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  1. timppl

    No compression on one cylinder

    First thing that occurred to me is a sticky cam follower holding a valve open. Tim
  2. timppl

    "Help, my diff is making a funny noise"

    Thought at first it was a tree root!
  3. timppl

    Spare engines!

    Turn your 90 into a true 4x4 with an engine for each wheel???
  4. Agree with Ally V8, I seem to remember reading about aero engines like like around the time of WW1. WRT the eccentroc cam drive, our kitchen mixer works like that only the other way around ( concentric motor with wibbly output ) ( hope that is not too technical :-) ) Tim
  5. timppl

    Front Vent Gaskets for my '68 S2A 109

    For what it is worth I found the same with the vent seals on my series 3. However the eventually compress/reshape so that they do seal correctly and the vents shut flush. Regards Tim
  6. timppl

    Thermostat for electric fan

    Having tried both I would highly recommend using the x-eng solution. It is easier to fit and does not leak so much. Regards Tim
  7. timppl

    Front wheel bearings

    I cant remember for sure: I think they are bearmach ( the latest ones anyway, I have used various brands ).
  8. timppl

    Front wheel bearings

    Hello @discomikey Yes I always replace the seals when I replace the bearings. @Les I remember the tracks being tight so I had to drift them in. I seem to remember having to drift the race on to the stub axle, but I can't remember for certain. I have been wondering whether it is worth using loctite in the locking nuts as well as using the tab washer, as I think that should help prevent the nuts from moving. I think the tab washer ( between the two locking nuts on the stub axle ) tends to be a bit hit and miss as to whether it immobilises the nuts. Regards Tim
  9. timppl

    Front wheel bearings

    Hello all I have a recurrent problem on my LWB safari; the drivers side front wheel bearing keeps needing adjusting. On the left side I have only needed to replace the bearing once and adjust it once in 23 years. However the drivers side I need to tighten it frequently. It has always been like this ever since I have had the car, regardless of what type of bearings I have used ( I have replaced them several times ). Each time they are well greased and set up as per the manual. Is this a known problem with series vehicles? BTW it is a 1976/7 model Regards Tim
  10. timppl

    its all paod off....

    Amaing. Must feel like 'did I just dream that', then you wake up and it is true :-). Congratulations. Tim
  11. timppl

    Death by bench vice

    Just hope you haven't started the year the way you mean to go on
  12. timppl

    Rear mount Rad- Challenge truck

    Speaking from the depths of my ignorance, why is this? I always assumed that it would not make any difference as long as there is airflow throught the rad. Regards Tim
  13. Many years ago I used Holts Dampseal ( I think it was ) to seal the hood on a Citroen Dyane. It worked very well as it applies a thin layer of plastic. Tim
  14. timppl

    X Eng Rad cap corrosion

    This is probably a bit of a shot in the dark, but have you got awire with damaged insulation touching the cap ( even intermittently ) which could cause it to electrolyse? Tim
  15. timppl

    Rover V8, Discovery diffs, AND overdrive??

    I found it very useful having the overdrive with defender diffs ( behind a 19J engine ) in my lwb ser 3 safari. It pulled acceptably from about 50 with overdrive in 4th ( series 3 box ). On a motorway run at around 60mph I would get about 45 mpg, dropping to about 40mpg if I was towing the caravan. As Josh suggests, you need to put it in and out of O/D a fair bit, but I was expecting this, so no problem. I have never driven a V8, but as it has more oomph than the 19J I would not expect any problem, unless you do a lot of offroad work and need the lower gearing. O/D is off mine ATM for a rebuild, and it is quieter without it. HTH

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