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  1. Just fitted new dashboard and want to convert lt 230 to cable operation has anyone attempted this with D2 cables or otherwise cheers Chris
  2. ibexman


    Are they still around?
  3. Hi I have fitted a Puma dash to Td5 defender and would like the new dash to read true miles for my car which is 40,000 miles the Puma iPad reads 129,727 is this possible  mr Cwazywabbit cheers Chris  

    rapidcarpentry@sky.com 07944349763

    1. CwazyWabbit


      As yet I've not looked at a Puma dash, however reading the following post leads me to believe it to be possible but it will require a chip to be replaced. http://www.defender2.net/forum/topic5632.html you will need a replacement M35080 memory chip as the existing mileage can only increase unless you replace the chip. The chips are currently about 5 quid.
      How have you made the Puma dash work with your TD5?

    2. ibexman


      I have a can bus controller  to convert signals

  4. any One know pinouts for blower on td5
  5. Contemplating fitting Puma dash to my td5 so thought about moving gearstick back the ones I’ve seen look like a dogs dinner with bent sticks
  6. Can the remote housing be removed with the gearbox in the car cheers Chris
  7. Hi guys can anyone offer any advice on drilling/ cutting remote selector shaft regards Chris
  8. ibexman


    Tried that Ralph 👍
  9. ibexman


    where is this from
  10. Hi guys Can a defender R380 be converted to short stick ie discovery version what parts would I need Cheers Chris
  11. Anyone run wolf rears on their 90 comments pics any info cheers Chris
  12. Any one run these blue/brown springs on a 90 pics info please
  13. ibexman


    Is there anything special about the Arb 40 amp relay I'm in need of a new one cheers Chris
  14. I have some OE td5/puma fabric 48" wide
  15. Bryan Adams new 110 so fresh
  16. ibexman

    LT230 sump

    That's strange Neil mine is inline with centre box can you take some pics cheers Chris
  17. Has anyone fitted one of these to a td5 does it foul the centre exhaust box cheers Chris
  18. Anyone here run a td5 with compushift near London/Essex/Kent cheers Chris would like to take a look
  19. Sounds like someone's put a wrong bulb in
  20. This is nice from Zunsport on the bay
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