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  1. Hi guys Has anyone made a substitute for the rather expensive peace of foam that fits between the dash and bulkhead heater duct on pre puma models. I realise it's just foam, but unsure of what thickness to buy if I make my own. I've got the dash removed on my td5 90, and want to make sure I dont have any heat escaping as I need all that I can get haha. thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys Sorry for the late reply. Injector cleaner and try bump starting it is definitely worth a try, it's difficult with it being not road worthy at the moment, but worth bearing in mind. The fuel system purge process hasnt worked in the past either. However, air was heard when the fuel pump was engaged today. So, I managed to get a mechanic friend to put a diagnostics machine on it today. The MAF sensor was reading next to no values, so that's scrap. But the strange live data that we observed was the ambient air temp reading 150°c. Anyone have any ideas why this would
  3. Hi guys I've got a 2000 TD5 95k on the clock. Purchased late last year, and since buying it I've had starting issues when it's been standing. Anyway, I've got it in the workshop at the moment for some body work. But the starting issues are causing it to be be a PITA. Let's say its left for a few days, when I go to it, it will crank andcrank and misfire, try again and it will run but miss for a few seconds. Then runperfectly! This happens every single time, but today it cranked untill the battery was getting low. Since buying it alot of things have been done to rule out the starting i
  4. +1 on the waste gate actuator. Had the same on mine. Also double check red ECU plug under the seat.
  5. Hi guys I'm going to update this thread and highlight my stupidity, but hopefully it will help someone else.. The error I made was, I adjusted the rocker adjusters similar to how you would set tappets. So I just tightened the adjusting screw untill it touched the injector and then back one turn. This is WRONG! You have to wind down the adjusting screw against the pushrod spring on the injector untill you feel it bottom out and then slacken 1 full turn and tighten the locknut. My lack of knowledge caught me out. And unfortunately damaged the thread on one of t
  6. Evening all I stupidly braved the cold this evening and tackled the injector seals on my 2000 td5. Now it's all back together and running like a bag of spanners. Plooms of white smoke and alot of knocking. Maybe a cylinder down. Starts on button though. Looking back, I wasnt in the right frame of mind for this job tonight. Firstly, I only unplugged the pipe off the fuel pressure regulator, been as I couldnt get to the cooler pipe. I just left it. Secondly, When undoing the rocker shaft, I went in increments, but I'll be honest I could have gone around the bolts alot more than I
  7. Thanks for the help. Took it to a land rover indy today, who very quickly put it on diagnostics, which read zero as a MAF reading. He said also that unplugging the MAF will make it drive better. However it was worse?! And slower. MAP sensor cleaned in the inlet manifold. All filters new. I think the majority of the problem with the noise is the actual centre silencer removed. It's awful, way too noisy
  8. Hi I've been ticking off the jobs on my recently purchased 2000 defender 90 and its slowly improving. It has been sat for a good few years, and ran like a bag on spanners when I first drove it home. Anyway, it pulls so well bottom and mid range, I cant fault it in the slightest. Butanything over 60 or 65 is an ear ache anda choir for the motor. I also have like a rattle jiggling noise which doesnt disappear when clutch dipped. Its deffo not engine, more speed related?? I'm led to believe 70-80 should be no problem in a good td5, on muds. Well this one is on AT's. Right so heres what
  9. guys ive got an abundance of ep90 gl4 in the garage. Would it be safe to use in a 2000 td5 transfer box without any harm? i know rave specifies 75w90 but is it that important, will it help take out a bit of backlash until it gets warm? TIA
  10. False alarm guys. No pun intended haha. It was due to also swapping the radio and it must of immobilized it with the cobra alarm. So if anyone knows how to swap the radio with one of those alarms any help would be great. Mods feel free to delete thread if need be. Thanks again
  11. Hi guys I'm finally back on the scene with another defender 90. This time with a 2000 model td5 90. It's been a while since land rover ownership, but this one hasnt began too well. Last week I bought this td5, with 95k on the clock. Noticed the injector loom was leaking oil into the red plug under the seat, so lastnight I replaced the loom and flushed the red plug with brake cleaner. Let the plug dry over night, come to start it this morning. And it wont start! It's sort of doing half a crank, and then stopping dead. Every time! Sort of like something is stopping the engine
  12. Just like to say a big thanks to everyone for your help. Fitted a new genuine land rover bush this afternoon, reamed it very slightly and refitted clutch. Engine was mated to the box like a glove 5 minutes later. Thanks again chaps. Lets hope it runs well now
  13. Thanks very much for all your replies I really appreciate it. I won't quote each an every one as I'm not the best at it haha. I haven't got a load leveler, so that maybe something to try and borrow or bite the bullet and get one! I must admit the engine hasn't been going in level, but I didn't think that mattered providing the gearbox was jacked up to suit? How much jacking up can the gearbox take? The clutch plate certainly isn't burred or the cause of the problem, as I've fetched it off and slid it on the gearbox shaft with no effort at all! The angle of entry could
  14. Hi all Fitting a 300tdi to an r380 gearbox and having so much trouble. Tried for 3 days now and still absolutely no luck! It's a 300tdi engine to a defender r380. Fitted with a brand new genuine land rover spigot bush, new clutch kit all lined up with an alignment tool bought off ebay. I've got the engine on a hoist, I can seem to get either the top of the bell housing and engine to meet, or the bottom. Occasionally can get it even all the way round but it still wont go that last bit. Im about an 1 and half inches away from getting the engine to sit up tp the gearbox. I'
  15. If it can't be heard externally in your video then surely it's body work resonance like retro said. Not sure if it's already been asked, but have you made sure the intake hose isn't rubbing on the bulkhead, or the intercooler hose with the metal straight piece that clamps to the inner wing isn't resonating is it? Apologies if it sounds daft or you've already checked
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