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  1. I don’t suppose anyone has the images from this post? I’m struggling get get my valve and idle working nicely. Alternatively, can anyone share their settings. I have a standard 3.9 with Nige’s kit bolted on. Thanks David
  2. DavidW

    Washer jets

    I've also done this. It's like having a normal car!
  3. DavidW

    Transfer box front output bearing

    Dailysleaze, thanks for posting the photos. It would be good if these could somehow get linked back the technical archive post to make that thread useful again?
  4. DavidW

    Transfer box front output bearing

    Does anyone know where I might find a copy of the how to photos missing from this thread? Thanks David
  5. DavidW

    Intake Hose Ideas

    Fair point.... This is the one I bought http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221476401897?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=520339152594&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The seller is called autosiliconehoses_outlet
  6. DavidW

    Intake Hose Ideas

    Hopefully the attached photo will work and show how I've just got around a similar problem. The bend after the the manifold is a reducer from Ebay for about £20. The supplier seems to have pretty much every combination going. All the best. David
  7. DavidW

    Leccy fan AGAIN LOL

    I had a single with a 200tdi but have swapped to a double fan for the v8 as it probably moves more air and actually seems to be shallower in the engine bay. My Ebay Ebay link didn't work but they are mark 3 mondeos. Just cut the legs off and they fit well.
  8. DavidW

    Battery Box Repair for MOT

    I've installed the seat box ends and battery box from YRM on my 90. I think it helps to do one end at a time to stop the whole thing going floppy. I did the joints with sikaflex and rivets so it's strong and waterproof. Overall it's a great repair/mod and I simply don't understand why they didn't make them like this to start with. D,
  9. DavidW

    Leccy fan AGAIN LOL

    I've used the fan from a Ford Mondeo for years and they've always been reliable.
  10. DavidW

    Paddock spares

    I've spent a lot there while rebuilding my 90 and generally prices and delivery and great. It's just when you have a problem or need a return a part it all goes wrong.
  11. DavidW

    Paddock spares

    I've been trying to do contact them for weeks about a return. Very poor.
  12. DavidW

    ABS Wing skins

    They are the the side outer skins.
  13. DavidW

    ABS Wing skins

    I've got some from Paddocks. The holes took a bit of tweaking to fit my 1986 wings but they are now painted and look great.
  14. DavidW

    Defender Bulkhead

    My galvanised bulkhead has holes as you mention at the bottom of the a pillars. In theory it will be galvanised inside although I filled the hole up with sikaflex before sticking the gasket down. David
  15. DavidW

    What colour should we paint our s11a

    The way these seem to be appreciating, I'd go original. Wish i had one....

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