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  1. Well the shiny red box would make a good nest box for my hamster, probably...
  2. Where did you get Vag com for free?
  3. You learn something new every day!
  4. Just noticed the lack of red/lhd! MOT man pretty cool dude , but that would upset him a bit
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-INCH-4LED-ROUND-HEADLIGHTS-E9-DOT-HI-LO-BEAM-HEADLAMP-FOR-LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER/263703770310?hash=item3d65f834c6:g:PjUAAOSwDktbA4-C:rk:48:pf:0 Need some new headlamps so found these, worth the risk?
  6. Got the Aldi equivalent, can't fault it for the pennies it cost, even worked after it got left out in the rain (don't ask, was having a blonde moment).
  7. Had my cars brought up from Devon to Northumberland by Sclaro vehicle transport (sclaro@hotmail.co.uk) , good price and excellent service
  8. Bought some stainless braided brake hoses which were solid....Never bought Britpart bits since and never will.
  9. They have cocked things up 4 times in the past 3 years for me. Been with them since mid 90's, they do not give a tinkers cuss these days.
  10. The most amusing thing is that the car transporter driver (fully loaded with new Transits and parked in a lay bye) is claiming whiplash..... Car submarined under the rear chassis...
  11. Cheers folks, just avoid the AA their incompetence is simply staggering, they tried talking to my wife whilst she was in hospital after the crash and off her head on painkillers and shock. As a consequence I ended up having to drive from Northumberland to Nottingham to get her, then shell out a small fortune to have the car recovered, I really wouldn't p£@s on them if they were on fire (sorry mods).
  12. OK so fell out big time with the AA after wife crashed the car (well used a car transporter as a brake would be more accurate) so now need recommendations for an ethical, competent, affordable (none of which apply to the AA these days) breakdown/recovery company.
  13. There's one just driven past my house this morning!
  14. Dash vents from a MK4 golf or B5.5 Passat may fit, look to be about 50mm diameter
  15. My son once asked me why I'd spent 10 hours detailing a 1/24 scale Merlin engine for a spitfire I was building when no one would see it when the engine covers were fitted, my reply was simple "I will know". Thats how I treat restorations. But to each their own.
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