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  1. The forklift is at least rated to pick the vehicle up. The Merc just about bends in two when loading never mind the wheels hitting the bump stops. Can you imagine the carnage that would cause? Half way down the M6 after continuous flexing from every bump in the road the chassis finally fails from metal fatiuge.
  2. They didn't. He had to remove it and get it taken out of the yard on a 7.5t truck. Don't know if he reloaded it for the journey to London.
  3. What's wrong with that? 🤪 Actually closer to 2.8t
  4. Brother recorded this today. VID-20200703-WA0000[1].mp4
  5. My only fear is diagnosis. And that is down to computers unfortunately.
  6. Yes there are a few more too. But it was starting to get silly.
  7. Says on my signature TDV8 lol. I think it has been chipped because it has more omph than the blue TDV8 beside it.
  8. This isn't an improvement just same drivel in a skirt.
  9. Yes, basically the Disco 2 in this picture paid for the silver one, The silver one paid for the blue one and the blue one will pay for this one. All I now need to do is to start selling some or my cars. It is a Vogue that someone has spent money on putting on a body kit, new wheels and LED lights. 3 owners the last one having it 9 years, FSH and only 72k on the clock. All the recent cars I have bought are either from a Salvage Auction or through the trade via my brother. The other two L322's were seized by the police and auctioned off. Silver one I have had no issues with at all and runs very well, blue one had three fuses missing which prevented it from starting or lighting up the dash.
  10. In Scotland we were told by our esteemed leader (please don't even think about talking about that crazy b***h) that if our lives haven't changed because of lockdown then we are doing something wrong. My life has only changed in respect of not getting to Europe so far this year to see my wife!!!
  11. FF Globally 0.006% of the population has so far died from this pandemic which is 1 in 6000. Whilst I don't like the idea of dropping down dead because of it there is a greater chance of dying in a car crash as the odds are 1in240. One day we will look back and see that this was completely over the top. (says he who works at home)
  12. The only time I involved my wife (first one, have learned since) was to ask her if I could buy my CSK 19 years ago. When I did she said no so my reply to her was "I'm buying it anyway!" Funny how I still have the CSK and the misses is now history. Mind you she was upgrade for a younger and prettier model who strangely enough required much less maintenence.
  13. Even better I can have them all at my home....... The wife lives abroad.
  14. Even better I can have them all at my home....... The wife lives abroad.
  15. The wife? The Land Rovers? or the Dog?
  16. Glutton for punishment. 4 wives and Land Rovers!! At least my new wife said I could have 10 cars. Collect no. 11 sometime this week.
  17. My first wife couldn't stand thefact that I loved my Range Rovers, and my dog come to that, more than I loved her. Loyalty lasts a lifetime.
  18. Wlecome to the forum You don't say what model D1,2,3 or 4 or what engine Diesel or V8 Petrol. My guess from the photos it is a D2 V8 petrol. In which case then there is a very good chance the the engine is cooked. First thing I would do is have it confirmed that the head gasket is blown, a common problem with Rover V8's. Once armed with that confirmation I would try block sealer. for £20 it may or may not work. Failing all that you are looking at a head gasket replacement. But get a proper diagnosis first.
  19. The Lynx Covers the L405 also but agree that it doesn't cover the Sport or the Evoke both of which appear to be in two different families. I don't think as amatures, i.e. not involved in regular trade, the updates will make much difference. I primarily want access to fault codes. My understanding of Hawkeye is that you unlock each vehicle type. If like me you have a Classic, a P38 and a L322 one would need 3 unlock codes but could change my cars without requiring another code.
  20. Am thinking of getting "another" fault code reader to assist (you lot) with my fault diagnosis. I had an Hwkeye for my P38 but is was stolen before I could use it in anger. It did look complicated and the fault diagnosis from what I could see wasn't that clear. I deally I want something that when you plug it in says "Simon the back left wheel is falling off you need to tighten the wheel nuts" but realise they don't come that idiot proof for the likes of myself. I also realise that Range Rovers are getting ever more complex with ever more electronics and having just bought my first, second and third L322's in less than 4 months (we have to do something while in lockdown) all that need a code reader. I think now is the time to go shopping as I have a lot of faults to fix!! I have noticed that the Lynx EVO allows the full Range Rover range to be accessed without purchasing additional codes so this will allow me to access the CSK my P38 and my L322, (oh and maybe soon I will be able to buy an L405 ). I also know how you lot feel about Britpart. Any preferences or thoughts on the matter would be a great assistance
  21. Well my central ECU is now back in place and the car will not start. I suspect that the BECM and the ECU are not talking to each other in the same language. So need to get it on a computer.
  22. BECM now out and covered in rice. Have found the the driver's footwell is absolutely sodden and suspect this the be the result of the heater matrix failure rather than the Valet. Now need the dispose of this. Is this a case of wet and dry vaccum and thn leaving to the open air?
  23. Filip Yes did disconnect the battery. How do I use the rice? Just cover the circuitry and leave for a couple of days?
  24. The wife is in lockdown in Moscow so I don't think she will find out 😂 Have taken the heat off. The only think now not working is the ignition not starting the car which it did before. Will leave it overnight and strip out the BECM in the morning.
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