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  1. when i left school i worked for my uncle doing shot/sand blasting and paint spraying we also done hot zinc and aluminium spraying on most jobs as i can remember the spec was 150 microns of zinc followed by a etch primer ,undercoat and then a finish we used to zinc spray many items for military uses i think 150 is a good price ,chris
  2. hi depends on what you want to blast i done shot blasting for 4 years using chilled iron shot for metal ,sand for aluminium and metal depending on what sort of key you wanted, you can buy j blast which is a copper slag not usually reused,we also used glass bead for aluminium which gives a lovely finish but contact hodge clemco who used to supply small quanties hope this help chris ps we used to run 2 600cfm compressors which would keep 2 blasting at a constant 90/95psi and still run the airless spray pumps in the shop
  3. i think the other grease jcb do is epl which is brown if i remember corectly but ive always used the blue and i think a lot of othere do chris
  4. ive always used this blue grease but i think the reason for it not being recommended as it has a tendency to set and will bind but i have it in my bearings uj and anywhere else i can put grease chris
  5. western totally agree with you ive got a ft897 at home with a trapped vertical on a 40ft clark pneumatic mast and like you said when the skip is running its brilliant thanks mate chris
  6. thanks for the replies guys im just looking into options at the moment and yes 400w is extreme havent got a newer vehicle yet and havent passed the final exams so still limited to me 10w but on 2and70cm its not a prob as there is many repeaters around but thanks for the different reports, chris.
  7. hi all im currently running a 300tdi discovery on a n plate but im looking to upgrade to a td5 discovery this year my question is ill soon be sitting my last 2 parts of my amateur radio licence which will allow me to transmit 400w of radio power on frequencys between 1mhz upto approx 440mhz oviously there is breaks inbetween but this is a rough guide has anybody got a mobile set up in anything newer than a 300tdi as ive been told the td5 wont like the rf power many thanks chris
  8. hello mate i think i used the oring out of a coopers azf015 fuel filter kit hope this helps chris
  9. my bearing on the input shaft went in the beginning of december the noise was getting louder and eventually couldnt select any gears took gbox and tbox out once i removed the thrust bearing guide you could move the input shaft a good half inch up and down split the gearbox from the tbox to find the output shaft half chewed worn away it had done 130000 miles i picked up a 2nd hand box and tbox for 200 and shes now back up and running chris.
  10. my disco ive had for 4 years now replaced the clutch last july the end of november it started being a pain to change gear or select gears whilst driving home one night i could only select 2nd gear and the noise grinding was getting worse after taking box and transfer box out i found it to be the input shaft bearing ,also most of the splines had been chewed out on the out put shaft i picked up a second hand box and transfer box for 200 quid and so far shes running better than ever chris
  11. ihave 2 fire extinguishers in the disco a dry powder and a foam afff the foam isnt freeze protected below freezing it freezes please check yours to see if its frozen or freeze protected if its frozen its useless,chris.
  12. hi all after replacing the r380 box and lt230 on the discovery i have managed to break the speedo drive transducer this has a plug attached to it has anyone got the part number so i can order another its a discovery 300tdi on a N plate thanks chris.
  13. after the disco failed to engage any gears i decided it was time to remove gearbox,after removing gbox i have found a lot of play in the input shaft/bearing,i removed the transfer box to find the output shaft splines almost gone is this a common problem its done 131000 miles discovery 300tdi n plate any thoughts on this thanks chris.
  14. thanks for the reply doesnt always disengage but i cant work out where the rattling is coming im going to take it apart tomorrow afternoon and hopefully ill see more
  15. last night the discovery started to vibrate through the gear leaver i then could not select any gears unless i doubled the clutch on the journey home only a couple of miles i could only get 2nd and 3rd gear under load there is no excessive noise upon dipping the clutch a rattle and vibration starts, the clutch has been in for about 6 months im hoping this is the clutch breaking up any thoughts please,chris.
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