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  1. loads of photos of the tractor on facebook, Nick Anderson has it!
  2. Nothing, just plug new ECU in, Sync ECU to the BCU and it will be fine. The ONLY thing you need to swap is the ECU.
  3. its a mule as confirmed by somebody working at LR..
  4. Can we ask exactly what you're ordering? One of my friends is coming home for Christmas from Bentonville, Arkansas
  5. Hi mate. I've pmd you. 

  6. Decent diagnostics should be able to operate the EGR valve actuator. Id be looking suspiciously at the digital throttle control.
  7. I would presume you mean EGR valve. two in 12k is very excessive. You can have the EGR system turned off via a remap. (Off and still does the self clean cycle - the chugga chugga noise when you turn the engine off) Removing DPF in the exhaust is an MOT fail, however the DPF has a handy heat shield around it, so if you should decide to have the DPF removed, the MOT man can't actually see it because its hidden underneath the shield. The ford fuel system IMHO is very very poor, they respond very well to a new fuel filter, but a serious pain in the backside to bleed the system up again.
  8. composite valley gasket LKJ500020 injector orings RTC5679
  9. Steve photos of your TPS? I've got a few kicking around and i'll post you one if i've got one the same. You going to enter any Ultra4 events this year?
  10. What soldering Iron and solder are you using?
  11. Thats because where you farm the yields are so low you never needed a dedicated hay barn! #farmerbanter
  12. mudmagnet, where are you based? If your local i'll gladly take a look for you
  13. Still, 50kg heavier than a 300 but double the power, with the potential for 4 times the power... Black smoke and turbo whining goodness!
  14. THATS SICK!! (im 21, allowed to talk like that) One of my dream vehicles!
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