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  1. That doesn't sound right, either a manufacturing defect or someone has buggered about with it. The table from the 1963 Record catalogue agrees that it should open to about 8 inches.
  2. Mickey, pretty sure the uk is -0% +10%, so the speedo could read 33mph when doing 30mph but not read any less than 30 when doing 30. Sounds the same as where Flechner is. Flechner, if you get the checksum wrong all that will happen is the needle won't move, so you can have as many goes as you like. I'm sure one of the guys who worked out the algorithm will be along to help soon.
  3. Let me know how you get on with this. IIRC your speedo was in lovely condition.
  4. What's the idea of the expanding foam? Something to back up body filler?
  5. That is expected, the speedo only stores odd numbered miles. It's impossible to get an even number EDIT: I may have misinterpreted your exclamation marks as surprise at the odd number when they could be an exclamation of success
  6. That kinda dropped off my radar Ralph, sorry.
  7. As a side note, I'm surprised to see it is 9 years since we did this 😕
  8. Hi, Looking back through my emails I programmed up a KPH speedo for Ray in Australia with 0xB29A 0xB29A 0xB29A 0xB29A 0xB29B 0xB29B 0xB29B 0xB29B Which gave a reading of 317001, this follows MrKevs algorithm. I'm a little perplexed as to how you have had different results. Is it possible you've accidentally changed some of the other values in the serial eeprom? Does the needle still work when it's receiving an input? EDIT: There should be a dump of the serial eeprom from a KPH speed earlier on in this thread that you could use for reference. EDIT2:
  9. ... and you still haven't started on the wiring loom have you?
  10. Only just seen this topic, not on here as often nowadays. I'd be interested in one of these if you did get around to producing them.
  11. On the plus side it looks easy to paint the chassis when required......
  12. I'm not sure how the plug pushing in did the damage, unless perhaps it somehow resulted in a sort circuit of the output. Oh well, works now and a little more knowledge for the hive mind
  13. Yep, that's yours. I should have taped the faulty mosfet to the speedo before I sent it back so you could see the size of the thing that caused all the problems. I always get the good ideas too late
  14. It's bin-ward bound so I'd just cut the wide shaft a few inches from the end, the sliding section won't be particularly long and then you'll get to see what's stopping it coming apart .... and you'll get to batter it apart before binning it I too would destroy it apart just because
  15. Anyone tried the method shown in the video around 3:36? I know they are motorcycle callipers but it's claimed the bus garage used the same technique.
  16. Just wanted to store this info somewhere, thought this would be a good place. Looked at a TD5 speedo that had been retrofitted and the fuel gauge was showing max all the time, swap out proved fault as speedo head itself. After a bit of tracing the mosfet circled in the picture was found to be faulty. An MMBF170 (sot-23 package) works as a suitable replacement. N:B if instead you are suffering with the faulty fuel warning light instead see my post at the end of this thread for the component to replace.
  17. You'd think they would have done some work to the underside whilst they were busy spending so much money on the top.......
  18. Do you mean the pyramids? Google 'painters pyramid'
  19. To be fair that is something I'm dreading ......
  20. Yeah, the pic with the Guinness shows it better
  21. I've over 70 vices (yeah sad I know) with a fair selection of those being quick release, some over 100 years old. Not come across a quick release vice half nut that ever needed more than a good clean to stop it slipping.
  22. The last one of those I just brazed back together and it's held fine, they break in that spot when they get bent if the vice is dropped. Well strictly speaking they tend to break when being straightened without heat. Is there nobody near you that can braze it up? Whereabouts in Kent?
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