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  1. the last one I have seen on eBay was £350 second hand so not that bad, the only downer is the roof lining they fetch stupid money for a complete lining and in good condition!!
  2. I have run these on a couple of landys and never had any problems in the wet etc a brilliant tyre for little money.
  3. Hello chaps, I have a 110 double cab that I think has the commercial spec springs on the rear and as I don't carry that much weight in the back, what would be the best option to replace them with so it sits level? Cheers
  4. I came across a land rover evoke today in lechlade with its front passenger wheel hanging off from the axle where he had lost control and smashed a kerb!!
  5. You could be right Jason, i am only going by what i have been told.
  6. Biggest waste of Money spent on British forces landys, they spent a shed load on bolt on carp to it and then not bothering with power steering or a decent engine! And from a few people in the know at work it was in the region of 10k per landy to be completely stripped and rebuilt and now they have sold them to with arms for just over the 1k mark!! If that's true then it's nothing short of daylight robbery and stupidity, save a bit extra and buy a nice 110 GS wolf!
  7. Is it for your landy?? And could you post it on here for us to see please?
  8. Take the kids for a day trip and make sure they cause grief when at stratstones!! I hope you get the outcome your after soonish, good luck.
  9. for 21k this island we live on is a very small place! You cannot beat having a one to one chat with the boss, they should have a courtesy car by now and that landy should be being fixed at what ever it costs the dealership due to their complete lack morals when selling it!
  10. no offence if I paid that and had the run around like this, I would personally be sat in stratstones mangers office sorting this out!!
  11. Just rough up the top coat you have now and roller the NATO green on it will give you a quick easy result and if you can find some genuine NATO paint then it will stick to anything!!!
  12. if you would like to keep the military look then get the Michelin XZL http://www.vass.co.uk/treads.asp?TyreID={B162DEE9-ED8B-45C4-B051-AF763555804B} There a good tyre and replaced the G90.
  13. i am not fussed about the brake light or wiper as its going on a truck an back which I have no view off through me rear view mirror.
  14. I would not bother with the carpets as I have in mine and they stink and get wet far to often, so I will binning them ASAP for some rubber type stuff.
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