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  1. Help with none LR related problem

    As a serving member of Army, the black lined jackets were an Op issue for the Winter tours. Looking at your pics I would suggest that they have ‘updated’ it with a green liner. But I can’t say with 100% surety on that. If you think they are hard to get from a surplus store, I can’t get one issued fromclothing store!
  2. Workshop Ideas

    A thought on the roller door is to get an externally mounted one, if clearance inside is an issue with the bottom chord of any truss.
  3. Workshop Ideas

    My post from last night didn't seem to post. But here it is. I built a double garage in block, covered with timber feather edge. It had a centre wall as it was going to be split between my house and my brothers new house next door. I'm not sure on the price overall, but I did most of the block laying myself and had tiles free from a house my parents demolished. The design was done under planning permission due to being put in at the same time as the planning for the new house. However due to multiple 30m+ oak trees within 2 m of the garage we tried the strip foundations but in the end, had abbey pynford do their piled raft foundation. The reason for this is my brother's house had to have the same foundations due to the trees and the heavy clay soil. If I had my time again I would probably look at a reinforced concrete raft with dropped egdes under the walls. The only issue with doing these sort of foundations is that they are a bit beyond the average capabilities of a DIYer. I will get some photos up when back at home. i see you are right about the height as you mention being within 2m of the boundary. 'Outbuildings and garages to be single storey with maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of four metres with a dual pitched roof or three metres for any other roof. Maximum height of 2.5 metres in the case of a building, enclosure or container within two metres of a boundary of the curtilage of the dwelling house' copied from planning portal. If you need extra height for an opening, putting the opening into the gable end of the building will provide the space to install a roller door without cutting into the limited height at the eaves. Using a roof truss designed to keep any cross ties higher than the eaves would also be good for clearance. Hope that makes sense.
  4. Laying a hardcore area

    James, The only other thing I would also add is make sure you lay and compact the type 1 in suitable layers. To get the best strength out of the base material relies on moisture content and compaction. For diy purposes, moisture content is fairly difficult to measure. Whereas compaction is the easiest for diy person to get right. So depending on your type of compactor, which will then give you depth of type 1 layer and number of passes to get the strength. If the type 1 is particularly dry when you come to compact, then you can spray some water over it to help add compaction, just don't add too much. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Vapour Shed

    Geoff, You are correct, concrete cures throughout its life, having said that 28 days is the time concrete should take to reach its design strength. I can't help you with when to lay the cempolay, but if you allow 28 days great, otherwise I would give it at least 10-14days and if you can heat/dehumidify throughout that would help quicken the curing. Before anyone says, as a civil engineer, I am aware that you don't want to force the curing or the concrete to dry out, and doing so will weaken the ultimate strength but for a thin layer and the likely location in the garage, I think you could get away with it.
  6. Project Shoehorn modified?

    Project shoehorn, as mentioned above, came about due to the vehicles not being able to take the extra weight from all the BOWMAN radio kit that replaced the old CLANSMAN radio kit. For example... A typical Command Fit for a LR would require a new rack across the width of the LR and one down the side, with only 1 seat in the rear, to be used when static. The width wise rack carried 2xVHF, 1xHF, a High Capacity Data Radio a couple of power amps. The side facing rack carried a printer and laptop. All this extra weight made the LR very top heavy and I believe several rolled during testing before they solved the problem. Though I don't know 100% I believe Project Shoehorn was upgraded suspension, axle and anti roll bar.
  7. Vapour Shed

    Only comment is that insulated plasterboard won't let an old building breathe. But then I am turning into a snob about old buildings as I do more research into renovating mine and correcting a few issues from a 30yr old renovation.But hadn't thought about reusing the old lime plaster as some hardcore...might give me something to do with the 20 or so bags of the stuff I have, with more on the walls to come off. Just have to get rid of the gypsum stuff elsewhere.
  8. Jeffs Workshop manual

    Jeff, there is always an interest in the alternative manual!!! hope the surgery and recovery goes well.
  9. Forum relay Berkshire to Cheshire or redditch

    If someone can get it to Gloucester, I can get it from Gloucester up the M5 as far as the M54, when I next travel to Wales. I'm not sure when I plan on going next but do go at least a weekend a month.
  10. Vapour Shed

    Other option is to hire a concrete grinder and grind it flat yourself.. No idea of price or where to hire a machine like that though.
  11. Memory-map on Windows 10 on a Tablet.

    David, Can you remember who you talked too? When my wife worked for them there was one individual who was pretty much a pain the arse, he used to refuse to answer phones and just surfed the net all day rather than help callers. He was the reason my wife and the previous 2 employees in that role left MM. On another note I have switched both PCs to W10 and did have some problems during the installs. Fixed these problems and W10 installed fine. Have used MM on both and it works fine.
  12. Nige, Could you put me down for a mug as well (did pm you, but understand that you have been in the wars again!)
  13. 10th Anniversary Clothing Logo

    Carrying on from Mike's message....my very quickly thrown together attempts...
  14. Nige, Once I get on my rebuild.....years away now.....I would buy some more of the x-plugs.