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  1. The last two days I have been sitting on a wet seat so you don't need to tell me about it.
  2. I had an issue with the throttle pedal. Even after I replaced it it still caused a problem. I had to get my local independent to put it on the computer but it still baffled him until our of frustration he changed the throttle pedal and it worked fine and has done since.
  3. The Independent said he could do it. Try your local Indy and see. He showed me the price on his computer. I know also there are spare keys cut at the point of manufacture these are in storage and just need coded with the EKA code. This I was told by the Indy but confirmed yesterday by an auto locksmith who was replaing my Disco key after I lost it. .
  4. Define expensive? I think it was a little short of £200.00 which for a Range Rover is very reasonable.
  5. I don't think you can change the lock over but an independent told me that LR can cut a new lock for your key
  6. Actually Paul when I went to fit it on the handle I had put on the car as a temporary fix had a perfect drivers door handle but the lock was wrong so I was able to take the handle off and put it on my old lock. Am currently working my way through major and minor issues so should have my car on the road this week. Hopefully then be able to take it to the British Grand Prix.
  7. Been staring at this for a number of years. The door handle on my P38 broke, litterally pulled off the car when I tried to open it. Spent some time this morning and realised just haw easy it was to fix. The plastic pin on the handle which bears on the camb had worn away to a point. I simply drilled through it and put a hex bolt and a couple of nuts on it to secure it in the correct place.
  8. Had this when I was taking mine for it's MOT a few years ago, the RR was on a trailer, not long after there was a bang and the transfer box blew. Fortunately just changed cars and continued my journey.
  9. Thanks guys. After all that I have been through I waas really dreading turning the key and nothing happening. Now just need to sort the props, fix an exhaust leak and an air spring and off we go to the MOT. Then get some miles on it before a trip to Europe.
  10. And it fired up on the button.
  11. Ozzy I have the engine and box out and I did seriously thing about putting them back in together and could see the appeal however my engine hoist didn't have the capacity or the reach to allow me to do that. In the end the gearbox wad gently lifted into place using levers and jacks on the floor of my paddock then the V8 was lowered and the suspension raised until it gently slid into place. I total with my ham fistedness I had the engine in and out about 8 times until I was happy that everything was as it sould be. Am still in the process of final connections but expect to be finished by the end of the week.
  12. Took the box out and it wouldn't go in vertically, got so far and seemed to stick so bought a second hand gearbox from Ebay with the same code. Lifed that into the vertical position and it slipped in easily. When refitting the box the wires I had holding it broke and the torque convertor slipped off, my worst nightmare or so I thought. Sat in the engine bay and a few twists and wiggles and it went back on. That was where I left it yesterday evening. Just went out this evening and the block went in a dream. Tomorrows job is to connect everything back up. Will be well pleased if I can get it running so fingers crossed. Thanks all for your assistance.
  13. Yeee Haaa Finally got the engine in and one bolt at the top of the engine holding it in. In the end it slipped in very neatlyone I have the torque convertor in the correct position. Tiny little movements and no forcing the two went together like a dream. Thnaks to all for your help
  14. Yes me too only mine has the CSK moniker and it is breaking my heart. 😢 Need to find a body shell.
  15. Potentially they are already, hve you not seen what 2 door basket cases are fetching on Ebay lately.
  16. If one of them is 1989,90 or 91 I will happliy assist you and I need a two door shell for my CSK. Just remember when you have a Land Rover you will need more probably one for every day of the week so that you always have one that goes. 🤣
  17. I have been trying to do an engine swap on my P38 and one thing has led to another. I am now also removing the gearbox so hopefully I can get the torque convertor on in the vertical position as the horizontal wiggle and turn just isn't working. Have jacked it up and have removed the props however when I jacked the front and tried to turn the wheel it was locked solid this makes me think that the bad news is my viscous coupling is seized. Can someone confirm my worst thoughts? When I jacked up the rear axle at the same time I could turn the wheels easily. The next part of this is the transfer box. I have a transfer box from an early (Gems) P38 mine is a Thor. I know the gearboxes changed but never heard anything about the transfer box is it the same transfer box or at least the same viscous coupling? I have an early gearbox and transfer box that I samed from a P38 I broke up many years ago so hopefully I can fit and forget. Help appreciated.
  18. Greig I did it myself and it wasn't really a problem. Then blew the turbo and destroyed the engine in the process and then fitted another. Car just keeps going and will do for the forseeable future. Am using it every day and covering 2000 miles a month in it so I must be doing something right. Curently have the engine out of my P38 and trying to get the torque convertor back in so I can refit the engine into that. If you want a hand give me a shout and I will happily come over and assist. Simon
  19. I have done it vertically in the past and it definately was simple. I noticed when I took the convertor off that the second set of teeth had a little burr on each of them where I have tried to force the it on. Have bought some needle files so will dress the teeth gently before I try again. I am thinking that the burr is somehow not helping. At least I feel I am in a better position and know why it isn't going back together properly.
  20. Bowie Thanks again. Hopefully this will be the last obstacle and I can refit the engine. Yes it is heavy and I have had lots of patience so far as I haven't come close to the matches yet lol.
  21. East and West facing roofs work as well. Even north facing can work but it isn't efficeint. I would be happy to design all new roofs to work that way. Current Scottish regulations mean in may cases my clients are having to install solar panels anyway.
  22. FF I live in Scotland and there are hundreds if not thousands of the turbines on the hills and previously thought the way you do. That was until one day I was driving back from a client meeting and in a part of the country where the roads were overlooking a vast area of the country probably able to see both the east and west coasts as well as into the highlands. Everwhere I could see turbines which up until that point I had considered would not blight the landscape. At least an oil, coal or nuclear facility is relatively small scale and only blights one small area. The wind turbines are everywhere. Perhaps we should be covering entire roofs with solar panels, more attractive and less impactive. Either that or accept that there is a place for fossil fuels.
  23. In another thread I was having problems reinstalling my V8 and have now solved all the problems with that. I know the gearbox id and have found that the distance back from the face of the bellhousing needs to be 27mm however I have only got 13mm so I would assume that the convertor has moved forward duing the project. I know it is easier to reinstall the convertor from a vertical position hover I need to strip the box out to do that. Can it be done horizontally and if so what is the process?
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