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  1. I've changed the axle breather to an extended one and it's leaking.
  2. My air locker solenoid is spitting oil when I disengage my locker. From what I've read this is quite normal and is caused by a faulty o-ring. I've also read that there is a difference in "old" and "new" o-ring where the "old" is better. Anyone knows where I can get hold of the old? Part number?
  3. Yes some movement. More wiggling and violence then
  4. So just keep on wiggling then?
  5. Hmm, it says in the Haynes manual that it will improve the clearance. I've removed the upper and lower bolts, disconnected both hoses and cables and I can barely move the unit. I've tried wiggling it, but it seems stuck. Any tips?
  6. I've got checker plates I guess that means they have to come off to remove air intake?
  7. I've discovered a little rust hole in my bulkhead which needs to be fixed Pictures from the inside From the outside It seems to me that the rust is close to the heater matrix. So, my thoughts are to remove the heater matrix to ease the access. There is a part of the heater that sits in the front wing. Do I have to take this out as well? Or can it be splitted? Any comments on my approach?
  8. The 3.3 kg was with the seal, cv joint, brake disc etc in place. I just rechecked. The preload with no seal was about 1.5 kg. So that should be correct according to RAVE. I guess my question is if this sounds ok? I understand that 4kg with no seal is too much.
  9. Ok, I see. I find it difficult to measure after the initial inertia has been overcome. I've used max load as my measurement, but then this might be wrong then Do you really think the difference is 3 kg?
  10. I'm rebuilding my front axle with new parts. I've set the preload to 1.5 kg without the seal in place. I checked again with all the parts mounted and the reading was about 3.3 kg. Should I increase the preload? Or just leave it as it is?
  11. I managed to get the broken bolt out. So now I can start the shims game I tried just putting on the old shims, and that was not enough. The preload was way too much. Or I've done something wrong
  12. I normally purchase my parts here locally and it didn't occur to me that this could be a problem
  13. I had two new extra swivel pin in the garage. I tried them both and they were ok Probably not Britpart then
  14. Hmm, I need to recheck tomorrow. But is it ok to reuse the old upper pin?
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