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  1. And then some people chopped a huge section out of the rear end and called the Bob tails.
  2. Ivan The more of the electronics you try and remove the less of a Range Rover you will have. The P38 was never built without air suspension and you can allways tell on the road the cars that have had it removed as they sit much higher. The Air suspension is not that complex a system and the car is worse for not having it. I am not electronically motivated and I have managed to get to grips with 2006,7,8 cars with more complex systems. Has taken me a lot of time and effort but has been very much worth it.
  3. I meant to add that while I was repairing the front end on my current sport and replacing the front body cross member at the time it looked very likely that the engine and turbos could be removed from the front with the front end stripped down. When it comes to removing the engine to sell it I will experiment and see if that is an option as taking the headlights, the grille, slam panel and the two cross members off is much easier than taking the body shell off even if some minor welding is required to refit. Will keep you posted.
  4. Filip I blew the turbo on one of mine and currently breaking it as there is too much to do that needs the body off. I.E. need to do the Ace roll bars and the turbos and the car jist isn't worth it. Anyway my car seized up and I was talking to a trader from Wales and he advised me to take the oil cap off and rock the engine back and forth on the crank shaft until it turns and then try to start it. Sure enough it fired and ran. He did tell me what you have done is possible without taking the body off but he quoted 10 hours. ANyway the point of my ranbling on is that he stated the TDV8 is fairly bullet proof and has had many in with seized engines which then turned out to be blown turbo's. On that basis I am assured that the engine on yours will be fine. Mine is.
  5. I would agree with Steve. It is now in the past as far as the bank is concerned you left having accepted that you were £100 short.
  6. Surely this was seized because of no "Assurance"
  7. Discovery 2 Kerb weight os 2061 to 2220kg Discovery 3 Keb Weight 2394kg
  8. I had the same issue on my D2 many years ago and I wansn't fortunate enough to be 9 miles from home more like 99 miles. Mine was the sensor and caused the airbag to over inflate at the side of the M6 at Carlilse.
  9. There is a breaker in Wales with 160 P38's I am sure he will have steel wheels. Name is Mark Skitt.
  10. I am in the process of doing as car at the mpoment. I bought a plate and put it temporarily on a car, just so I had the plate. When I applied for the logbook the chassis number on the dash didn't match the chassis number of the car and after a lot of back and forth finally got the logbook. Put the plate on, blew the turbo and then went to remove the plate and they would not allow an on line removal they have called for an inspection. The car can be taxed or sorned and only need insurance if the plate is being transferred on to another vehicle directly. If it hasn't been on the road for 5 years the car needs to be MOT'd
  11. Yes that's about the size of it. I removed two sensors off the tops of two Cars for the AIr con, Lost both of them and bought a new one from Land Rover only to find both of them some time later.
  12. The switch was out of another Disco that I was using until the fuel pump failed. So know for a fact it was ok. I am going to flush and change the ould and filter and as a precaution change the switch for a new one and see if that cures the problem.
  13. Never done it before so yes that is cold and idle cos I didn't know better.
  14. Have oil pressure at 50 Psi is this low on the TDV6?
  15. I do that when working also however I use salvage vehicles for spares so when I stripped the dash out of a sport to replace the air bag I now have a full set of fixings in my cup holders which I new need to put somewhere for safe keeping.
  16. I have just finished repairing a Discovery 3 which I bought as a stolen recovered and no history. I have an oil pressure warning light on. The engine appears to run fine without issues or smoke. I have driven it around my field. There is a slight hesitation at start up but that is only a second or two at most. I have changed the oil pressure switch from a know good one and I have also runa wire from the switch to a bulb and to the battery and know for sure the light is not going out. I have no clue as the the quality of the oil or the filter, is that where I start or is there other more likely causes?
  17. Filip I bought the ICarsoft in January and was looking at the price of the kit needed. My brother is in the motor trade and has a comprehensive reader that I have access to so was looking for something specific to Land Rover's (Added bonus is that made my brother crazy) to allow me to resolve the problems with my cars at home. I didn't know if I could use the technology or if "I was too old to learn" so rather than investing £1500.00 for the Lynx (That would give me all the cars I currently have) I took a safer option to learn first.
  18. I am using an ICarsoft one for Land Rover and Jaguar. Fairly basic but does do the job I need it to do. Did want to buy the Lynx but when you have as many different models as I do then it becomes very expensive however now having practice with it and getting results I may invest in a Lynx for one model and add to it when the need arises. I am getting good at this diagnosing lark Just wish I could do it for my own problems
  19. Filip One thing that springs to mind is the EGR side of things. Whilst not showing a fault I am very suspicious of anything that requires it's own exhaust in order to breathe. Otherwise you just need to work through it methodically. I have three TDV8's and I just keep plugging in, researching fault codes, changing parts and repeating the cycle until I make progress.
  20. http://www.landroverresource.com/index.html
  21. I am looking at a D3 on line in the G4 livery. How do I determine a genuine one from a copy?
  22. Ebay special so probably a pattern part.
  23. There should be a wiring diagram on RAVE for that age of car.
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