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  1. That rusty concrete is a sure sign of all the hard work done.... and abrasives sacrificed
  2. To be fair it's a tad hot for welding today.....
  3. Aren't the shafts of drill bits unhardened so the chuck can bite into them?
  4. They are convenient to have around for when you have a blunt cutter at the weekend and no spares. I'm sure you'd find lots of strange used for a Clarkson, just make sure you get one with most of the tooling, that can be expensive to pick up afterwards.
  5. I assumed a man like you would have a tool and cutter grinder..... now where in your shed are you going to fit a Clarkson MK1?
  6. Damn, you are a machine! Impressive rate of work, and nicely blended in.
  7. It's a support for when turning things through the lathe headstock to stop them whipping about.
  8. I see you use your workmate for chainsawing too
  9. So they've bought four exhaust tips which you can pick up for a tenner each without looking too hard, bent two bits of sheet steel and punched a few holes. Nice mark up .......
  10. Where it gets confusing is that Simon is still exempt, again a 110 SW with bench seats.
  11. I wonder if they've decided to go through and mark all 110 SW prior to a certain date as no longer exempt because they originally had 12 seats even though nobody will insure them for 12 occupants anymore?
  12. Mine aren't currently fitted as I usually have my dogs in the back. There's an option to provide photographic evidence of all the seating for pre '98 vehicles, but they state no DIY seating and that they should all have seat belts .... This could be a pain in the backside.
  13. Yes, I believe we are all running TDI's. Any commercial vehicle with those engines will be subject to the LEZ however 'cars' are not and Station Wagons are classed as cars. There has always been confusion over Land Rovers due to some dealers lazy way of registering them all as the same body type. Mine however had the correct body type of estate.
  14. I believe that is related to the HGV's that as well as meeting emissions have to have extra mirrors and barriers to stop cyclists going under the wheels.
  15. Yep, we're all diesel station wagons so were exempt...... At this rate I'll be looking for a V8.
  16. No idea, I hadn't thought to check other cities previously. Hmmm, that's interesting and worrying, I'd been hoping it had just been some sort of glitch with my records. I wonder how many have been changed? Have they changed the criteria?
  17. So for years my Defender 110 has been exempt from the London Low Emission Zone due to having a body type on the V5C of estate. It seems some magic has occurred somewhere to remove that exemption (to be clear I never had to apply for an exemption). I have been sent a PCN warning from them, you get one of these for the first time a vehicle that is not exempt is driven within the LEZ. This is of course odd as I've regularly used the vehicle in the LEZ since 2012 when it was introduced. There have been no changes to my V5C since I bought the 110 over 11 years ago (before the LEZ). Has anyone else had this happen?
  18. It's not just deposits, often the whole cost of the vehicle is paid up front by bank transfer. I know that seems stupid but they usually come up with a very convincing story as to why it's better for them to have the car delivered to you by courier. They do it with everything from high end camera gear to earth movers, they are making a lot of money. Camper vans seem the most popular. If you are bored you can do some scambaiting and go as far as getting the bank details for the transfer. Once you've done that pass them on to the facebook group and they'll get the bank account frozen if they can. The same account is usually used for multiple scams as they can be hard to get setup, so when it's frozen you may actually stop them getting money they've already scammed from someone else.
  19. eBay are usually very slow at removing them, there's a facebook group that reports them, on some days they will find thousands of scam vehicle listings. The most I've seen them report was over 6000 in a day and over 100,000 in a month. That gives you an idea of the scale of the problem.
  20. I like how the electrical tape holding on the steering wheel cover shows the love and commitment that has been put into this build
  21. You can get some as small as 3.9mm on eBay by the looks of it.
  22. People that know me will know I'm a bit ... erm.... blasé when it comes to safety, but an angle grinder with a cutting disc and no guard makes my butt pucker, I'd find another way.
  23. Amazing work Chris and such a lovely home, very jealous!
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