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  1. Hello there, Just got my first car... a freelander MK1 2.0 diesel. It was sadly neglected so we have set to work on it. New brake pads. Rewired Engine Bay (harness) by a spark, who knows what he is talking about - I dont Front propshaft repaired (Needless to say couldnt buy the joint seperate) New brake pads, checked shoes. Starter, Alternator, Fanbelt and Tentioner, battery... You get the idea! Still dealing with a couple of issues, so thought I'd write here and see if all you experienced owners may be able to help this beginner.. 1. Sigh... the dreaded Three Amigos I have seen so much about. Is there a list I can work through, or is it a force beyond human control 2. The turbo doesnt kick it.... Checked it out and it has play etc... Doest't seem to want to go past 40 ish. Any help or advice gratefully received.[/size]
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