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  1. Measure voltage on the battery with ignition on crank and if the voltage drops hard you need a new battery.
  2. The viscous fan is freewheeling untill the radiant heat of radiator heats up it's bimetalic coil to 72*C then it starts to lock progressively so it's definitely not supposed to be noisy on cold start regardless of outside temp
  3. Depends on the last 8 characters of the VIN of donor D4 cos there are more options then google out the proper p/n from here http://new.lrcat.com/#!/12728/54909/55557/4451/55680 for example https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/152497/13274/_seat_trim_access_hole_cover___right_hand___almond___discovery_3___4___range_rover_sport
  4. If the battery light comes on with those voltages the problem is on the warning lamp's circuit
  5. Hi. Disregard the alternator. On the D2 the tachometer is managed by the ECM based on CPS input. Plug in a dedicated tester and if it shows the rpm the problem is on the signal path to the IP or the gauge
  6. Hi, those sensors are not the best design and they fail quite often, IMO as long as you change the filter after every 5K miles or so that sensor is useless, unplug it and tie up the wiring as to not be hurt and that's it
  7. Folow the steps and you'll get to what you need here https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/parts/index/brand/key/land-rover/
  8. sierrafery


    First of all replace the alternator, dont run the engine if it's fubar cos it can cause serious trouble
  9. Yes, SVS failure for that one you need to do this
  10. Hi. that "016" must have a description, without that it's irrelevant but once the description is revealed the answer will come
  11. You can work with a inline fuse holder which has wires too like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maxi-Blade-Fuse-holder-splash-proof-waterproof-holder-free-fuse-8awg/281667851189?hash=item4194b653b5:m:mw2tqx9HUWfJF8L7Np5piqQ&var=580673049497 , the fuse is higher ampage than the wire gauge cos it's supposed to blow on a short to ground but for 300tdi glow plugs 40A fuse is enough
  12. The NO wire is connected directly to the battery through tha fusible link
  13. Yes it should be live, it goes to a fusible link described as being "P119 Fusible link - RH front of engine compartment behind battery" there is no clear view of it in the manual, it might be wrapped and not visible, better route a new wire to the relay's pin with a 60A inline fuse holder from the battery positive terminal
  14. That was a cheap fix then 😃
  15. I kind'a suspected that that's why i asked. The clicking noise is probably the rear wiper relay, i've seen this fault twice, unfortuaely you can't remove it cos it's soldered into the fusebox's PCB, just check if the rear wiper switch is not pushed, eventually unpug it and if the relay keeps clicking you'll need another fusebox
  16. OK, now it's clear... Is your rear wiper working?...if yes what about rear windows ?
  17. You have to be more precise with that "ignition on" term cos if it's about ignition on II without engine running the suspension is not supposed to lift cos it works only with engine running. As long as you dont describe exactly what's going on i can't help
  18. Do you mean with ignition off ?
  19. I opened the demo and it seems that if you pay £16.99 you can have pre-95 diagrams from haynes https://haynes.com/en-gb/land-rover/discovery/1989-1998
  20. Unfortuntely there are no online versions for pre-95 Discos, i doubt that a RRC manual would help
  21. No worries... at least we found out that blown F13 can trigger that symbol too
  22. Just confirrm everything works well now ?
  23. I wouldn't have imagined that you didnt check all fuses before staring this thread 🥶 though F13 should not trigger that crossed B
  24. Btw, when you checked continuity on the wire beween the units didnt you by any chance check against earth too? it would be good to rule out a short to ground on that link as well. As i said i've seen thys symptom many times and it was always cured by replacement BCU or IDM in about a 60 - 40% occurance for the units
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