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  1. If they have the correct number of teeth the resistance of the sensors must be checked with multimeter all around... if it's between 950 - 1100 ohm the system will pass the self test but if one or two are at the top end and others at the lowest the TC is mixed up, it's very sensitive so the resistances of the sensors should be as close as possible to each other but they vary within that accepted range according to manufacturers.
  2. Yes, remove the sensor from it's hole, mark one tooth then you can turn and count the teeth through the hole by rotating the hub
  3. Hi, if cheap hub was fitted prior of this erratic TC behaviour it's very possible to have the wrong number of teeth on the reluctor ring(55 instead of 60) so there are different inputs at the same wheel speed hence the TC kicks in considering it wheel slip... quite common
  4. You have to undo the wires coming out from the SVS switch pack and measure resistance as i explained... i dont know what you mean with pn 9/ red wire which has nothing to do with SVS while one wire of the SVS must go to earth and the other to the yellow/green wire pin 6 which goes to the ECU... somrbody didnt get this thing well that's your problem IMO
  5. Was the SVS switch pack replaced too or just rewired? anyway you'll have to measure resistance across the two wires coming out of it and you should get around 3KOhm with pedal released and 1K with pedal depressed... if you get these readings there is a wiring issue on that circuit(provided the connections were made as required)
  6. You should erase the fault codes cos there might be some hystorical then read again after the amigos are back...IMO you are too focused to that SVS thing while it's possible that now it's something else like a sensor signal issue, without using a proper tester it's just a guessing game which can be inefficient cos there can be many reasons for the 3 amigos others than SVS ,
  7. Change the air bleed valve in the rear outer port of the filter head (WJN500110)
  8. Support the body with two jacks at the rear as to have phisycaly even level then go to calibration with hawkeye and consider the jacks as being calibration blocks when it asks about them... then while it's still jacked read the sensor inputs, they should be close to each other... a common problem is bad contact in the sensor's plugs if the sensors are good
  9. Hi, there is only one p/n for the pipe with banjo on it is ERR4699
  10. The first suspect is the interior fusebox which can develop various issues due to water ingress/internal corrosion.
  11. Diesel can be a Td5 too which doesnt have a ''stop solenoid" and that symptom is caused by something else... so it's hard to say untill we dont know what year and engine is that vehicle
  12. Off course it's odd but as long as you dont say what kind of Disco you have it'll be hard to make an ideea
  13. For the best price/quality ratio i recommend these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wheel-Bearing-Kit-BWK1273-Borg-Beck-TAY100060-Genuine-Top-Quality-Replacement-/332676821018?hash=item4d7515701a , i have them myself all around and IMO they are great
  14. The 3 amigos are related with the red brake(handbrake/low fluid) warning... it shoud be there all the time together with the 3 amigos according to the built in diagnostic protocol but in reality it isnt there only when ''solid'' current faults are logged mainly on sensors, see the attached doc(it's from the D2 workshop manual)
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