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  1. Its a temp fix till boss gets home from work to pump pedal! More concerned about the brake pipe failure. Plastic coated brake pipes are effing lethal
  2. So we had a disaster on family car. Brake pipe burst (not a Landrover, but applicable to all cars) on back axle. My vacuum bleeder was elsewhere (read cant find the wretched thing, lost , borrowed, binned, who knows) so , being on my own , I came up with this set up. Take one cheap spray bottle some plastic see through pipe (nicked mine from fish tank) and Robert is a blood relative. Crack nipple, attach pipe to spray head and squeeze away. Its not quick, but the you are stuck on your own, its pretty effective ! Out of interest, the pipe that let rip was a plastic coated ste
  3. Hammer and dolly every time. I bought a Powertec door skinning hammer , really nice bit of kit (till you lose it in the garden and it gets rusty - nowt a wee bit of wet n dry won't cure). At the garage we had a really need air powered skinning tool, bet it never "crimped" the flanges tight enough for me
  4. I've used these folks a lot , they don't sell carp, gotta be better that Britpart... https://brakeparts.co.uk
  5. You want to see what those 4 effing words have cost me on the family VWs... And one of them still aint MOT worthy. I should really get my finger out and sort the 110 out as it is needed , next year, for an extended fishing trip. A week driving up the West coast fishing the sea lochs till we reach the top, then rinse and repeat down the East coast. No wife, no kids, no bank manager and no clients, sheer bliss...
  6. The screw i lost wasn't in the turbo pipe.... twas having a lie down on the floor ...
  7. link to one i just bought, be useful for checking bird boxes and bat roosts too https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303922518326
  8. OK , had some free time so set about cleaning up (read completely rebuilding) some Foley jerry can lockers on the 110 (should be getting it ready for an MOT, but what the hell). Now that resulted in being able to see body mounts and floor supports.....A Tadge orange in colour, they be (yes I watched Star Wars last night). Then the four magic words from Satan crept in, WHILST I'M IN THERE.... New shiny bits on the way. A word of warning, if you find yourself muttering the four magic words, get help quickly, a responsible adult, hell even an irresponsible child, don't matter, just get
  9. So dropped a screw down turbo pipe (don't ask) and couldn't find it with a magnet on a stick (cos its stainless, I'm a tool) so was about to dismantle car to recover it. Mate pops round and said "oh I've got a cheap borescope you can borrow". So he came round with this little gem. For £27 its really good, mine should arrive next week....
  10. I'M so so sorry to hear this Mike.
  11. I am about to take up residence on the sofa, in perpetuity, as no one deemed it necessary to remind that today is mothers Day.......OH and Royal Fail lost my new extra long 18mm ratchet spanners so wife car is still in bits throw in a £300 vets bill for a rabbit with a Pasturella infection and its not gonna be a good week
  12. Picked this up in Aldi. Dinky little bench grinder, spare wheels and a dremel attachment for £20.... Great for touching up drill bits and has variable speed. Cant fault it
  13. Wallet whimpering? My debit card was emigrated and is suing me for divorce, I expect it to get sole custody of the bank accounts.....
  14. YRM every time. GDI stuff is also pretty good. Britpart....... well it would take a braver man than I
  15. Forgot to add 2 8x4 2mm checker plate sheets for £80 the pair
  16. Am I the only one to have spent an absolute fortune during lockdown? The wife is going ape.... Got a new tool trolley was my wife Christmas present to me, so why did I pay for it? Can't fathom that one New Rattle gun - Keilder, 750nm New Socket Set WERA Zyklop 1/2" with ratchet extension (really nice) New Compressor (don't ask) Hub puller Super cute 1/4 ratchets (now an addiction) Wheel bearing pullers Trestles Enough 3/8' sockets to fill a bucket A bloody great magnet (came as part of a job lot of panel hammers....) OH
  17. Tried to move blue 110 but, due to a blonde moment, it was left parked up with handbrake on..... Now seized absolutely solid. So got family hack recovered from Sainsburys car park (wife words "its making a funny noise") Funny noise turned out to be ........... viscous fan bearing exploded (yes literally) snapping alternator belt which got sucked into timing chest and timing belt jumped rather a lot of teeth. Trees still there, Wrens built a nest in the hole I drilled to take the airbag, Robins built a nest in V8 engine bay and Bullfinch nest in back of Blue 110, oh well...
  18. "as this is over I am going to sell two of the Discoveries and the HSE." thats just what I've told the wife about the beemer thats arriving next week, she didn't believe me.... "I seem to have spent a considerable amount of time looking at what tools to buy next" my new el cheapo tool chest has just arrived along with enough socket organisers, ratchet spanners (I need more body spanners?) and some c shaped and s shaped obstruction spanners (now those I needed), a set of open ended and ring crowfoot spanners (well they're shiny, what can I say).
  19. Fitted a set of mid range leds to my golf, drove it in the dark , got home and put the Osrams back in....
  20. Back in the day I had a Mini Marcos, so ugly it was cute, drove well though had a 1293 S engine , wish I still had the thing.
  21. So you're building a Morgan or a Marcos....
  22. The abrasive polish/cleaner used on glass oven doors (forget the brand) is pretty good, we used it on a polishing mop for headlights. To get a really fine polish jewellers rouge
  23. I haven't been 43 in over 16 years.... I turned Victor Meldrew when my youngest hit 15 in December and had an Xbox controller surgically attached to his hands and a mobile phone surgically attached to his ears. I like to think that I'm considerate towards others but, like most folks, I have my moments. I stopped drinking (more or less) a couple of years ago and that kinda changed me , for the better. A young kid who worked with us in the garage had me gob smacked when he announced "it's really nice that an old man like you can still have a laugh with the lads". Growing older is
  24. When I worked at Westoe Colliery rather a long time ago we had a stone jam the crusher on bank (about the size of a mini), the newly graduated mining engineer decided to blow it in situ. Me, I wanted to break it up with windy picks, but he was the graduate and I wasn't so we let him get on with it. Mines and Quarries Act said something about not using part sticks of Penobel , told him I had a locker full of wee bits we could have used, but no, he insisted on a full stick. So hole drilled stick and gel stem shoved down hole attached to det box, everyone in top yard hiding in blockhouse.
  25. Heres the offending bit of unprocessed timber (not the big bushy one, the skinny thing on the left). My main worry is that I'll have no control over where it falls.... Trigonometry suggests the thing is tall enough to hit the white landrover and it kinda leans that way. Before anyone complains, I grow nettles professionally, the bluebells are the weeds in my garden....
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