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  1. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    New Defender??? What new Defender???
  2. Are you doing all this because you're planning to drive it on salty winter roads? I've done that, and learned about how galvanising isn't the ultimate for that situation.
  3. I've never heard of anyone putting body filler on top of a galvanised surface. It takes a bit just to get paint to stick, so with filler . . . I don't know. Do you have any pictures?
  4. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    I love these stories. What a world we've wound up with.
  5. Suffix B RR - Numbers check

    That sounds like a nice find! Do you have any photos?
  6. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Is it weird or brilliant that somebody took a press release and stole it for a toy design?
  7. That's a really good idea!
  8. Nice bit of detective work there. Have you gone to the police?
  9. I certainly wouldn't use anything like a grinder or a wire brush on Birmabright as it would gouge in a split second. You'll need some sort of paint stripper, and I'd ask a boatyard for advice since they would probably do this sort of thing a lot. Of course, I'm sure you realise that once the aluminium is stripped it will be exposed to air and will need some sort of protection or priming and so on and so forth.
  10. Oil and temperature safe hose

    I can only imagine how you found out Once you look into hose construction and the various layers used then it makes sense.
  11. Do you have to go through one of the four big holes in the drive plate, or through that little hole in the bottom of the bellhousing? Neither of which have enough room to swing a spanner . . . The last automatic I took apart had the driveplate-to-converter bolts connecting the two directly together, with the bolts around the outside and easy to get to. This thing has a spacer and another plate and various bolts. I have to admit I'm stumped with this one.
  12. As always Bowie, a thousand thank-yous for your quick response. I still can't figure out how to get to those bolts but you did solve the problem. It's a car I'm wrecking so it's only a rolling chassis and the transmission is ready to be pulled out, and I'd forgotten that I could leave the converter attached and (hopefully) catch the torrent of ATF it will let loose. So I'll just do that instead. Which is why I have an LT95 in my Range Rover.
  13. It seems to look like this one inside: https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/95486-discovery-39-v8-torque-converter/
  14. RRC Rear Springs

    Sorry, my mistake, thinking about brackets and not struts.
  15. RRC Rear Springs

    See my reply above referring to an EAS Rangie with a Boge mount on the chassis. But that factory always was pretty odd.
  16. Accident Advice

    Whatever you do, don't tell them!
  17. Accident Advice

    And they were talking about writing it off? I am smiling and shaking my head, and certainly not at you . . . well done, saving your car.
  18. Fitting a Log Burner in a garage

    True, but then you don't have to shovel snow for an hour to get to your shed!
  19. Fitting a Log Burner in a garage

    Ah, the memories . . . I kept myself alive for several Canadian winters working on Landies in a horrible draughty shed heated only with a big wood stove. This was often at -10c or so and your milder weather makes me a little jealous because it would be easy to keep warm there! Cornish Rattler, try and get some shiny metal to line the little plasterboard box you've built, as the amount of heat you can reflect in this way makes quite a difference. I noticed someone mentioned that insulated chimney pipe you're supposed to use for houses, but you shouldn't need it. It's only for sub-zero temperatures when the hot exhaust condenses creosote onto the inside of an uninsulated pipe, and then dribbles down everywhere. Creosote is flammable, so that's how you get a chimney fire. Luckily I was able to upgrade mine after I had this stuff leaking everywhere but before it caught fire. It also depends on what you're burning, but in any case cleaning the chimney before winter every year is a very good idea. (Wear a mask though.) And as also mentioned here, don't use anything remotely flammable while the fire is burning as it's just too risky. I must say I do miss being inside a toasty shed, working away while the weather howls outside. Though here I have coconut palms to look at, so I suppose that's the direct opposite!
  20. RRC Rear Springs

    I assume you're referring to the Boge load-leveller, which is almost unknown second-hand, and though they do turn up occasionally would need a rebuilt by now. There was a place here in Australia which rebuilt them. However, I'm not even sure your model of Range Rover would have the mount on the chassis. (Though I do have an old '92 which does, even though it came with EAS!) Replacing rear springs and shocks is often a long and annoying experiment for many Range Rover owners but it is possible to upgrade what you've got without it making the ride too harsh. There are progressive rate springs and adjustable shocks. I've got some used Koni shocks on mine, for instance, and am onto the third pair of springs on the back as well. I did have helper air bags and that might work for you, too. All this experimenting takes time and money but is worth it to keep that wonderful ride these things are known for.
  21. I've been using a weed sprayer for this job for years now. I added a low-pressure gauge, (just screwed into a hole in a thicker part of the plastic of the bottle), and put a hose fitting into a spare master cylinder cap, with a shut-off somewhere in the hose. For drum brakes, I found it's best to get the whole car onto stands, take off the wheels and drums, and put whatever works, (wire, clamps, etc.) onto the cylinders to keep the pistons compressed. Once the system is pressurised with the garden sprayer, it's easy and quick to go around to each wheel and bleed. But I will admit to not having done it for some time now!
  22. Ah, thanks very much. So the switching is wireless and that's what makes it simpler than traditional wiring?
  23. I'm back.........why is it?

    I have to say that it sounds as if after so much going wrong you've landed right-side up and smiling! And yes, Landies have that "something" about driving them.
  24. Look, you're all going to laugh, (please feel free to), but what do these things actually do?
  25. Vague steering advice needed

    The swivels are the usual suspects for this sort of thing. It can only take one itty-bitty little shim too much to make them too loose - of course I learned that the typical way.