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  1. Yes I lubbed the seal. I used grease. I used a pulley that I know for a fact is good. Not sure of the brand. Will check for pressurisation tomorrow. Going to have a good close look with an endoscopic camera as well.
  2. A tight and snug fit with grease for ease of fitting
  3. I have now replaced this seal twice with no difference. What am I doing wrong? Having stripped it down I put grease on the seal on the seating surface and the outside before I refitted it. Replaced the bottom pulley wheel with a know one and carefully replaced it on to the shaft. Started the engine and all was well. Gave it a little gas and it started to dribble oil. Given that it seals initially I suspect that there are no cracks in the casing. Help required I am so close to getting my car road worthy it is so frustrating.
  4. In theory it should just slide together but I am getting a lot of resistance.
  5. Anybody got any tips for getting the link between the steering column and the steering box reconnected? I took mine off my P38 to get the manifold sealed now I cannot get the thing back together.
  6. That looks do able now does anyone have the selector mechanism they would like to part with for a manual box?
  7. No it is my other one. I got it as a back up. Now I have yet one more Land Rover that doesn't go! 😂😂 I you don't laugh you cry.
  8. Thanks Mike that is exactly what I needed to know. Oil warning light came on is my latest Discovery and took out the big ends.
  9. Is the TD5 block in the Discovery 2 the same as the Defender? If not what are the differences?
  10. Some developments today. I drove through a few big puddles and the sound stopped for some time. I am now thinking something driven by the fan belt. The turbo on the car has been replaced twice.
  11. The D2 Hi Lo lever as standard just moves back and forward. I think the kit allows a left right shift for engaging the Diff lock. I think I can set a cable up to move the lever easily enough at the gearbox end was thinking about an electrical actuator at the cab end
  12. Just replaced a leaking hose. That was my first thought.
  13. So I don't have a busted transfer box then. I haven't yet worked out yet how to activate it. The proper lever is £355 so that is a non starter.
  14. My D2 TD5 has develpoed a bad whislte/whine under load. I suspect either the front axle or the gearbox any help appreciated.
  15. As you will know that when the D2 was introduced LR removed the diff lock capability on the gearbox simply by removing the lever and adding traction control as an alternative. I am about to change the gearbox on my D2 and the transfer box has the capability for the difflock to be retrofitted. It would seem madness to me not to try and add this to my car when I have easy access. I have made a plate that fits to the actuator however when I played with the lever there appeared to be three positions. I always was led to beleive that the difflock was either in or out and that there was no neutral. Is that the case or is there a third position?
  16. Mine is a daily driver. And very necessary as I do double the national average annually. There are still plenty on the road. Some wave some don't but I am happy top give one when I see.
  17. I waved recently to a 90 driver with a 90 on a trailer. The assumtion being that he was an enthusiast and would wave back but no responce. With the Disco 2's there is certainly a shift towards waving.
  18. Or truely insane or does that only apply if you have more than three!! 🤣
  19. I knew series and defender drivers did/do it but in the years I have been driving Range Rovers and Discoveries it is only, I would say, in the last 12 months that it has happened to me. Maybe I have only just noticed it however I am an LR freak and there is no way I could have missed it. Am always happy to wave back but now nice to have that cozy Land Rover cameraderie.
  20. While out and about I have been waved at by other Discovery 2 drivers. I have now started to do this back but is this just local or is it everywhere? Most of the cars doing it seen to be a little more tricked up than standard landies.
  21. For a 17 year old it was a nice motor. I would appreciate it more now than I did then.
  22. Right now down to practicalities it is a Land Rover for the 21st Century so it it going to have 21st Century problems. How long before it breaks down because it doesn't have a Wifi connection. 🤣🤣🤣
  23. My first car belonged to my great uncle who bought it new. When I got it it had 16000 on the clock. I ran it for two years and apart from an initial problem of sludge in the petrol tank I cannot remember anything major. I was luck to inherit it as my first car, a Corsair 2000E.
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