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  1. this is it, looks good to me bearing in mind i was on a tight buget ! lol
  2. ive just finnished the 300 conversion it took me about 4-5 days in total its way better than the old 19j engine !!!!!!!!
  3. thanks made it out of 8mm steel it was the closest i could find laying about in the yard ,cut it out with disc cutter and welded it ! can't wait to get started bolting it in !!!
  4. i got a few better pics today but cant get it bolted in untill dad is finnished in the barn ! lol once again massive thanks to foggy for the design !!!!
  5. i done my best to make this mounter, looks good to me lol , but what do people do with lift pump on 300tdi conversions ? my engine dont have one but has a plate shaped like on on the block just above the injector pump ,can you bold one on under the plate ????
  6. this is going to be a massive help !!!!! im deffo going to use this on my conversion ! thanks alot foggy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. passed mot not long now !!!!

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