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  1. I know it's quite well-known, but I've always found Laurence Binyon's "For the Fallen" very evocative: With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns for her dead across the sea. Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit, Fallen in the cause of the free. Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres, There is music in the midst of desolation And a glory that shines upon our tears. They went with songs to the battle, they were young, Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end again
  2. Pure copper can go brittle though work hardening due to chassis vibration which can eventually result in cracking (does take a while, typically three years or so in road cars...). e.g. it wasn't uncommon for approx two/three year-old copper pipes to crack when undoing nuts etc. The copper alloys mentioned don't suffer from this.
  3. Any links to info Jim? Cheers,
  4. Yes -- but wanted initially to keep the CF/PCMCIA slots free until until I'd figured out the final config so went with a conventional laptop HD. The HD is mounted on "isolators" (the manufacturers decsription -- they're actually just rubber grommets ). It does get a fair bit of hammering but so far no problems at all. Other info I missed on the original post: runs XP home edition the monitor is a 10.4" touchscreen job (good price from an eBay seller in Germany) no mouse or keyboard at the moment but would be interested in a good Bluetooth trackball type device if any exist? the original
  5. Here's some of mine then (put this together just over a year ago)... The motherboard is Mini-ITX form factor -- in this case an EPIA MII 12000 from Via Systems. (1.2GHz C3 Nehemiah processor with 1GB RAM, 100GB 2.5" hard disk, NetGear 802.11g PCMCIA wireless network card and Billionton Bluetooth Compact Flash card. I've fitted it into a VoomPC ruggedised enclosure with an M1-ATX intelligent vehicle power supply. Pic of the motherboard and M1-ATX PSU fitted to the VoomPC baseplate, prior to lacing and securing the cables: Pic of the VoomPC main extrusion with the ultra low noise fans fitt
  6. Will do -- no problem. 90 is currently "away from home" in (another) friend's garage with the gearbox out and away for reconditioning. I'll be over there at the weekend and will take some pics then. Cheers,
  7. FWIW we got a set of BA181 fitted to our hardtop a couple of years ago. No leaks, no rattles -- totally troublefree to date. Completely happy with them and no complaints at all. Doing rather better than friends of ours in fact who bought a brand new TD5 station wagon about four years ago and who have had nothing but trouble with their side windows leaking... Cheers,
  8. KV6 was reasonably well sorted by the time it was fitted in the Freelander. Had a reputation for a being a right bag of s****e when it was first fitted in Rover 800s, but later KV6 variants are OK. Not immune from head gasket problems, but rare to see it in a post 2001 KV6 especially when fitted in a Freelander. We ran an 03 V6 for three years, BogMonster has it pretty much spot on IMHO. Revvy, really nice to drive but performance at best equals TD4 and as you would expect is noticeably worse at low revs. Fuel consumption is absolutely appalling -- we never managed the quoted figures and in
  9. Les -- the PayPal thing's been done, funds have been sent Cheers,
  10. Excellent. Couldn't have happened at a better time -- gearbox is sh****d and is due to come out soon anyway Thanks,
  11. I'd like to get my hands on one as well. Have sent PM. Cheers,
  12. When we had the Freelander we ran it with BFG MTs at 30 psi front and rear. No problems with uneven wear. Never had ATs on the Freelander so can't comment.
  13. Organised by West Argyll 4x4, with permission of West Argyll Forest Commission Lochgilphead Forest Discovery, 28/29 July TWO OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE: 1. Guided track drive with some difficult terrain -- note that scratching and/or damage is possible Vehicle should preferably be equipped with a minimum of good mud terrain tyres. This option is available on Saturday, Sunday or both days. Our guide vehicles carry all recovery equipment, which more often than not will be required. 2. New to off-roading or own a shiny 4x4 and want to keep it that way You can also join the weekend but your d
  14. FFS -- oops indeed. Looking at the extent of the deformation to the back the tow bar should have been OK I would have thought -- if it was a genuine one and used all the fixing points. Can't figure out from the pics if the tow ball is still there or not?
  15. Yeah -- no problem there. Lets you get the seat reclined as far back as it will go. Another vote for the MudStuff one -- very easy to install -- well, I managed it -- and looks good when done.
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