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  1. loads of photos of the tractor on facebook, Nick Anderson has it!
  2. Nothing, just plug new ECU in, Sync ECU to the BCU and it will be fine. The ONLY thing you need to swap is the ECU.
  3. its a mule as confirmed by somebody working at LR..
  4. Can we ask exactly what you're ordering? One of my friends is coming home for Christmas from Bentonville, Arkansas
  5. my friend had a SD33 in his range rover classic. it was absolutely awful. nissan 2.7 is an absolutely fantastic engine however!!
  6. Jose Amorim at Performance Inside / TD5inside I was under the impression that TDV8's are down tuned so that they do not smash the gearbox.
  7. The competition starts tomorrow (saturday) Ill be going up on Sunday hopefully!
  8. You may find it easier to reuse the NON edc injector pump on the new engine. "We are looking to merge the two ECU´s together" There is only one ECU for the EDC engine - the on edc engine has no ECU
  9. I see you share the same username as the ebay account... so surely you already know if its a good vehicle or not, you tell us! also... WTF are those side step/tree sliders??!?!
  10. again, what would require running an lt230 in reverse?
  11. D2 axles are fantastically easy to work on. Not the strongest, but they're cheap and plentiful.
  12. Hi mate. I've pmd you. 

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