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  1. Did the "thrash it apart" trick with one of mine, then all the plastic fell off anyway so it went in the bin. No I lie, it's actually just laying there "in case it comes in useful" We all know it never will but that's not the point.
  2. Both, tried using the standard cyclone into a catch tank to stop oil going into the air filter, but that made the rocker cover leak more. Fitted the Alisport breather and found nothing going into the catch tank, but still had an oil weep from the then new rocker gasket. Now have the new breather piped back into the air filter and it's stopped the rocker leak and doesn't appear to be blowing any oil into the air intake any more. So it seems to have cured mine. As a matter of interest I cut the original cyclone open, and apart from the diaphragm operated non return valve, there's nothing in it at all, any "cyclone" effect would be minimal if anything.
  3. I replaced the 200TDi cyclone with the Alisport one, and it seems to have cured my breather problems.
  4. I've given up with balancing now, and have been using beads for a couple of years. never a hint of wobble or vibration. Never going back to weights.
  5. Five years on and the right hand one needs doing again, including the back section of the sill. This time I'm going to fabricate from stainless steel box section and sheet. See if it lasts any longer.
  6. Had a Tdci while my 200Tdi was off the road. Found the performance to be sadly lacking unless you thrash it, needs the 6 speed gearbox due to having zero torque at low revs. I know they can be tuned, but I'll stick with my tuned Tdi.
  7. I cut mine out and made stainless steel ones out of offcuts from the refrigeration guys next door. No problem mig welding stainless to mild, but not sure if it will corrode with two different steels.
  8. Buy two winches. Fit one to the bumper and make a crane with the other one so you have a new toy to play with.
  9. In my opinion, if most of the oil was in the air filter then she's breathing too much, If it's in the turbo and intercooler but not the air filter then it's the turbo or the oil drain. I would do a leakdown or compression test first if it's breathing excessively. The breather valve is just an empty plastic box with a spring and diaphragm in the top, they do let a little oil past but not enough to worry about, I swapped mine for a shiny Allisport one and have to say it doesn't seem to let any oil through at all.
  10. I seem to remember the series axle UJs are the same as the propshaft ones but without the rubber seals.
  11. On my previous 110 I did the same, all round discs work just fine on a drum master cylinder.
  12. My Valeo of about 10 years old failed last weekend. Same symptoms of getting heavier until you couldn't depress the pedal and had to start in gear. Looks pretty much identical to the one in the original post, hardly any wear either.
  13. Common on alloy components in garden machinery. They tend to use self tapping bolts for almost everything now, the most common ones look like normal bolts but are slightly triangular in cross section.
  14. My old Defenders lift handles were far better than the **** plastic push buttons on this one. Especially every time there's a heavy frost and I can't get in the damned thing!
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