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  1. Tried to move blue 110 but, due to a blonde moment, it was left parked up with handbrake on..... Now seized absolutely solid. So got family hack recovered from Sainsburys car park (wife words "its making a funny noise") Funny noise turned out to be ........... viscous fan bearing exploded (yes literally) snapping alternator belt which got sucked into timing chest and timing belt jumped rather a lot of teeth. Trees still there, Wrens built a nest in the hole I drilled to take the airbag, Robins built a nest in V8 engine bay and Bullfinch nest in back of Blue 110, oh well...
  2. "as this is over I am going to sell two of the Discoveries and the HSE." thats just what I've told the wife about the beemer thats arriving next week, she didn't believe me.... "I seem to have spent a considerable amount of time looking at what tools to buy next" my new el cheapo tool chest has just arrived along with enough socket organisers, ratchet spanners (I need more body spanners?) and some c shaped and s shaped obstruction spanners (now those I needed), a set of open ended and ring crowfoot spanners (well they're shiny, what can I say).
  3. Fitted a set of mid range leds to my golf, drove it in the dark , got home and put the Osrams back in....
  4. Back in the day I had a Mini Marcos, so ugly it was cute, drove well though had a 1293 S engine , wish I still had the thing.
  5. So you're building a Morgan or a Marcos....
  6. The abrasive polish/cleaner used on glass oven doors (forget the brand) is pretty good, we used it on a polishing mop for headlights. To get a really fine polish jewellers rouge
  7. I haven't been 43 in over 16 years.... I turned Victor Meldrew when my youngest hit 15 in December and had an Xbox controller surgically attached to his hands and a mobile phone surgically attached to his ears. I like to think that I'm considerate towards others but, like most folks, I have my moments. I stopped drinking (more or less) a couple of years ago and that kinda changed me , for the better. A young kid who worked with us in the garage had me gob smacked when he announced "it's really nice that an old man like you can still have a laugh with the lads". Growing older is
  8. When I worked at Westoe Colliery rather a long time ago we had a stone jam the crusher on bank (about the size of a mini), the newly graduated mining engineer decided to blow it in situ. Me, I wanted to break it up with windy picks, but he was the graduate and I wasn't so we let him get on with it. Mines and Quarries Act said something about not using part sticks of Penobel , told him I had a locker full of wee bits we could have used, but no, he insisted on a full stick. So hole drilled stick and gel stem shoved down hole attached to det box, everyone in top yard hiding in blockhouse.
  9. Heres the offending bit of unprocessed timber (not the big bushy one, the skinny thing on the left). My main worry is that I'll have no control over where it falls.... Trigonometry suggests the thing is tall enough to hit the white landrover and it kinda leans that way. Before anyone complains, I grow nettles professionally, the bluebells are the weeds in my garden....
  10. Theres a sycamore tree in my garden (about 4m/5m tall) which shades out the gooseberry bush. Took a slightly smaller one down a fortnight ago using a panel saw (bloody hard work), now the airbag is quite compact sooooooo (in the past a few inches of det chord would have worked) If I drill a big enough hole in the trunk, insert said airbag, hide round the corner with 30ft of cable and a car battery.... How much damage can I actually do
  11. If you decide to go the PD130 route at some point, gis a yell. Got 2 or three ECU's kicking about, you are welcome to one. Had a re-mapped passat with circa 170hp that the missus parked under a car transporter with was a hoot to drive, in the dry. Just remember to change the timing belt and the alternator belt at the same time. Alternator belt let go and get sucked into timing chest then chaos ensues. They can also chew up cam followers and cams if cheap oil/infrequent used. Other than that those engines have a very long life, My Golf (driven like its stolen) passed its test this year with
  12. Now here's a question, got the airbags out of the seats, how on earth do I dispose of them? Got a battery and lots of cable (can you see where this is going....) and an urge to do something which I may regret!
  13. Oh I wish........ I could get technical and mention that some other orders of invertebrate have more than 4 legs, but that would be me being a pedant.... So I will just say Get thee behind me unbeliever.
  14. Went up to Blyth a while ago (OK a couple of years ago, but who's counting) to look at a lathe we were thinking of buying, the restoration yard specialised in E types (and Austin 7"s), I asked the young guy who ran the place where he got his panels from, he replied "we make them ourselves" the skill required to form a rear 1/4 for an E type ...... Just wow. Geoff I know how you feel, my main job is identifying insects, and like you folks do not always realise the skill involved, even after 30 years I'm still learning.
  15. Man , they're cute. We currently have rather too many pets.... Four rats, the worlds coolest Hamster, 2 Guinea pigs, the worlds horniest house rabbit , a 8 kilo cat (and he's been on a diet - lost a kilo- he took to comfort eating after we lost his brother due to feline lymphoma. ) and 2 completely insane 8 month old kittens. I won't mention the Bullfinch chicks I'm raising (neighbour brought them round after felling a tree last week), they'll be fledged soon and ready for release. So I shouldn't be bored, but I am. I really need to go fishing, haven't spent a night on a beach in n
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