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  1. I think I am going to need it 🙄
  2. Filip I have seen a video on Utube about removing the matrix without removing the dash however we are in lockdown and I have plenty of time to play with it so will take my time and strip the dash out. I also need to replace the blower fans and all the wood trim I am replacing with Piano black that I recently aquired so should get easier access,.
  3. The heater matrix is goosed. I rigged up a bicycle pump and filled it with water and pressurised it a little and it wouldn't hold pressure very long. So out comes the dashboard.
  4. Good idea Steve. Basically fit the new o rings connect it up and blow air into it while one pipe is blocked off. Works for me will try that tomorrow
  5. I had the usual wet carpet on the drivers side on my P38 so obviously I though the O rings were gone. Stripped the car down and got the pipe disconnected very easily to find that the o rings appear to be fine. Great I though put it back together with new rings and all will be good. Here's my dilemma. Do I assume that the o rings were leaking as the screw holding them in came out very easily and may not have been tight enough to hold the pipe in give than the car was not in use for 3 years or do I assume that the heater matrix is knackered and set about replacing that to be sure. I don't really want to have to do the job twice and am not sure at all if the screw holding the o rings in was tight enough because of how easily it came out. I never has a problem with the heater in the two years that I used it regularly. But was put off the road because I cooked the engine. So may have been leaking and I didn't notice. Again I cooked the engine because I hadn't topped up the cooling system.
  6. Elbekko I agree with you so perhaps someone has changed the rocker covers at some point for earlier/classic RR ones.
  7. As Griff has said the TD5 doesn't like to cook. I have fitted an auxiliary temperature guage to mine and that tells me exactly the condition of the cooling system and has saves my latest engine from cooking on more than one occasion. I found my head gone and the gauge never went over midway. I don't think it will be good news.
  8. my brother is in the motor trade and he told me a story of him having 14 vehicles on private land being clampped by DVLA. Some were his and some where other traders. Either way the authorities were trying to hold them to ransom and wouldn't accept that they were on private land. In the end my brother got tired of the argument and lack of progress so he cut the clamps off. They couldn't trace the owner of the vehicles as they were not registered to anyone and my brother got the scrap value for the clamps.
  9. Thanks BM my thinking was that it covers all V8's not just Discos and there are many on here that are doing mods using injected V8's
  10. Giorgier Welcome By barrels do you mean cylinders? basically the container the pistons go up and down in? If the spark plugs plugs are getting black that would imply and over fueling issue and as it is a 2003 it will be fuel injected. perhaps a kind moderator would move this thread to the international board as this is a V8 issue more of the guys will see it. Unfortunately I don't know how the fuel mixture is determined but the first thing I would look at is the air filter, is it clean or the air flow metre is it working properly and is the air flow clear?
  11. Don't know sorry. i know on mine I don't have a remote and have disconnected and reconnected the battery multiple times without the immobiliser activating. I don't think when I have had the message flash up in the past the key has disarmed it and it has a;lways been disarmed by the remote.
  12. No you need to use the blipper
  13. If the BECM is not picking the signal up from the receiver how can it disarm the immobiliser?
  14. The back wheels are too close together so my guess it is just an overlap of the pictures creating the image or 6 wheeled Range Rover
  15. Steve It is under where I have said around the area of the seat catch.
  16. Geoff That explains why I couldn't find it. I know I had replied and was searching my posts for ages as I wanted the info for my L322
  17. This is what it looks like and from memory it is located in the boot under the off side plastic trim just below the side window. Someone please correct me if I am wrong it has been a while since I replaced one. Steve if it helps I have one in my kitchen which has been there a long time, don't know the condition and as a result of this thread I am now able to properly identify it from a P38 and not a Discovery 2
  18. Steve Does the remote work? If iot does have you tried replacing the remote control receiver unit; this was a common fault usually affected with the introduction of broadband being on the same frequency and causing the P38 to stay awake and drain the cars battery overnight. Once you are able to start it you should be able to get the computer to programme the imobiliser out of the system
  19. One of the hoses was worn through by the pulleys and it overheated.
  20. I know what you mean. I fitted a replacement Engine to mine last year after it standing for 3 years after a divorce. Took me 7 attempts and a gearbox to get it running and have now screwed up the replacement engine a day after getting it MOT'd so looks like I need to sort it again although I have bought one with an LPG kit in it to make it a little more practical.
  21. There was a thread on this a month of so ago. I seem to remember there was someone on Ebay doing repairs for them.
  22. Paul If you are replacing them that often can I dare to suggest that you fit a genuine Land Rover one? Maybe a second hand one? 15000 miles is an incredibly short time for it to last.
  23. That just makes things very confusing. I would agree that the cruise control is built into the ECU I know this because I have has the engine light come on while I have been driving and this has prevented me from any input with the throttle pedal however by chance I did notice that I could control the speed with the cruise control and even increase it.
  24. Ok thanks. I am only on here at the moment
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