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  1. Been there, done that. Rebuilt a gearbox back in the day (ok so twas 35-40 years ago) and may late father held up a nice, long bolt "wheres this one go?". Lots of expletives deleted later gearbox stripped back down only to find that the errant bolt was for a different application of that gearbox....As my dad reiterated RTFM...
  2. Reminds me of the time I welded my steel toe capper to the chassis of a Morris Minor (NCB safety boots had external steel toe caps) - learned that it is much safer to get a jack, took ages for the toe nail to grow back
  3. Oh I don't know, Poundshop superglue did a good job when I smashed my face taking a Disco 1/4 panel off using mig wire and 2 ratchets to cut the sealant (improvising again, mmmm note to oneself - there is a common theme emerging)
  4. As a child/youth experiments with weedkiller were rather exciting, til bomb squad and the Constabulary got involved
  5. As I used to do a hell of a lot of work "off the beaten track", I've always carried a suture kit and superglue as part of my First Aid kit. Blood and needles never bothered me, used to work as a Cardiology Tech in Freeman Hospital theatre suit, only time anything bothered me was when an amputated gangrenous limb fell through a bag onto the floor, went out like a Britpart headlamp bulb....
  6. SO glad you are still gracing these pages. Ditto missingsid.
  7. Twas necessary at the time
  8. Always been like this, used to be a mining engineer in another life, then spent years knocking chunks off myself fitting conveyor belts. I'm used to it. Once stitched the back of my head up using the Landrover door mirror after I took a serious tumble down a welsh (might have been scottish) mountain, its only pain at the end of the day.
  9. Actually idiot (Jeff) proof. Spent a couple of hours playing testing it in the garage. Makes M24 nut glow red hot in a couple of minutes. It's amazing just what you can get to glow red hot .... Just have to remember that just cos nut is not glowing red, doesn't mean its not still very hot Paid for itself when I removed a turbo oil pipe nut off, gonna try in on rear bottom shock nuts today. Look for a cloud of black smoke in Northumberland.
  10. I set the bar lower than a worms wedding tackle, gives me some lee way...
  11. Strangely enough, A&E consultant said much the same!
  12. Not made of metal, but got metal in them. A few years back I had a long series of conversations with Pilkington glass with regards to making heated door windows (specifically for Defenders). Cost for one offs was seriously prohibitive, but imagine being able to demist the windows on a cold morning without having to hold your breath till you pass out or go blue...
  13. The annoying thing is that I have worked in sewage contaminated watercourses for the past three decades, always cut yourself turning rocks over, yet NEVER had an infection. I also forgot to mention my undying and heartfelt admiration for the staff at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary A& E and Ward 22 (or 23, forget which) they are are a credit to their chosen professions and vocations. Salt of the Earth, all of them.
  14. Err I hate to say this, but I've done all of them, more than once...
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