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  1. sierrafery

    Which Discovery 4 / LR4 - 3.0 TDV6 or 5.0 V8?

    IMO it's understandable for a 5 litre lump
  2. sierrafery

    Which Discovery 4 / LR4 - 3.0 TDV6 or 5.0 V8?

    I think it depends on who is intstalling the LPG, my brother in law has a 2006 D3 with 4.0 V6 on LPG since 2007 so 11 years and it needed only the usual maintainance no fault engine wise, it runs like a dream and even the emissions are lower, the only problem was with the central locking once which i sorted for him, the work was done by real proffesionists with a EU certificate . A matter of choice off course but i'd do it if i had a petrol engine. ... but this discussion might become off topic so i'll not insist anymore
  3. sierrafery

    Which Discovery 4 / LR4 - 3.0 TDV6 or 5.0 V8?

    Is LPG conversion illegal in Germany? ...i'll go for the 5.0 and put LPG on it cos that engine is bullet proof
  4. sierrafery

    D2 2001 Air suspension deflation method.

    +1 for that^^^ simple and efficient
  5. sierrafery

    Discovery 2, headlight washers failed

    Hi, relay R3 in the engine bay fusebox is for the headlamp powerwash and it is managed by the BCU, the power comes from fuse F4, to check the pump you can remove the relay and bridge the perpendicular cavities in the fusebox, then if the pump is good and the ciurcuit to it not interrupted it should turn over
  6. sierrafery

    Wheel sensor?

    Hi, the only certain way to find out what to do is to get the fault code read with a proper tester. Even if it's a sensor/hub issue you have to see which one but it can be many other things too.
  7. sierrafery

    Clearing fault following overheating

    If you magnify this map https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?ll=53.29381779588928%2C-6.491546630859375&hl=en&oe=UTF8&msa=0&z=10&ie=UTF8&mid=1PmbphOvO47RAsn1ZdQFDD-ed-zo you can see two guys with tester quite close to Dublin, one at Navan, other at Sally Gap and they are on that map cos they are willing to help other D2 owners, the only thing is that to contact them you must be member on http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/index.php and send them PM
  8. sierrafery

    Bearmach - quality bearings?

    That's theyr's bad ...it means they must be reported to some authorities cos that G suffix must certainly come from Genuine
  9. sierrafery

    Bearmach - quality bearings?

    Any kit or part with G at the end of the p/n would be good cos G comes from "Genuine" and Britpart, Bearmach, Allmakes, etc are all acting as suppliers not as manufacturers and they can supply from cheap chinese aftermarkets to more expensive genuine or OEM or branded parts, the customer has the decision which one to buy
  10. You can use a piggyback fuse instead fuse F6, it's rated 25A and it's for rear aircon blower relay but that circuit comes from engine bay FL4 which is 100A and it has only the front blower F7/ 30A fuse on it beside that so still enough ''juice'' left
  11. sierrafery

    Injector Seals

    follow this http://www.discovery2.co.uk/Injector Seals.html ... except the special extractor tool which is not compulsory
  12. Yes, actually the first link is accurate cos it explains well that "Only fit with remap file with calibration to match"
  13. Hi, that MAF bypass hose ideea is the worst thing i've ever seen cos it affects the whole air flow reading and can lead to high EGT, all your problems are solvable with a proper remap which can bring up the MAF cut-out limit from 680 to 800 and the overboost limit as well with higher end MAP without using so much external tricking devices .... if you insist to trick the ECU which has an unproper fuel map in it for a VNT turbo simply put a 4.7V clamp on the MAF signal which at least will let the reading to be correct untill the upper limit then cut the excess that's all.... the same principle like what the boost box does with the MAP reading to avoid overboost any reputable tuner can do all those things within the fuel map no need for all kind of "gizmos" which IMO are only a waste of money and the final result is to shorten the engine's life
  14. sierrafery

    What does this plug into?

    It's C0272
  15. sierrafery

    Discovery 2, TD5, headlamp washers

    Yes, afaik it's push-fit

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