the flange its the felt washer... if its dripping under the flange its the seal (hope am not telling you how too suck eggs but ) but make sure you install the main seal the correct measurement in or it can be damaged by the flange hope this helps........... Smithy
  15. hi there, nice vid's, can u help me on some lanes around the lakes, please pm me also the camera work is awsome where did u get the camera and mount from its mint cheers smithy
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