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  1. In some areas we are leaving them exposed, but on the external walls I am insulating inside, and on the lower walls I a more having to cover up the left over tanking/gypsum plaster we couldn’t get off 6 yrs ago! @Anderzander here you go, some photos from a few years ago.
  2. Not a this morning project, but having 10 days self isolation following a trip overseas means I get to crack in plastering the house....5 days = 82 20kg bags of lime hemp plaster on the walls and nearly 2 rooms base coated. Only another 98 bags to go to finish the delivery off....lots more still to do.
  3. 5 RRF will be 5th Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. So I expect the folders will have been used to hold the vehicles docs or manuals before they were got rid off.
  4. And in England we have this.... https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2020/11/04/heavy-bridge-slide-stalls-as-transporters-sink-into-mud/ Random question from my weekend was getting a phone call asking did the Army have anything that might help unstick them.
  5. Feet problems are probably due to the increase in cushioning in shoes, along with the desire to wear tighter shoes. You only have to look at the increase in plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns etc that people are getting. Tighter shoes and cushioning are leading to toes not spreading as much when walking, higher arches and weaker foot muscles which all contributes to changes to our bodies and the musculoskeletal structures within. In some cases it benefits us, in others it doesn’t. But we are definitely off topic now!
  6. Anderzander, I fully agree. Unless the Welsh govt or UK govt make it financially better for them to continue, you’d expect them to go where it makes financial sense to do so.
  7. Oh dear.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-53317740 so may not be British made (or out together should I say).
  8. Got to agree about the front grill, the inner lights just seem to be in the wrong place. On first look, the back doors, I thought looked very ‘pajero-esque’ with the double doors. In the video, with the designer, he mentions the smaller one being the first door to open. I liked the sound of that, but then thought if I had one, and the dogs are in a crate then I’ll be forever opening both anyway. I think from a ‘worker’ perspective, a lot of tool bags/boxes are fairly large so I think both will need opening either way. So from my ramblings, I think it would be better if the larger o
  9. When I’m working on the house in Wales, and in some rooms I can get a good dab signal now. Previously and in some areas of the house I still use my phone as a hotspot (4G unlimited data) and stream from that to my iPad. So depending on what your house WiFi or mobile data package is like, I would look at a cheap internet radio or a smart speaker for the garage. Otherwise you’ll be just plugging your phone in and listening/streaming from that on speaker.
  10. So in the military, the current explosives is PE8 rather then PE4. However the P doesn’t stand for Plastic (well it does) but everyone says it’s for ‘Plenty’. So.....calculate what you want and add a bit more...then run for cover!
  11. Another possibility is http://www.landrover-parts.net/index.php . Not purchased from them before, but believe that people have said they were good (that was 6 or so years ago mind).
  12. Be wary of the roots on the tree to the left and also the willow on the right. i agree with FF if you can, go as close to the boundary fence as you can. Even if you don’t, I would be tempted to put the small door on the side facing the rest of the garden. looking at the dwgs again, when you park a second car in the bay, it’s going to block access to the personnel door anyway. however looks good and a good size.
  13. I’m 7 years in to my full renovation on a 3 bed farmhouse in N Wales. I assume from the age of the house, it’s a solid stone wall with no dpc. If so please use breathable materials. Lime render/plaster etc. After I took the old gypsum plaster off the internal walls, the damp smell disappeared in a couple of months, and that was with no heating. Heating is only just going back in. Funnily enough, last Apr I started to clear the ground for my garage (about 6mx6m), however the digger I used was a lot smaller!
  14. Rather than trussed roof, if you went with a traditional cut roof, you wouldn’t have any horizontal joists/rafters to worry. You may need ties at the top and purlins at mid points on the rafter arms though.
  15. The good old ‘Anchor Earth Holdfast’ or AEH set. Banging all the pins in takes a while....and they are a bugger to pull out afterwards. if I remember right, 1 AEH is good for about 1 ton. You set the others up inline and or in a crows foot with hefty D Shackles. Had a few in my G1098 store when I was a Troop commander in Germany in 2003.
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