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  1. Gumtree 4x4 in Ditchling do a lot of chassis changes 01444 241457
  2. Mainshaft splines? That's what my last defender sounded like when they started slipping.
  3. Thanks Mo, just ordered one. It's going to be a lot easier to wire up that way.
  4. How do you find the inertia switch off road? It would be simpler but I was thinking it would trip too often.
  5. No it won't, this is a common "safety" system used on race cars. The pump will only run when the engine is running and the charge light goes out. If you have an accident and the engine stops, the pump stops too.
  6. I've always just started the engine if your mechanical or electric pump is working it will prime itself.
  7. I'm going to connect mine using a relay triggered by the charge light feed from the alternator, that way the pump will only run with the engine running.
  8. On the subject of SVO. is it OK to use normal rubber fuel hose to connect the pump? I was told it's not compatible.
  9. Yes I run a mix of svo and derv, so I think the facet option will be the way to go.
  10. So the original lift pump managed 25 years, but the replacement hasn't managed 4. Does anyone have a preference for a reliable brand of replacement mechanical pump or a suitable electric one?
  11. Just checked mine as I often drive into London. 110 Tdi Station wagon still showing exempt at the moment, but I guess I'll have to check every time I go now.
  12. I'm about to change the ATF in my gearbox, but I won't be draining the extension housing and cleaning the filter this time round as I know the thread is hanging on by the skin of it's teeth. I know I could chemical metal it back in, but wondered if anyone had come across a better repair that can be done with the gearbox in the car. I know that our local garage has oversize drain plugs and taps, but they don't go that big.
  13. One thing that I heard others have forgotten, but not sure if it applies to your engine as I've never owned a V8. The V8 might have a steel spigot Bush in the crankshaft if it was from an auto, don't forget to change it for an oilite one or it will weld itself to your input shaft.
  14. I went and had a look, after poking around for quite a while I decided that I wasn't going to bother with a test drive. Interesting to hear what others think though.
  15. My wiper mother is typically Landrover in that it has two speeds, slow and almost stationary. It can barely clear a damp windscreen but OK in a downpour. Has anyone found a more powerful one.
  16. Just saw the last five minutes of this morning's repeat. So checked the tax status. Seems it no longer exists, so I'm guessing it rotted away.
  17. I fitted a different steering wheel which left the stalks too far from the wheel, I found they were very easy to bend to a better position.
  18. I've been running SVO diesel mix for donkeys years in my 200TDi, had a new head gasket last year at almost 150K and the bores were like new and the pistons were clean.
  19. I did this once on my old 110, bought a can of vinyl spray and it worked a treat, never got worn off over the ten years or so I owned it.
  20. I've seen a couple of 109s with the same windows in the past.
  21. Did the "thrash it apart" trick with one of mine, then all the plastic fell off anyway so it went in the bin. No I lie, it's actually just laying there "in case it comes in useful" We all know it never will but that's not the point.
  22. Both, tried using the standard cyclone into a catch tank to stop oil going into the air filter, but that made the rocker cover leak more. Fitted the Alisport breather and found nothing going into the catch tank, but still had an oil weep from the then new rocker gasket. Now have the new breather piped back into the air filter and it's stopped the rocker leak and doesn't appear to be blowing any oil into the air intake any more. So it seems to have cured mine. As a matter of interest I cut the original cyclone open, and apart from the diaphragm operated non return valve, there's nothing in it at all, any "cyclone" effect would be minimal if anything.
  23. I replaced the 200TDi cyclone with the Alisport one, and it seems to have cured my breather problems.
  24. I've given up with balancing now, and have been using beads for a couple of years. never a hint of wobble or vibration. Never going back to weights.
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