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  1. sierrafery

    Discovery 2 headlamp conversion

    See this https://www.landyzone.co.uk/land-rover/discovery-headlight-conversion-to-2003-on-lights.71266/
  2. sierrafery

    Where is my coolant being lost from

    Not on 2003+ modells which have the square fuel cooler and this one doesnt have o-rings and never leaks : https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/127185/1209/fuel_cooler_assy_td5_def_dis11_3a_
  3. sierrafery

    Where is my coolant being lost from

    Hi, can be a small leak which occurs only with hot engine and evaporates instantly or the worst scenario(which happened to me) to be a crack in the head or block and the coolant ends up in the combustion... on mine was a crack in the first inlet port 😖 ...if it's a small evaporating leak you'll find it only by using something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UV-Dye-Torch-Kit-Leak-Detection-Dye-Coolant-Cooling-Antifreeze-System-RLD2-/230723938073 there is a best scenario too which means you need a new tank cap so better rule that out first and be aware that the cap must be tightened to maximum allowed
  4. sierrafery

    Discovery Interior light

    It is C0484 on all ... the purple wires are the feed for the lamps
  5. sierrafery

    Ignition problem

    IMO it can be something on the ignition switch's harness( what's in the pic)... to rule it out unplug that brown connector which is plugged into the front of the under dash fusebox and if the symptom goes away then that's it... can be sticking switch contact or short in the harness
  6. sierrafery

    Lack of power just after start up

    +1. That delay with the MAF or other sensor unplugged is the time which is needed by the ECU to run the system checks and '''realise'' that a fault is present and swap to the default strategy.
  7. sierrafery

    Lack of power just after start up

    Hi, first of all you should stay idling for around 15 secs after start up for the sake of the turbocharger so dont try to take off immediately, nor after 5 seconds...and if you follow the builder's recommendation you'll not have this problem at all... while the turbo is not well lubricated it spins harder or at all at idle exhaust pressure so not much air flow to the inlet as well that's why it has no power, it depends very much on the oil's quality and thickness, how worn is the turbo, etc, happens more often with thermally broken thicker than recommended mineral or semi synthetic oils. From Workshop manual - Engine management Td5- Turbocharger
  8. sierrafery

    D2 Steering knuckle workshop time

    I meant "too big difference" in labour time what they charge not in the physical setup ... unfortunately i couldn't find such document for Discovery 2
  9. sierrafery

    D2 Steering knuckle workshop time

    I dont have for discovery but you can make a general ideea comparing with Defender cos it can't be too big difference Defender Labor Operation Times.pdf
  10. sierrafery

    Discovery 1 key fob programming.

    Hi, maybe you missed some element in the sequence and you can't do that alone: Single Button Remote Programming Discovery I and Range Rover Classic 1994 - '95 Applies To: Item: AMR3722G Fits: Discovery I | '94 - '95 Range Rover Classic | '95 Note: This process must be carried out in 8 seconds to access learn mode. Best done with two people. You should have both remotes available or the second one will not work. Open hood and have assistant hold hood alarm switch down. With all doors closed and lock knobs up turn the ignition key on then off. Cycle drivers door button down then up. Assistant should then release the hood switch. Turn ignition on then off. If done correctly, horn will beep once and dash LED will light up. This indicates the learn mode has been accessed. If this doesn't happen repeat 1 thru 6. From inside car push and hold first remote. The dash LED should flash 8 cycles a second for one second, indicating that the code was received. If this does not happen repeat steps 1 thru 6 again. Push and hold the second remote if the code is received the dash LED will flash 8 cycles indicating that the code was received. If this does not happen repeat 1 thru 7 again. Note: Turning the ignition on at any time will cancel the learning process. The system can only store two remote codes and must be done one at a time. If you only have one remote, program it twice. If still no joy make sure that the bonnet switch is well connected and in working order cos if it isnt the procedure fails... if you dont exactly know what fob you need contact these guys https://remotekey.co.uk/land-rover/land-rover-discovery-i-1993-1995/ i dont know what that plug is for
  11. sierrafery

    Wheels and tyres

    For dimensions better respect the owner's handbook, the brand is your choice, i can recommend Cooper Discoverer AT3
  12. sierrafery

    Advice on removing rusted-in bolt?

    For next time if you want to save yourself from struggle keep one of this https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/rust-removal-treatment/halfords-shock-unlock-spray-400ml-2017 within reach, i have the Loctite version but it saved me every single time
  13. sierrafery

    Which Discovery 4 / LR4 - 3.0 TDV6 or 5.0 V8?

    IMO it's understandable for a 5 litre lump
  14. sierrafery

    Which Discovery 4 / LR4 - 3.0 TDV6 or 5.0 V8?

    I think it depends on who is intstalling the LPG, my brother in law has a 2006 D3 with 4.0 V6 on LPG since 2007 so 11 years and it needed only the usual maintainance no fault engine wise, it runs like a dream and even the emissions are lower, the only problem was with the central locking once which i sorted for him, the work was done by real proffesionists with a EU certificate . A matter of choice off course but i'd do it if i had a petrol engine. ... but this discussion might become off topic so i'll not insist anymore
  15. sierrafery

    Which Discovery 4 / LR4 - 3.0 TDV6 or 5.0 V8?

    Is LPG conversion illegal in Germany? ...i'll go for the 5.0 and put LPG on it cos that engine is bullet proof

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