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  1. Bowie69 was correct! Just been out and it says Paint: 639 which means Highland green....so another green! Why so many names but they all look the same!
  2. Sorry, it's 1998. I've googled both colours and they both look exactly the same, not sure why they bothered with both of them?!
  3. Good evening! I cant work out if its woodcote green on epsom green? Hopefully one of you guys could let me know? Or if the paint code numbers are anywhere to be found? Thanks! Chris
  4. Hi Guys! About to get back in to Land Rover ownership. Won an eBay auction for a Discovery 2 ES V8 1998, automatic. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Discovery-ES-V8i-Top-of-the-Range-Long-MOT-Seven-leather-seats-/261819232255?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=JQmuRq4VTU4jNcwNI21Y0T4%252BbUc%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc It has the automatic stick and says automatic in the listing, however the HPI check and insurance it comes up as a manual?! Any ideas? Can you even get a Disco 2 V8 in manual? Just trying to understand whats going on and if its a potential DVLA **** up when it was first registered? Thanks, Chris
  5. Shouldnt that expansion tank only be half full? Cant believe how unlucky you are :|
  6. Hi Chaps, Is this oil ok to go in my Defender 90 E reg axles, gearbox and transfer box? I originally bought it for my Series 3 (which has now gone). Its sitting around in my garage as I bought a fair bit of it. So was wondering if its ok for my Defender? Thanks!
  7. Did it at Mud Monsters! It was a Defender replica with a 200tdi. I had done a power steering conversion, the chassis split where the original cross member was (where the steering relay sits). Obviously I had to move it forward so the power steering box could sit where it was. I did it where I was in the pic, but was traveling at speed
  8. Snapped my Series chassis off roading in the end, and I now have a Defender, so this wont be happening
  9. Cheers western, It is deffo an 88 stat as it said it on the casing, not sure what this jiggle pin is though?
  10. Yeh, just rang up my local parts place and they said the spring bit should be at the bottom (inside the engine bit). Was wondering where your temp needle sits? As mineis now sitting in the higher end of the white bit before the rad gets hot. It is a disco 200tdi so maybe it has the disco temp sender in? Opinions?
  11. Mmm, the stat isnt very tight in its housing, comparted to the last one ?
  12. Ok, I have found a flow arrow but im not sure what way the flow goes? I have the spring on the stat facing the bonnet now, but wont tighten it up until I get a relpy!
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