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    dip and main beam relay no lights

    The feed to the interior fuses comes throug the dim/dip relay, remove the relay and bridge the perpendicular cavities in the socket and if you get feed then it can be the relay or it's trigger circuit... you should have told what year is your Disco cos there are some differencies between early and late modells
  2. sierrafery

    Disco 2 Immobiliser

    Do you have paired fob to your spare BCU? cos if not you'll immobilise that too, or if you have tester it's enough to replace the BCU no need to change the ECM too
  3. sierrafery

    Disco 2 Immobiliser

    As long as you can't unlock with the fob the only way to remobilise it is to use the EKA code then once remobilised you can use a tester otherwise it won't comunicate with immobilised BCU
  4. sierrafery

    Our discovery has a bladder issue

    I'd start by replacing the cap with a new genuine one to be 100% ruled out, it's impossibe to visually rule out it's pressure valve, this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-OEM-BMW-Radiator-Expansion-Water-Tank-Cap-For-3-Series-E30-E36-E46/142197526572?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 is cheaper than genuine LR and it's perfect fit. Also it must be tightened to maximum possible
  5. sierrafery

    Disco 2 Brake Master Union Size

    If nobody comes with an answer i'll tell you tomorrow cos i have a spare master cylinder in the garage and i'll measure the ports with calipers cos i know it's metric thread but i'm away from home now and even if IIRC it's M10 i'm not 100% sure
  6. sierrafery

    Disco 2 Brake Master Union Size

    Hi... do you mean thread when you say "size"?
  7. sierrafery

    D2 clutch switch circuit diagram

    If tester is availablle no need for BCU if the ECU is changed, it only has to learn the securirty code
  8. sierrafery

    D2 clutch switch circuit diagram

    It's certain that your ECU is something bodged cos that connection to pin 34 LGS wire is not for automatic gearbox but the security code input for all ECUs and it's a method to override the immobiliser used by ''brute" mechanics who are changing an ECU and dont have the proper diagnostic tool to make it learn the security code, the fact that the label with the part number is missing as well makes that ECU very suspect so IMO get hold of a proper ECU which was not "invaded" cos that's your problem
  9. sierrafery

    D2 clutch switch circuit diagram

    I dont see much logic in overriding that input unless there is a auto ECU fitted to the manual vehicle. Might be a short to earth somewhere on the circuit between the Switch and ECU. What's the p/n on your ECU, it should be MSB101330 if it's original
  10. sierrafery

    D2 clutch switch circuit diagram

    The clutch switch closes to earth, it's a contradiction between the description of it and the diagram but the diagram is correct and the description is not, i verified
  11. sierrafery

    Webasto fuel burning heater

    I edited a Td5 coolant flow circuit, you have to direct the flow which goes into the heater matrix through the FBH, i hope you figure it out from the scheme, the inlet is at the bottom, outlet at the top
  12. sierrafery

    Webasto fuel burning heater

    This is what you need https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Webasto-Thermo-Top-C-KIT-5kW-DIESEL-WATER-HEATER-12V-Boat-Motorhome-3-mths-WA/223339813137?hash=item3400171911:g:lZUAAOSwtaBcR~5A
  13. sierrafery

    Disco 2 front window and heater control panel lights

    About the aircon buttons you'll understand how to remove it from minute 2 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=160&v=savH5ne6M7k as about bulbs here are the codes for the bottom row you need the JWH100070
  14. sierrafery

    14CUX Main and Fuel pump relay operation

    I've read the description of HRW few times and i missed that part but i' checked again and i see where are you coming from, sorry that i contradicted you even though IMO the description is not 100% accurate if it's corroborated with the circuit diagram cos the signal from the IC spilices into the serial data bus from C0233-16 which is not particulary an engine speed signal but maybe it is within the digital input so if you wired them all together with all the inputs you need an engine speed input into the cluster as the tachometer to show you idle and that's a digital 2 pulse/rev signal which is coming from the ECM black plug pin 19 into IC connector C0230 - 15
  15. sierrafery

    14CUX Main and Fuel pump relay operation

    Where did you get that info from cos it's not true, the HRW operation has nothing to do with that signal which i dont even understand what it is
  16. sierrafery

    Fuse3 puzzle....

    I've been through this, unfortunately no official LR document shows the real diagrams for facelifts in this particuar matter... F33 appears in all as being for interior illumination too(beside side ligths) but on the facelifts is F3, the difference is visible on the interior fuseboxe's layout which are in the vehicles but on facelifts for F3 the manual is pointed where in all diagrams is shown F33, see the pics, facelift vs non-facelift fusebox
  17. sierrafery

    No traction on long uphill stretch

    It's possible that the coolant temp goes above 110*C then the management reduces fuelling to protect the engine, unfortunately the coolant temp gauge is a bad joke as it goes to the middle at 70 and stays there untill 120 when it cuts fuelling even more but this is too high for protection if you drove many miles at 115*C, watch the temp gauge when this happens and if it's a bit above middle that's the problem, also if the thermostat in the fuel cooler is shot the same symptom happens cos at too high FT the fuelling is also reduced... also do you still have EGR and the catalysts fitted? if yes these could be the cause too the proper way to diagnose this would be to record a live data log with nanocom to catch the symptom then the truth will be revealed... otherwise it's a guessing game
  18. sierrafery

    Discovery 2 headlamp conversion

    See this https://www.landyzone.co.uk/land-rover/discovery-headlight-conversion-to-2003-on-lights.71266/
  19. sierrafery

    Where is my coolant being lost from

    Not on 2003+ modells which have the square fuel cooler and this one doesnt have o-rings and never leaks : https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/127185/1209/fuel_cooler_assy_td5_def_dis11_3a_
  20. sierrafery

    Where is my coolant being lost from

    Hi, can be a small leak which occurs only with hot engine and evaporates instantly or the worst scenario(which happened to me) to be a crack in the head or block and the coolant ends up in the combustion... on mine was a crack in the first inlet port 😖 ...if it's a small evaporating leak you'll find it only by using something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UV-Dye-Torch-Kit-Leak-Detection-Dye-Coolant-Cooling-Antifreeze-System-RLD2-/230723938073 there is a best scenario too which means you need a new tank cap so better rule that out first and be aware that the cap must be tightened to maximum allowed
  21. sierrafery

    Discovery Interior light

    It is C0484 on all ... the purple wires are the feed for the lamps
  22. sierrafery

    Ignition problem

    IMO it can be something on the ignition switch's harness( what's in the pic)... to rule it out unplug that brown connector which is plugged into the front of the under dash fusebox and if the symptom goes away then that's it... can be sticking switch contact or short in the harness
  23. sierrafery

    Lack of power just after start up

    +1. That delay with the MAF or other sensor unplugged is the time which is needed by the ECU to run the system checks and '''realise'' that a fault is present and swap to the default strategy.
  24. sierrafery

    Lack of power just after start up

    Hi, first of all you should stay idling for around 15 secs after start up for the sake of the turbocharger so dont try to take off immediately, nor after 5 seconds...and if you follow the builder's recommendation you'll not have this problem at all... while the turbo is not well lubricated it spins harder or at all at idle exhaust pressure so not much air flow to the inlet as well that's why it has no power, it depends very much on the oil's quality and thickness, how worn is the turbo, etc, happens more often with thermally broken thicker than recommended mineral or semi synthetic oils. From Workshop manual - Engine management Td5- Turbocharger
  25. sierrafery

    D2 Steering knuckle workshop time

    I meant "too big difference" in labour time what they charge not in the physical setup ... unfortunately i couldn't find such document for Discovery 2

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