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  1. You may find it easier to reuse the NON edc injector pump on the new engine. "We are looking to merge the two ECU´s together" There is only one ECU for the EDC engine - the on edc engine has no ECU
  2. I see you share the same username as the ebay account... so surely you already know if its a good vehicle or not, you tell us! also... WTF are those side step/tree sliders??!?!
  3. again, what would require running an lt230 in reverse?
  4. D2 axles are fantastically easy to work on. Not the strongest, but they're cheap and plentiful.
  5. Hi mate. I've pmd you. 

  6. is the lift pump weak or not working?
  7. I always have discovery transfer boxes for sale for £50. Axles are £120 a pair off a 300tdi (24 spline) The only bit i see as worth keeping is the head off the 200tdi. but then if your engine did blow up id source a cheap 300tdi (~£250) and a defender R380 box. £500 is steep for a scrap discovery too, i pick them up regularly from £0 to £350
  8. Decent diagnostics should be able to operate the EGR valve actuator. Id be looking suspiciously at the digital throttle control.
  9. a VGT could help with the low down torque.
  10. Not ignoring basic thermal dynamics at all, but in real world situations a bigger diameter exhaust 99% decreases turbo spool up times and EGT's. We are talking about a 300tdi, it isnt a finely tuned race engine - by a very very long way. What do you want out of your engine? more throttle response from idle, more top end or what? Air filter postion and intake length make a HUGE difference and are easily modified.
  11. fridge unit on an artic lorry trailer?
  12. http://www.yrm-metal-solutions.co.uk/epages/BT4822.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT4822/Products/088 http://www.yrm-metal-solutions.co.uk/epages/BT4822.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT4822/Products/089
  13. no need to remove anything from the transfer box
  14. Nige - Hybrid from hell on these forums is the man for the job! CLICK LINKY TO HIS WEBSITE
  15. I would presume you mean EGR valve. two in 12k is very excessive. You can have the EGR system turned off via a remap. (Off and still does the self clean cycle - the chugga chugga noise when you turn the engine off) Removing DPF in the exhaust is an MOT fail, however the DPF has a handy heat shield around it, so if you should decide to have the DPF removed, the MOT man can't actually see it because its hidden underneath the shield. The ford fuel system IMHO is very very poor, they respond very well to a new fuel filter, but a serious pain in the backside to bleed the system up again.